January 20, 2008

“The Girl Next Door” (2007)

Without looking at the poster, one would have mistaken that this flick is another typical teenage comedy that revolves around the life of a hormone raging college dork that fell in love with his neighbor (or something like that). But this is not. Quite contrary from what the title might suggests, this turns out to be quite a sick and disturbing flick. Not sick and disturbing as what people could do with blood, gores or special effects – in fact, the gores and effects are quite minimal in this flick – but this ‘sick and disturbing’ is psychological.

It makes you ‘feel’ it. You’d flinch when you watch it. It would make you go aghast and look at your fellow partner with utter disbelief. You’d think about it even after a few days. You’d even feel awkward to even explain about the details to your friends. And frankly speaking, I have never seen a flick quite like this.

So is it any good? Depends. If you’re the squeamish type, a Mormon, a self proclaimed somebody with high moral standard, somebody with strong religious beliefs and discipline, a consummate feminist, or a close minded bigot – stay out of this. This is something definitely not for you. This is evil stuff to the very core. Not for the weak spirited or weak hearted. If you’re like me, then you’ll think that this is quite something.

For me, I like this flick not because it’s entertaining or anything like that. I like it because it allows you catch a good glimpse on the dark side of human nature. What a fellow human can do to another. And they made it look so real in this flick. It doesn’t need any CGI effects or plenty of gore to convey that message. It doesn’t need to have a complex plot to tell the story. This is just straight, somewhat like a documentary, down in the basement of a house – to show you all that. It’s very wicked.

A film adaptation of a novel, it tells about the story of boy called David who befriends a girl and her disabled sister who came to live with his neighbor after their parents died in a car accident. The neighbor was the girl’s aunt and also happened to be an alcoholic. In what started to be an ill treatment to both the girls, the aunt soon began to consciously abuse them, and slowly, turned into a full scale torture – especially the elder (and abled) one, who took the brunt of all the torturing (due to her puberty).

The girl was bound at the basement of the house and the sociopath aunt would ask her boys (3 of them, with 2 of them barely even of teenage) to strip her naked and encouraged them to unleash their angst on her in a cult like manner. David was in the scene all the while, though he disapproved those brutal acts, he couldn’t do anything about them (due to his extreme stupidity or whatever, I don’t know) and he would just watch. In one scene, several kids in the neighborhood were even invited there to watch the torturing with their mouths wide agape as if they were given the chance to watch a witch being burnt at stake, but none of them showed any conscience except David. The girl would be raped, beaten up, cut and even burnt in the course of the movie, and only in the end, David decided that he should REALLY do something about it and ended it all with a twist.

In this flick, you get to see kids yelling profanities, swigging beers, plotting rapes and reveling at the victim’s naked body… like I said, it was sick and disturbing. A gripping and harrowing tale of a torture victim, tonnes of shocking acts and has a bad aftertaste. If you have no problem with all these, I’d highly recommend it. 8 out of 10.

In case you protested how this movie should have ended, just want to let you know that this movie adaptation of that novel, is actually based on a TRUE event that happened in the 70s. In the real event, there wasn’t any ‘David’ for the victim, and she didn’t get rescued. And the tortures in the real event, were very much worse than what was shown in this flick. Imagine that. You can read more about it here.

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4 Comments to ““The Girl Next Door” (2007)”

  1. jenson says:

    The behaviour of the young boys are just sickening. i’m shocked by how their bitch mother encouraged her sons to torture Meg

  2. bongkersz says:

    hmm.. will check out the stores :P sick movies, cure for the sick mind.

  3. Danielle says:

    When I read your blog and saw the words “psychological” and “sick”, I downloaded the movie straightaway (even without reading the whole article). Yes, the movie was disturbing, and I couldn’t help but wish for the death of Ruth at every point of the movie. It made me wonder-if she hated females so much, why didn’t she choose to unleash torture on the 2 other girls who were also at the scene of the brutality?

  4. michaelooi says:

    jenson – It’s based on a real story. The lady’s name is Gertrude Bazookanewski or something. And all her sons went to jail with her.

    bongkersz – You have a sick mind dude? There’s nothing a fellatio can’t fix. ahaks

    danielle – What makes me wonder most, is that – why didn’t she mutilate herself since she’s also a woman? Bizarre.

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