April 18, 2008


I want to ask you people something, and I want you to be honest about it, and I need as many answers as possible. You people have the whole weekend to do this…

Read the simple scenario below, and then move on to the main question.


Miss E’s shit ugly best friend is getting married. Not intending to attend her best friend’s wedding, which is going to be held at some bumfuck location in an ulu land far far away, Miss E decided to send her a gift instead. A bottle of exclusive and expensive body fragrance. Yeah, her best friend is definitely going to love it. She’s not going to smell bad no more.

So Miss E goes to this departmental store counter, and sees this perfect bottle of fragrance for her best friend – Tommy Hilfiger “Dreaming”. I don’t really know if it smells any good, but the name sure sounds nice, and not to mention, damn expensive. I mean, it isn’t really that expensive per se, but as a gift for someone else… it pricks a little.

Anyway, Miss E pays for the expensive little bottle of fragrance and goes on her way back to the office (she did the shopping during her lunchtime). As she is about to leave the carpark in her colleague’s car, she realizes that there are TWO bottles of Tommy Hilfiger “Dreaming” inside the bag. Mein gott himmel! What the fuck!? Now there are a few of her colleagues inside that car. One of them, the driver of the car, wants Miss E to return that extra bottle of EXPENSIVE FRAGRANCE to the departmental store… while the rest, they have a reserved opinion about returning the gift from God…

Miss E, she suddenly feels so small and helpless, not knowing what to do.


Now, on to the question – What would you do if you’re in Miss E’s position?

Would you keep the extra bottle of expensive Tommy Hilfiger fragrance?


Would you choose to return the damn thing to redeem yourself some glorified sense of righteousness?

Remember, Miss E didn’t plot for this. It was an accident. Somebody somewhere was careless, and she ended up with an extra bottle of fragrance she didn’t have to pay for.

Your opinion please and why. Thank you.

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60 Comments to “tommy”

  1. sam says:

    ask miss E keep it.!!

    somebody careless…than he/she have to pay for it

  2. tyra says:

    Definitely keep it..others careless mistake = my lucky day :) Miss E must’ve secretly wished for a bottle thus her wish was answered..

    Law of attraction…vibes we sent out to the universe..hehe am reading d “the secret” right now..

  3. Ethan Foo says:

    Well, these have to depend on how much ur character worth, is not about righteousness. keep the bottle simply means ur character only worth few hundred bucks. keep or retun is based on individual character value.

  4. Raymond Chan says:

    For God’s sake, it’s already in the bag. It’s probably still with Miss E anyway, so keep it lah. The other bottle can be given as the wedding gift.

    You’re welcome.

  5. do says:

    is the salesgirl pretty ah.

    YES.. must return
    NO….Forget it le.

  6. gregenz says:

    I’d take it, i didn’t steal it, it was mistakenly put there, a case like this, i don’t think anyone will be held responsible anyway.

  7. mahagurusia says:

    Return the darn bottle mike, what’s not yours is not yours. But sadly, most people these days will keep it because there is no such thing as conscience anymore. One will feel good about it after doing a good deed although nobody really cares…. But someone have to make a difference.

    Eh, btw what’s wrong with going to ulu place to attend a wedding? It will be a break from all the shit that you have to endure in office. :)

    My 2 kupang.

  8. somebody says:

    i’ve been in that position before (except it was a really expensive cosmetic thing!) and it was really difficult to decide! what i did was i ‘evaluated rationally’ based on:

    customer service
    1) if the salesgirl was nice to me, i will return it to her –> dun wan her to lose her job, and maybe the next time i visit her counter, she will give me some freebis (samples) :p

    2) if the salesgirl was rude or snobbish, i won’t return to her –> serves her right for being so not customer-friendly, and of course, i won’t go back there anymore

    1) if the price is above rm450, i won’t return –> hey, it’s expensive!
    2) if the price is below rm450, MAYBE i will –> *shrug*

    in the end, i returned it and the salesgirl was so grateful she gave me a mini-set of samples which was nearly worth half of the thing’s value which i returned.

    so it really depends on what Ms. E HERSELF REALLY FEELS, not so much on how that driver and other colleagues feel.

  9. moo_t says:

    If Miss E doesn’t have the guilt to keep the extra “gift”, then keep it, or just send it as “god gift’ . ;)

    However, if Miss E has some sense of guilt, better go back to check to make sure. Sometime, it is a promotional gift (unlike computing product, perfume product margin are f*cking high, and they alway have extra sample product to give away ). The burden of smell just doesn’t worth it.

  10. moo_t says:

    Oh, btw, perhaps Miss E should check the credit card bill for the fragrance, just to make sure she did not pay for the other bottle as well.

  11. tinkerbell says:

    I believe that Ms E will choose to return the fragrance, not to redeem anything, but it’s just the right thing to do…

  12. tz says:

    keep. i’d say keep. it’s like one price for two. or she can just keep it as a token of appreciation for effort and money for herself. that is if she likes the fragance too. if not, then save it for another person’s gift.

  13. michaelooi says:

    If it’s a sack of potato or flour, I’d give it back. If it’s somebody’s wedding ring, I’d also give it back. If it’s somebody’s paycheck in cash in an envelope, I’d most definitely give it back. But if it’s a bottle of expensive fragrance, no fucking way I’m gonna give it back. Call me a cheap bastard or anything you like, but I’m just being honest here (no pun intended). Not to say that I can’t afford the bottle of fragrance but, it’s… really difficult to explain. It’s like, finding a 50 ringgit note on the bus seat… and you go, WOW. (while you never said WOW when you get many 50 ringgit notes in your bank every month… something like that)

    Besides, I think the salesgirl needs to learn her lesson well. She may or may not need to fork out the cost of that bottle of fragrance, but whatever it is, she’s going to remember not to repeat this mistake if the bottle of fragrance is gone. If she gets that back however, it’s just going to be another PHEWWW LUCKY ME episode and probably laugh behind your back for being such a doink.

    FYI guys, Miss E = Emily. She did what she thought was right – she returned the bottle of TOMMY HILFIGERRRRRRR! (UGGHHHHH!!! SOMEBODY MACE ME IN THE FACE PLEASEEEE!!!)

  14. bongkersz says:

    if me, i will keep it. why? this will teach the salesperson to be more alert/careful next time. she was careless, she should pay for it muahahahaha!

  15. emperormeng says:

    pretty or not 1st….

  16. plunny says:

    Don’t be such a hypocrite, just keep the damn thing…

  17. Dr. Tan says:

    Return it!! That’s what I would say; but I’ll keep it.

  18. wils0n says:

    check whether it’s in the receipt or not. if it’s not, it’s COMPLIMENTARY! y the hell wana reject other people’s gift? so rude. should just happily accept that it’s her lucky day and happily bring it home.

  19. auyongtc says:

    Now now… everyone calm down. Michael, with Emily returning the extra bottle, she could’ve caused more ordeal for the salesperson. Something along the lines of what you don’t know, won’t kill you (at least until the sequel).

    You see, the salesperson might not have realised it, and the manager might not have realised it until much later. By then nobody can probably pin down who’s responsible for the missing stock. Whereas by returning it, the following might happen:

    – the manager gets to know about it, and the salesperson gets reprimanded and/or dismissed for the mistake
    – the salesperson feels disappointed over the mistake, becomes depressed, and then commit suicide over the failure

    Including the fact that she didn’t get to keep the “gift from God”, it is clear that there are more disadvantages to return the bottle than to keep it. Not judging your decision though Emily, you clearly succumbed to the peer pressure from your colleagues standing on the so-called higher moral ground. But they’re hypocrites really, they’re just jealous that they don’t get such luck and that they’re not thick-faced enough to give them the free bottle. Therefore, they pressured you into giving it back.

    If not for a personal gain, a better alternative would be to give it to Michael’s stinky-armpit female colleague. That could save some poor souls in Company X.

    Hope that helps,
    Au Yong
    Member of the Men of Low Moral Fiber

  20. ShaolinTiger says:

    I’d keep it, someone elses mistake. They make enough money as it is :D

    Returning it would cause more trouble, no one would miss it until stock audit then it’d be written off as breakages or stolen.

  21. pinksterz says:

    i will return it if i got the time to do so.

  22. mh says:

    keep la of course! i would stick my foot into the friend’s mouth who suggested to return it

  23. Neo says:

    I’ll go like “wow, dang!” *and drives away*

  24. nicholas says:

    i would return it. even though given malaysians, i would either:
    1. get not even a word of thanks.
    2. get framed for stealing that bottle.

    cos it wont sit well with me having something i didnt pay for regardless if it’s the salesperson’s mistake.

    besides, if it was an honest mistake, how would u feel as the salesperson? like shit i presume. i’d like to put myself in that person’s shoe, be courteous n return it.

  25. blusher says:

    Way to go Miss E! :mrgreen:
    Sorry Micheal, I would do the same too. No reason. Just thought that if that bottle doesn’t belong to me, then might as well return it lor.
    BTW, give a pat on the back for Emily on my behalf ya?
    And oh, I would pass you a mace if I know where in the world to get one. LOL!

  26. tingtitlei says:

    mana tau she go back there the salesgirl say “eh miss its buy one free one.. ting tit lei haha”

    ok on with my answer

    ive spent a month working as a promoter at isetan before and we’ve got this pretty strict rule about losing items.. the bill will be on the person in charge. so i guess itd be pretty cruel to not return it

  27. MOrpheusX says:

    I would have said Hallelujah!!!

  28. littleComma says:

    *wicked*wicked* i’m a little wicked comma and i will definitely not return it.

    So, if Ms E is feeling guilty about it, she can probably donate it to me. *grin*

  29. Pookyma says:

    hahha was laughing at Auyogtc’s comment…should give it that smeely armpit girl in Company X…damn it..Miss E should have keep it!!

  30. Chrys says:

    Will return it to the store.

  31. froggy little says:

    I will give the bottle of fragrance to the driver colleague who insist on returning it to the store. Now that the ball is off my court now, I will sit and watch what she will do, since the she is so self-righteous.

    If she still insist on returning it, then she will be the one doing all the walking and explaning. If she said NO to me and refuse to accept the fragrance, I can then safely said that “If you don’t want it, I will keep it then” and if she still complains, I will use some crock reasoning to shut her up.
    If she decided to keep the bottle of fragrance, then it will be clear to the rest of the colleagues what a hypocrite she is.

  32. Nemesis says:

    You should return it because:

    1.) It’s not god’s gift. It was due to someone’s mistake. I’ll like to see you people who said she deserved it do the same mistake and go ‘oh well fuck me my mistake. thank goodness that prick didn’t return my item. that should teach me a lesson.’

    2.) You can’t equate it to finding a 50 dollar note on a bus of course unless you saw someone drop it or you won’t know who to return the money to. the police? fuck no for obvious reasons. but in this case if you don’t return it, somebody will have to pay for it namely the salesgirl

    I like how someone said it depends on how much you feel your value is worth. If its worth screwing someone over for week’s pay just for a bottle of fragrance then well, I’m sure you’ll enjoy using it everyday.

  33. Nicevil says:

    There are two types of people in this world.

    One who can do evil things and pretend they can sleep well at night.
    One who do good things and sleep well at night.

    Glad Emily is the former.

    That reminds me of one time when I was a kid, when I found RM200 inside a wallet on the floor.
    I was happy, and went back home feeling like a millionaire. I planned on all kinds of way to spend it. A few minutes later as I was walking to the grocery store to buy stuff and celebrate, I saw a lady crying, looking around on the ground for something.

    Immediately, I felt guilty. I felt shameful. I returned everything to the lady, and she gave me a pure smile of gratitude accompanied with tears, and the fact that I helped her was worth way more than RM200. :)

  34. sweewon says:

    Will return it coz I’ll feel bad (about myself) for keeping it. Heheh.

  35. michaelooi says:

    nicevil – You do mean ‘LATTER’, right? Because Emily FUCKING RETURNED the bottle of fragrance ler…

    Alright, I’m glad to know that we have some really honest people here amongst my readers. Kudos. I thought you guys are all scumbags like me. But then, without us scumbags, you won’t be that holy anymore, right? I guess we scumbags are here to complete your existence then… we’re one of the halves of the balance. The other side of the bright.

    So, I get to keep the fragrance, you guys can bask in your good feel. heheh

    (fyi, I just lost something even more than that bottle of Tommy. Somebody STOLE my Genuine Microsoft Office 2007 DVD and its license… worth RM440… sheesh)

  36. yun says:

    I still think giving back the perfume is a better choice, because what’s not meant to be yours will never be yours… :)

    wether Ms. E succumbed to the peer pressure or not, i think Ms.E is a good person that really can stand on her ground :)


  37. auyongtc says:

    erm michaelooi, pardon my ignorance, but what is a Genuine Microsoft Office 2007? Issit edible?

  38. TiBuN says:

    It boils down to the character… nothing personal
    If got colleagues already knew, I will return as this impacts my profile (integrity or whatever you call it)
    Else if nobody knew about it, determine if the store is frequent by me, if yes, return
    If I do not frequent the shop, keep

  39. wj says:

    depends on what it is actually… if i’m buying a 9800gx2 and that fella give me two… to hell wif my conscience! lol

  40. xTr3me says:

    For me, I would keep it. Since its in the bag already so it must be a blessing from God. Never say no to fortune. :)

  41. [0_-] says:

    Buy one get one free.. maybe she didnt’ notice that there was a special on?

  42. michaelooi says:

    auyong – yes, to be taken with fugu’s dick.

  43. froggy little says:

    michaelooi, call Microsoft Office Customer Service and tell them your MS Office 2007 is being stolen. Play up the part of you trying to be a good asian customer who bought the genuine and request them to give you a new copy.

  44. jerry says:

    return it la. it was a mistake. and if you think it was painful for you to buy the pricey perfume, it’ll be even more painful for the poor salesgirl to have to cover it. then again, she’ll prolly learn to be more carefule. hmm…

  45. dils says:

    I would return it and then bully her into giving me some free samples tho. LOL.

    Just feel that it is the right thing to do, and hope of karma that if I were careless one day and lost something costing me more than 50++ , a good samaritan would also feel the same way and try to give it back to me.


  46. adrian says:

    get a macbook dude, and no one will steal your microsoft office disc unless he owns a mac as well. (and it gives a good blowjob too)

    anyway back to the topic, imho, emily did the right thing. seriously, as a parent, we should be an example to our children yes?

  47. mc says:

    her BEST FRIEND is getting married and she’s not going just because it is in some place ulu? not really a best friend is she.

    return the bottle, otherwise the sales person will cop it.

  48. eevet says:

    give the extra bottle to the colleague who asks her to return the bottle..kekeke

    But I would return the bottle. Pity the sales girl, even though it is her mistake.

  49. Plastron says:

    Salegirl’s mistake. Keep it. Tommy makes too much profit anyway…

  50. Danielle says:

    it’s such a hassle to return the thing. in fact, this will spell: SALESGIRL TOTALLY SCREWED IT UP even more if u return it and the supervisor is there. when it comes to inventory counting, it could be that the item was misplaced or stolen, right?

    then again. that is malaysia for u. i will do that (not return item) in malaysia because i know if something of mine gets misplaced, it wouldn’t come back to me anyway. i’m in the US now, and so my moral standards have increased somewhat.

    example: i opened up a certificate of deposit here (i think it’s also known as a fixed deposit) and the noob banker did the transaction twice. in other words, if my initial amount was 1000, i would have been able to redeem 2000 (plus the interest of course) when the maturity date came. i don’t know why, but i actually called the bank up to tell them of this mistake. i think i might have let it be if only the amount i put in was NOT something like 1233 because what are the odds that a second transaction would have been 1233 as well, right?

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