April 16, 2008

peanut butter

The Company X cafeteria caterer has this odd way of charging its patron extra for mixed spreads of waffle pancakes. For example, if it’s one half butter spread with second half flavored spread (peanut butter, jam, honey, etc), it’ll be only RM1.50. But if both halves are with flavored spreads, an extra 30 cents will be charged, ergo RM1.80.

The cashier is located a distance away from the waffle counter, so in order to make the customized charging process work, Company X patrons are required to ‘declare’ their waffles at the cashier like it’s a fucking taxable commodity in each payout.

I was doing that yesterday, and following conversation transpired between myself and the cashier, who was a Malay lass in her fluorescent headscarf…

Me: “One waffle, with peanut butter and butter.”

Cashier: “I beg your pardon?”

Me: “One waffle, with peanut butter and butter.”

Cashier: “So you got 2 waffles there?”

Me: “No, I said ONE waffle, with one half peanut butter and the other half butter.”

Cashier: “Peanut butter?”

Me: “You have never heard of peanut butter before? Take a look at this then.” [shows her my waffle]

Cashier: [peeks into the brown paper bag] “Ooooohhhh, itu peanut.”

Me: “No, that is not a peanut if you can’t tell. That is called ‘peanut butter’. Spread made from peanuts.”

Cashier: “Ok ok.”

I’m surprised that there are people out there who has never heard of ‘peanut butter’ before. I wonder if she actually knows what a cheebye is. If she doesn’t, well then, I wouldn’t mind to point her to look into a mirror – itu lah, cheebye yang paling besar di dunia. Ada mata dan hidung pulak tu.

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5 Comments to “peanut butter”

  1. 2damage says:

    next time that fellow see strawberry spread, he/she will call it “strawberry butter” :)>>

  2. rachel says:

    she doesnt know wat a cheebye is.

    yeah some ppl dunno the difference.onece, i asked for peanut butter and they put peanut butter AND butter.

    where i am staying, waffles are RM2 each regardless butter/non-butter. they are pretty generous with the spread too. -.-“

  3. michaelooi says:

    2damage – Yeah man, hahah. you know lah, their standard…

    rachel – Well, I don’t mind paying RM2 or even RM3 for a good piece of waffle. But the ones in my workplace cafeteria are stiff like mousepads…

  4. cbljkkj says:

    She had better butter my waffle with the right peanut butter and butter batter.

  5. inThai says:

    Dude, this is Damn Cheebye and Damn SKB

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