March 18, 2008

chocolate sundae

I was at Mac’s to grab a quick lunch and was greeted by this Malay lady…

Lady server: “Hi sir, how may I help you?”

Me: “Yeah, one regular set of spicy chicken mcdeluxe and one chocolate sundae please.”

Lady server: “The Cornetto sundae?”

I wasn’t sure what was she asking.

Me: “What?”

Lady server: “which sundae do you want? the Cornetto sundae?”

It then seemed to me that she didn’t get my order right, so I repeated:

Me: “errm, no. I said chocolate sundae.”

Lady server: “The Cornetto chocolate sundae?”

Me: “No, just the normal chocolate sundae.”

Lady server: “No sir, I mean… are you asking for a Cornetto chocolate sundae? or just the normal chocolate sundae?”

Me: “That’s what I said, right?? The normal chocolate sundae? Is there any other way for me to say it??”

Lady server: “Ok ok I’m sorry sir. I got it.”

Hell, was that so fucking hard to understand?? I really can’t believe how stupid and ignorant some people can be.
If this is all about promoting a new product, I would say that was a real lame way of doing it, and not to mention annoying. I would have yelled at that lady if I wasn’t in my best of mood today…

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15 Comments to “chocolate sundae”

  1. WristBandMan says:

    so in the end, you got the Cornetto sundae?


  2. cmos says:

    The lady musta have a Cornetto fetish or something…

  3. wils0n says:

    I never know McD sells “Cornetto” ice creams.

  4. rzmie says:

    since they sell Cornetto Sundae and McFlurry they keep asking customers whether we want the Cornetto Sundae. Because the price are differ by RM1 (just to include the top up for Cornetto) I usually didn’t order it. Luckily some of the McD staff already know my preference. :)

  5. michaelooi says:

    WristBandMan – Well, she’d be retarded if she did that.

    cmos – I wouldn’t even want to think about it. She’s not the kind you’d want to put some thoughts on.

    wils0n – McD sells all kinds of crap nowadays.

    rzmie – So you’re a Mac regular huh? Man you should really watch what you put in your mouth. Those shit can kill you.

  6. cbljkkj says:

    LOL, maybe instead of asking you if you want a Cornetto chocolate sundae she was trying to tell you to get one.

    “Look into my eyes, you want a Cornetto chocolate sundae” Whooshy sound effects ensue.

    Good thing you didn’t take it, the only thing that makes it a Cornetto sundae is the mashed up cone of the Cornetto drumstick sprinkled on top of your sundae.

  7. nicevil says:

    Damn those McD servers have been trained to brainwash customer into buying more expensive items on the menu !!

    A weaker man would’ve conceded into buying the RM1-EXTRA CORNETTO ICECREAM………………. yes, she set the trap 3 times after all.

    Stay strong, michael, stay strong. The world is a dangerous place.

  8. Merissa K. says:

    i bet it did somehow ruin ur good mood huhh?? yeah well McD attendants have the tendency to do just that. :)

  9. michaelooi says:

    cbljkkj – The Jedi mind trick? It won’t work on me because I’m a fellow practitioner myself.

    nicevil – She could have asked properly, you know, “Sir would you like to try our Cornetto ice cream? Or would you like to give me a punch instead?”… or something like that.

    Merissa K. – Fortunately, it didn’t ruin my mood. It’s hard to ruin my good mood that day… coz I got a good increment and a handsome bonus payout. Yippeee!

  10. TiBuN says:

    I think this is called upsale, something that EVERY fast food chain employee should have in themself, unfortunately this girl didn’t do it the correct way…and pisses customer off in the process :P

  11. mahagurusia says:

    Hey mike, at least give her some credit for being persistent. :)

    Btw, I think you missed out the 1 in your evil percentage. It should be 162% :))

  12. michaelooi says:

    TiBuN – That’s not an upsale. An upsale is like “Hi mister, while you’re whacking that burger of yours, would you like to squeeze my colleague’s tit here? She needs some massage. And by the way, the squeezing comes with a discount coupon for that Cornetto sundae there…” (her colleague’s kinda hot, btw)

    mahagurusia – If I’m 162% evil, I would have jumped over the counter, grab that cunt, and shove her head into her own ass (from the back) and liberate all the burgers and sundaes, and give them to Hindraf supporters.

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  14. MT says:

    You get the same damn thing in Coffee Bean… I go there and ask for a coffee. “Would you like a latte sir?” No, just coffee, black. “Would you like a cappuccino sir?” Nooooo, just coffee, black. “Ice blended sir? We got some promotions going on!” NOOOOOOOO!!!!! JUST….COFFEE… BLACK!!!!!

    Ma cibetttt…. What the fuck is so weird about ordering plain ol’ coffee from COFFEE Bean?! Besides of course that their coffee is shit… But then again, most other things in Coffee Bean is shit… :D

  15. xTr3me says:

    Sometimes MacD employees can be very dumb. Maybe MacD replaced their brains with burger or something.

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