April 26, 2008


I came across this piece of news today…

Group protests visit by Chelsea’s Israeli duo
PUTRAJAYA: A coalition of 21 Islamic and Malay non-governmental organisations is protesting the visit of two Israelis who are part of the Chelsea English football team.

The group handed the Home Ministry a memorandum yesterday.

Its spokesman Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid said that allowing entry to the Israelis would be in violation of the Government’s ban on the country’s citizens from entering Malaysia.

“The reason for the ban is to isolate Israel as a rogue state and to convey a message that it cannot have normal relations with other countries unless it recognises Palestine’s rights.

“If the footballers are allowed entry, the Government will be seen as being insensitive to the feelings of the Palestinians,” he said, adding that the NGOs would also like to remind the Government that Malaysia had previously been the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) chairman.

Among the NGOs in the coalition were PAS, Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (Abim) and Muslim Consumers Association.

Chelsea, whose coach Avram Grant and midfielder Tal Ben Haim are Israeli citizens, and are set to play in Malaysia in July as part of their Asian summer tour.

Can you believe it? Makes you wonder, isn’t it? Like, haven’t these people got anything else better to do?

I have only one comment about these people who made this headline today – they’re nothing but a bunch of racists and losers that is a disgrace to our nation.

This is just soccer for fuck’s sake. Not something political. If they’re doing this (protest), then it would be akin to condoning the doctrine of associating every Muslim on the planet as ‘terrorist’. Now they wouldn’t like that, do they? But I doubt they’d want to be rational on this… they’re simply too ignorant to be able to think straight.

Fucking idiots.

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11 Comments to “racists”

  1. toothless says:

    so… what’s next?
    petition to ban every single chelsea games on m’sian tv?

  2. Pookyma says:

    WTF!!It’s only for football…

    These people should use their energy on something else rather than wasting their time protesting..

    Making us Malaysians looking like a big fool.

  3. What do you expect from our current government? They’re good at mounting on their high horse/complaining/awarding about irrelevant things and tying it up to whatever political, religious, Malaysian World Book of Records…..whatever their smooth brains can fathom together, really.

  4. Neo says:


    After your Ding Dang post, I thought you posted another post did you? Or i’m dreaming :P

    Anyway, we are sensitive towards those buggers far away in Palestine. But when it come to Cina babi like us which is everywhere here, we aint sensitive. We can play with our Keris anytime. So much of a sensitive government huh. So is to the macha macha out there, we can tore down their temples like nobody business. Want sensitivety, nearest we as 2nd class citizen can get is probably, sex. :)

  5. MT says:

    Why surprised? Standard shit expected from Malaysia la… :| And here’s the funny thing; its okay to mount a ban/ protest/ etc against ALL Dutch products just because ONE idiot made a stupid movie, even though the whole country and the powers that be in Holland condemned the fella to hell, but they would rave and rant if America considered ALL Malaysians as persona non grata because of our “export” to Al Qaeda, Mr. Azhari Top, the bomb maker…

    The thing is, America or anyone else wouldn’t be that stupid to do something like that.

    This reminds me of 1998, when Malaysia and Singapore were having some problems, and when the Singapore contingent came into the Bukit Jalil stadium for the Commonwealth Games, the whole fucking stadium started booing! I NEVER felt more embarrassed to be called Malaysian!

  6. TiBuN says:

    Religion above sports, that has been the way it was brought all the while by the extremist.
    But I don’t think our government will take that stand (support the memorandum), as this is too big a spotlight event…

  7. michaelooi says:

    toothless – If they ban Chelsea games, I bet they’re going to lose the government over night. Those soccer fanatics are going to organize a coup. No shit.

    pookyma – We Malaysians are already looking like a big fool. There people are pushing it further to make us look like retards.

    the expedited writer – Speaking of the government, yeah. I still cannot find any logic in that space program, really. The money could have been used to fix potholes, it would been way more well spent.

    neo – You must be dreaming. I’ve been busy like hell (at work) to be able to even think of writing a post…

    MT – Oops, not ALL Malaysians are like them. At least not me. I’m saying, these people are making us look bad, not implying all Malaysians are like that. (and yeah, that commonwealth incident was a shame)

    TiBuN – Of course the government aren’t that stupid. They ARE stupid, but not THAT stupid. (else they would have lost everything in the GE. )

  8. I have to disagree with your reply to TiBun there, Michael. The only reason why the current Gov remained in seat today is because 1) rigging and 2) folks who did not have the internet. Less than 5% of the population in Malaysia uses the internet and remained as katak dibawah tempurung about the issues with BN – gullible as they are, the gov just need to provide a bit of lip service and half bucket promises – guaranteed votes.

  9. MT says:

    Yeah Mike, you, me and a number of other people do not succumb to that shit mentality la… But unfortunately, the majority are exactly that; shit mentality.

    Update! The Govt. basically told those flag waving protesting fuckers to sod off… In a nice way la of course… “Grant and Ben Haim will be allowed to come in as long as they don’t spread their religious doctrines here”….

    Think football players got nothing else to do ah?! Nia meh ci betttt…..

  10. Janson Tan says:

    well said!!

  11. dood says:

    they live inside their own bubbles – insular to everything else. i don’t waste my time with these lice.

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