April 22, 2008


I wonder if you guys fucking remember this???

If you don’t, well, you either must be too young or too fucking old to know what I’m talking about.

This box of chocolate junk with an image of a cross-eyed Doraemon clone, has something other than chocolate balls in it – a cheap toy.

For some strange reason, kids during my time used to go all nuts about it (the crappy chocolate balls, however, would be discarded to feed Malaysian stray rats…). It was part of the madness that hit the 80’s, and ‘Cokelat Ding Daaaang’ held a special place in us kids’ hearts…

Today, that place has been detrimentally taken over by digital images of nude girls with fake titties on the internet… corrupting the minds of the young, lowering their IQ’s and retarding their growth. (that’s why they all look identically like Jay Chou now)

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  1. evil_gal says:

    i must agree, all these old sch stuff are way better than what youngster have now.
    it’s cool that ding dang still survive in the market. they came out with lame advertisement last time and now can only be seen in local stores or pemborong.. *sighs*

  2. Sooi2 says:

    still remember kum-kum? that 1 oso got free toy for suckers like us :p

    so how do u plan to bring up regine eh? ballet classes, piano classes, swimming classes, computer classes, tuition classes for pre-schoolers, all in the list to curb excessive internet activities?

  3. MT says:

    Lets see now…. From the 80’s, there was…

    Kam Kam, Chickadees, Ding Dang, Ni-Ni, Choki Choki and many other nasty ass snacks of which I can’t even remember their names… But I remember the products la… :)

    Ahhhh the 80’s… When safety pins on your school-bag, button badges, iron-on patches, fluorescent green, pink and orange ANYTHING, hi-cut sneakers (read: British Knights, Reebok ONLY!), carrot cut pants, Boy London belts and wallets with chains were so cool….


  4. Arkane says:

    I remember D-D-Lop, you squeeze a tube of colored liquid into a glass of water and the droplets solidify into clumps of colored gel. Man, to think that we actually ingest those chemical laden stuff into our bodies.

  5. nicholas says:

    dang i actually remember that. altho my childhood period is mostly in the 90’s

  6. Je5sie says:

    OMG! I miss this ugly Ding Dang sooo much! I remember it was sold at RM1 that time, with some rotten chocolate and some cheap plastic toys. I wonder why the 80’s babies go all nut bout it. I think there’s another similar box, bigger in size, white in colour and with a robot picture or something.. I remember that cost more.. haha.

  7. michaelooi says:

    evil_gal – Cheap and not as sophisticated. Kids of yesteryears were easier to be pleased…

    sooi2 – Yeah, kum kum. 20 cents. I liked another one called Bon Bon. Same price, except that the crackers are actually edible (kum kum tasted like styrofoams…)

    MT – Boy London was waaaay into the 90’s already. During my time, it was thick shoulder pads, hairsprays, Modern Talking and black Michael Jackson. Believe it bebeh.

    arkane – Yeah yeah I remember that stuff. Never liked it but, I remember my friends going crazy about it. mannnn… those things were classic!

    nicholas – 90’s was all about Taiwanese love songs, mountain bikes and writing letters for me…

    Je5sie – Ding Dang was priced at 50cents ler… the white boxed junk was called Tora Tora, which was priced at RM1 (often considered the ‘premium’ version of Ding Dang)

  8. cbljkkj says:

    I still remember Ding Dang and Tora Tora haha. Used to buy those things when parents weren’t so anal about swallowing some weird plastic toy and turning it into something so infamous like how videogames turn children violent *inhales*

  9. MT says:

    Yeah I remember… Everyone wanted to get a red leather jacket! :lol:

    You fellas remember these?
    Lumiglow shoe laces from KFC, Kalkitos, Neon Bandits, Hypercolor T-Shirts…

  10. anonymouscoward says:

    remember the tv ad…the creepy tall dude wif afro hairstyle….damn….

  11. EinsamSoldat says:

    it is never the choco balls… fuck choco balls… toy is the main reason y we kids like it.

  12. MorpheusX says:

    Oh yeah! The good old days of Dr. M! Wahahahaha

  13. prettydumb says:

    the choco sucks big time for ding dang and tora..

    the toys was the bomb.. ahahaha.. wasted my pocket money on those things.. ding dang was 40 cents tora was 1 dollar .. was it?

  14. cherwwy says:

    coincidently, my bf told me of this ding dang thing he came across last week when he went back to his hometown in jb..but i cant recall the visual of it at all!
    thanks michael for posting it up..it refreshes my childhood memories of ding dang craving times..
    i’m one of the 80 babies.. :P

  15. Free says:

    It is always some great gadget. The advertisement was very fantastic. Bipedal wheel that will roll like crazy when blown. Plastic-with-rubber-band contraption that shoot with accuracy that would put any sniper to shame. Sometime it is some elastic magical creature from the deep. Man … it is too damn long ago.

    I love Kalkitos and those sticker book. Sticker are brought from rotiman or kedai runcit in a pack. Within the pack there are a few stickers inside. It is used to stick on the designated area in the book. I remember the first sticker book was something to do with endanger creature of the world theme (WWF was it?). Later on it was Thundercat theme. Can’t really recall what are the names of the sticker book… sorry. But those kids born in late 70s and early 80s will know.

  16. missyskinny says:

    Ding Dang datang lagi~ isn’t that the tag line? And another type where the box is white with some cartoom train i think??!?!

    But anyway, mom used to deprive me of that thing although i still buy with my meager allowance. Funny thing is… most of the time, the toy advertise does not work as well as they advertise but we still buy though always kena cheated. :D

    Loving the good old times. So will you let Regine buy it if she wants it now? Even if you know she wont eat the choco and the toys don’t work.

  17. michaelooi says:

    cblkkj – Parents then weren’t so anal because the 80’s kids were street smart enough to know those things aren’t edible. Things have changed so much now.

    MT – I remember Lumiglow and that 3-in-1 red KFC thingamajig that can be transformed into a floater / bolster / bag.

    anonymouscoward – I remember that advert where kids would jump up and down screaming hysterically over a bunch of jellos served to them by their matron – Sumi Jeli or something…

    EinsamSoldat – Fun thing you can do with Ding Dang chocolate balls – discreetly put one on your classmate’s shoe and step on it, it’ll have this nice contrasted supernova pattern.

    MorpheusX – I used to hate Dr. M as a kid because of his glasses, who reminded me of Charlie Chou, an infamous Hong Kong actor known for being a pervert (he also advertised condoms back then)

    prettydumb – DD was 50 cents. Tora 1 buck.

    cherwwy – That picture was taken during the weekend when I was back at Emily’s hometown. It belonged to one of the kids. You should have checked out their bewildered looks when they saw their Uncle Michael taking photographs of their Ding Dang like I’ve not seen something like that before…

    Free – If I can remember well, Kalkitos were kinda expensive back then, weren’t they? I can only afford those little booklets featuring blank pages that would show Bruce Lee images if you scratch it hard enough with a coin (or any metal object)

    missyskinny – No I won’t let Regine buy those crap. She’s going to get something better. I’m going to give her everything my mom failed to give me during my childhood. A Wii, expensive bike, overseas vacation, Disneyland, everything. This kid’s going to have a good life because I love her like crazy…

  18. reddevil012 says:

    how about Ali Baba?u guys come across to this as well?well, in kuching sarawak, ding dang is not really famous if compared to Ali Baba…got different color for packaging and big Question marks on it….those are childhood memory……

  19. bongkersz says:

    of course!!!!!!!!!! ding dang and tora tora!!! was damn happy to get toys from ding dang and tora tora. super cool gadgets for kids at that time hahahaha! and the adverts – ding dang datang lagi!! :D man, i missed those days..

  20. smooth says:

    LOL…yep i remember this…i google KINOS and i found this Co. still surviving, u should really check out their site…with crappy background music as well…XD

  21. jiok says:

    i do rmbr “TORA datang lagi!” but yea. DingDang is another regular on the rotiman on his bike. i agree that DD was cheaper

  22. MT says:

    Spent some time picking my brains and I found more 80’s relics…

    LeRun unicycle, that stupid lolipop shaped like a whistle with a movable stick, TopTrump cards i.e. the ones with the tanks/ cars/ bikes/ planes/ etc, those cards that came in a large sheet (You had to tear them off individually along the perforated lines) to play with, McDonalds calender with coupons at the end of every page, KFC camera…

    God Almighty! I have too much free time! :lol:

  23. Neo says:

    Always buy.. 50cents hehe.. if got more moolah to spare, then “upgrade” to Tora.. hehe

  24. sweewon says:

    I remember my grandfather never let me buy because they were too expensive. But yeah, all I wanted was to see what’s the toy inside :P As for the choc, it’d be tossed aside.

    And I remember quite some time ago I saw this ad on RTM1…was like, what the heck? this thing is still selling? And my friend said he found it in 7-11.

  25. michaelooi says:

    reddevil012 – The only ‘Ali Baba’ I remember was that card game (almost like Trump).

    bongkersz – I remember there were even Ding Dang clones out there, but the toys were crappy.

    smooth – You see that Kinos logo? That’s not popeye. But clearly, it was plagiarized. Those Kinos fuckers are sure lame (they copy everything)

    jiok – No shit sherlock, it’s cheaper than Tora.

    MT – Yeah I remember that whistle lollipop. It was expensive! I think it was sold at 60 cents or something…

    Neo – 50 cents can’t buy you shit nowadays. Maybe a few pieces of undersized Hacks (Hacks used to cost only 10 cents for every 3 pieces back then… and they’re big)

    sweewon – I once fed the chocolates to a cat, it wouldn’t eat it. That’s how crappy it was.

  26. Primrose says:

    Oh man, I remember that, Kam Kam and all. :) We all must be around the same age, eh? Along with the pack of Ding Dang are some sticky toys you can throw on the wall. Haha!

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