March 28, 2008

“Wristcutters: A Love Story” (2007)

Ever wonder what is it like after you kill yourself? You transcend into a strange afterlife world, that uncannily resembles the world you’re living in, complete with apartments, cars, electricity, pubs, beers and even chicks. A special place where all suicide victims congregate. And it is just like our very own world, minus the parents and all the terrible people that made our life miserable. Sounds like a neat plan, isn’t it? Well, it entirely depends on your taste of things – think about the number of fucking emo chicks we’ll have to meet… or the bunch of soggy headed Arabs that have been lured to the place looking for 99 virgins…

That’s some imagination. Of course you fucking die after you kill yourself. Everything will be dark and you will turn into the dirt you are standing on (assuming you’re reading this blog on an unpaved road). But then, having given the capacity to think, it is kinda fun to imagine that afterlife does exist, and we get to romp somemore after checking out, eh?

That is what the movie is all about. A special afterlife world for people who dies out of inflicted causes. The plot is really simple – It is about a guy named Zia finding himself in this strange place after cutting his wrist for a failed relationship. There, he befriends a Russian guy (who got there by electrocuting himself with an electric guitar) and starts to hang out with him a lot. One day, Zia stumbles into an old friend inside a mart, and learns about his ex-girlfriend’s suicide, apparently due to her guilt of causing his death. Thinking that both of them can still get back together, Zia (and his Russian friend) embarks on a journey to search for his girlfriend in that afterlife world… and from there, adventure ensues…

There isn’t much action nor suspense in this flick, really. And no, there isn’t much special effects either. In fact, the ‘effects’ are like those that you see in the monochrome 50’s. Thoroughly fake and unconvincing. Definitely a low budget film.
But still, it is a very pleasant movie to watch. Part the reason lies with its script – humorously deadpan and trivial, which I find very entertaining and amusing. And this goes to show that a flick does not need to have a great deal of special effects to be good. With a decent script and plot, it can still be as entertaining…

This flick’s worth 7 out of 10.

(plot mistake: Zia managed to reverse his suicide in the end, thanks to one of the ‘person in charge’ who got him into a black hole… and he woke up lying next to the girl he fell in love with when he was in afterlife (not his ex). I was thinking, if he didn’t die, then his ex-girlfriend wouldn’t have committed suicide in the first place, which then, he probably wouldn’t have embarked on the journey to look for her and he wouldn’t have met that hitchhiking girl. This doesn’t seem to connect well)

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4 Comments to ““Wristcutters: A Love Story” (2007)”

  1. bongkersz says:

    yey! got another movie to watch. i watched ‘no country for old men’ that day. very cool movie indeed. love the sick assassin, killing without warning. best!

  2. Perhaps you’ll be interested in a similar movie by Robin Williams called What Dreams May Come. It really gets you thinking about what if there is life after death and the mechanics of relationships – a very underrated movie due to its dharmic influences.

  3. Raymond Chan says:

    *Not related to post*
    I noticed that you have done some tweaking to your blog. I think it looks great as it is now, but you may have screwed up your feed. Just so you know.

  4. michaelooi says:

    raymond – It wasn’t a tweak. It was a complete rewrite. And the feed wasn’t working because I didn’t enable the Feedburner plugin, heheh. Still ironing out some bugs/problems. (It has been enabled now though… for those of you who needed it…)

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