April 18, 2008


I want to ask you people something, and I want you to be honest about it, and I need as many answers as possible. You people have the whole weekend to do this…

Read the simple scenario below, and then move on to the main question.


Miss E’s shit ugly best friend is getting married. Not intending to attend her best friend’s wedding, which is going to be held at some bumfuck location in an ulu land far far away, Miss E decided to send her a gift instead. A bottle of exclusive and expensive body fragrance. Yeah, her best friend is definitely going to love it. She’s not going to smell bad no more.

So Miss E goes to this departmental store counter, and sees this perfect bottle of fragrance for her best friend – Tommy Hilfiger “Dreaming”. I don’t really know if it smells any good, but the name sure sounds nice, and not to mention, damn expensive. I mean, it isn’t really that expensive per se, but as a gift for someone else… it pricks a little.

Anyway, Miss E pays for the expensive little bottle of fragrance and goes on her way back to the office (she did the shopping during her lunchtime). As she is about to leave the carpark in her colleague’s car, she realizes that there are TWO bottles of Tommy Hilfiger “Dreaming” inside the bag. Mein gott himmel! What the fuck!? Now there are a few of her colleagues inside that car. One of them, the driver of the car, wants Miss E to return that extra bottle of EXPENSIVE FRAGRANCE to the departmental store… while the rest, they have a reserved opinion about returning the gift from God…

Miss E, she suddenly feels so small and helpless, not knowing what to do.


Now, on to the question – What would you do if you’re in Miss E’s position?

Would you keep the extra bottle of expensive Tommy Hilfiger fragrance?


Would you choose to return the damn thing to redeem yourself some glorified sense of righteousness?

Remember, Miss E didn’t plot for this. It was an accident. Somebody somewhere was careless, and she ended up with an extra bottle of fragrance she didn’t have to pay for.

Your opinion please and why. Thank you.

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60 Comments to “tommy”

  1. missyskinny says:

    Wahrao…. seriously why so many righteous reader here??? LOL! For real or not? Then we cannot gather gather in hell ready :(

    Anyway, I’ll keep it and sleep well at night. It’s not lyk I stole someone’s husband :D

  2. Prince says:

    PLease lar…keep lar….return for wat!!!

  3. senaiboy says:

    give it back. someone careless made a mistake, so you should gain from that? i really don’t see the rationale.

    but frankly, i’d give it back not because i will feel self-righteous. but because if i didn’t, someone’s gonna be paying for that expensive bottle. what if it was the salesgirl who were working hard at her temporary job to earn money? all her pay will go to that bottle in that bag, should i choose to keep it. what if she really needed the money she’s working hard for?

    what you didn’t earn isn’t yours. even though you might argue it’s your luck and her mistake, it’s still stealing. you didn’t pay for that bottle, it’s not yours.

  4. senaiboy says:

    aha and a little (in this case, a big one) good deed go a long way :)

  5. hehehaha says:

    give it back… i’m no “i think it’s my lucky day” typical malaysian stereotype…

    malaysians always complain about things in life and they normally don’t do something about it… but if they can’t change themselves first , nothing can change… action of keeping the bottle of perfume that i can afford is similar to the actions of a corrupted person… want change but don’t change yourself first? well… it’s all back to square one and everyone gets fucked in the end… malaysian style…

  6. Feizal says:

    I’d keep it…nuff said.

    The store and tommy makes a lot of money already. Especially since the chances of getting an extra item of something expensive is very very slim..

    Jackpot man…

  7. Danielle says:

    Feizal made me think of something else also

    I’m sure the store isn’t stupid enough to think that losses from customers/workers theft won’t happen. Therefore, they have probably factored in the cost of these losses and that is being reflected on the meager employee paychecks and/or the hike of prices of their store’s goods.

    So, two ways you can think of this: 1. Return the item, because you don’t want to have to pay more for your shopping next time, or 2. Since you’re going to be paying for expensive items (there are still bad people in the world out there who will steal even if you don’t), you might as well take the good!

  8. Matelda says:

    After reading this article, reminds me about an incident whereby Mr.H found a Rolex watch in the safe deposit Bank. Please note that there’s no security camera or anyone else around, and furthermore he’s alone. And you know what….. he return the Rolex watch which maybe worth like more than RM10,000!!!! So tell me, there are still honest people around! *Shrug*
    FYI no one else in the bank found out who lost the Rolex watch….. and there goes the Rolex….

  9. GunbladerQ says:

    I say keep the fuking extra bottle of fragrance. “Finders, Keepers” ,right?

  10. the drowmage says:

    i’d return it to the store. the store may be rich, tommy hilfiger may be rich, but the salesgirl may be earning 800 bucks a month and may end up getting the amount of the lost product deducted from her salary.

    i worked as a waitress once, and a customer gave me an extra 50 bucks by accident when paying for his drinks. he was so thrilled that i gave it back that he gave me a 30 ringgit tip.

    plus, it’s all about karma…. if you screw someone over, it’s definitely coming back to you one day. looks like your Miss E may get some good returns one of these days…

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