January 29, 2008


Mojo Jojo was looking for some light banter at work yesterday… but he picked the wrong target

Mojo Jojo : “Hey Michael! You’re married right? Shouldn’t you be distributing angpows?”

[If you don’t know what an angpow is, you ought to have your head forcefully shoved into the toilet bowl and flush… ]

I wasn’t in my fine mood, so I gave him this nasty look like I’m ready to slash his throat…

Mojo Jojo : “Where’s my angpow Michael? heheheh”

Me : “So you want an angpow huh?”

Mojo Jojo : “Of course!”

Me : “Ok. Come over here. I’ll give you an angpow.”

That was when his primordial caveman instinct hinted him that his life is in danger, and he began to show withdrawal symptoms… with the flinching and all that…

Mojo Jojo : “[gulp] No thanks… eheheh. I think I’ll just go back to work”

Me : “Don’t you want my angpow? Come here you fucker. I’ll give you your angpow. FIVE BUCKS!” [and I waved my palm in the air]

He then bolted off into his lab without bringing up the ‘angpow‘ topic again.

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6 Comments to “angpow”

  1. Omake says:

    The act of requesting for red packets is normally called (Mandarin): 討紅包, 要利是. (Cantonese):逗利是. A married person would not turn down such request as it would mean that he or she would be “out of luck” in the new year (無利是).

    Out of luck huh?

  2. Arkane says:

    hehe, I prefer to give the 2nd type of angpow. the first type hurts your wallet whereas the 2nd type hurts the recipient.

  3. sasha says:

    eh mike, my colik here is asking for angpow from all the suppliers and the customers that walked in too. Damn irritating.

  4. cbljkkj says:

    Haha, pity the fella. He probably didn’t mean it. Cny or no cny, ang pow or no ang pow. Here’s an early wish to a good and successful new year to you and the rest of mankind. The world needs luck in times like these.

  5. littleComma says:

    Happy Chinese New Year, Uncle Scrooge! :)

  6. michaelooi says:

    omake – That’s a superstition dude. Superstition only works for superstitious housewives and loansharks ler…

    arkane – I bet you won’t be saying the same thing if it’s Jessica Alba asking for an angpow…

    sasha – El cheapo bastards. They’re everywhere!

    cblkkj – Hey thanks man. You have a nice CNY too.

    littlecomma – You too, aunty!

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