December 17, 2007


I now feel tempted to know, what do you guys actually think about the Hindraf movement thingy that has been generating lots of hoohahs recently.

1) Do you think what they (the Hindraf cult/gang/movement/whatever) had done was right? Why?

2) If you’re so fucking smart, what do you think that they could have done differently to make the whole struggle a more successful one?

3) What do you think of the government? Do you think they have done anything right at all to address this whole Hindraf shebang? Elaborate please.

Of course, I’ll answer those myself. I have my own ideas. But not before I see what’s the general opinion out there first…
Please rape the commenting system if you must.. cheers.

My part:

1) The objective’s noble, but the method’s not. Period. (my opinion, respect that). If you’re unhappy over something, you just don’t go rampaging around the streets like a toddler being deprived of milk. You see, my motto of living is – if I’m hungry, I don’t fucking blame people for not feeding me enough food. But I’d blame myself for not hauling my ass out there and look for food hard enough. See my point? Same thing with my own well being. If I’m not rich or successful, I don’t blame my employer for not paying me enough money. But I’d blame myself for being such a sleaze and not working hard enough. If you’re smart enough, you should understand what I’m talking about.

2) First, we need to understand why do they want to parade around and congest the living shit out of the city in the first place. It’s for the attention. Attention for what? Their issues. Their welfare. Bla bla bla whatever.
There are many ways that one can gain attention. One of the most effective methods is fasting. Mogok lapar – like what Jusoh said. Popularized by the late and venerable Mahatma Ghandi – who fought for their civil rights without using an iota of violence. The Hindraf members can just book a field somewhere in PJ or KL outskirts, each of them don a fluorescent colored sarong (so that people can see them in the dark), then sit on the field and fast until somebody takes note of them. Simple.
But for some reason, they didn’t. Probably can’t resist hunger, I suppose. (I won’t blame them. Indian wives cook awesome curry dishes…) Besides, it’s much easier to just go around in gangs and act like hooligans. They got the attention alright, albeit in quite a negative way… (ask those who got stuck in traffic during that period. I bet my ass they’d quote profanities in Tamil)
Other methods that they can consider:
– burn cow dungs in an open field. It’ll create so much fumes and carbon dioxide that the government will be pressured for a talk. They might get into trouble with the laws for polluting the air but hey, it’s still better than getting their ass arrested under ISA, am I right?
– mass drumming in an open field. Make lots of noise. Like when they’re having Thaipusam. They just need drums. They’re cheap, they’re badass and they pique a lot of attention. And if they pull the right strings, they can get popular and femes bloggers to write about the event… and they can take off with their agenda from there once they have the crowd.
– [insert activity] in the field (hint: do it in the FIELD. Not roads. For fuck’s sake we need to go to work…)
– etc (list goes on – use your own creativity)

3) The government. OMG. What a big boner. They could have hired me, and I would have done a better job.
First, when the Hindraf guys asked for permission to march, I won’t turn them down. Turning them down, will cause chaos. You don’t restrict the flow of a high pressure blocked pipe further. You should let the pressure leak somewhere to avoid a catastrophic explosion.
Ergo, I will grant them the permission, to allow them to let off their steams – BUT WITH CONDITIONS. My conditions would look like this:
– Only march at designated roads. I will have police cordoning off the designated roads for your people to march.
– You can do what you want there (shouting competition, art contest, beer drinking contest, whatever you want), but you may not wreck public and private properties or participate in any form of violence that endangers the public.
– If any of your people fails to adhere the above 2 conditions, you’d have water cannons shot at your ass, and rubber bullets hail down from heaven on your hollow head.

Simple. They can have their demonstration or whatever, all in a controlled manner. They violate my condition, I’ll pound them with water cannons, tear gas and ask them to clean up all the mess after that.

Once the event is over, I’d then get one of my fat ministers to talk cock to the press, and close everything up. Case close. (that way, I would have done my duty to respect the freedom of expression, and at the same time, get enough justification to use water cannons on them hooligans. See? It’s a win-win situation.)

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27 Comments to “hindraf”

  1. Dr. Tan says:

    a) Not right because we are facing our own shits but we never blame the sistem kangcu/kangka. They came here to find a better future and lost the gamble.

    b) Don’t ask for money. Makes you look stupid.

    c) Not clear on this issue.

  2. jusoh says:

    1) yes sir!!! i think generally indian in this country is the poorest race in our country and they wanna fight for a better life. i have read one story from our local newspaper not very long time ago about one indian boy entered vocational school, family very poor and managed to borrow from relative only rm10 for his makan-minum for one whole month! he sometimes goto school canteen and ask for plain rice (his only meal for the fucking day) but normally he will skip the meal and just minum teh kosong (maybe provided foc by the school) for the straight few days! and the funny part is… he is not the only indian boys suffering the same fate in the same fucking school. sometimes, i just feel wanna punch right into the spoiled boys/girls face that dunno how to appreciate what they have. expensive gadgets, car, nice apartment, unlimited pocket money, but then the output is KOSONG! MENGHABISKAN BERAS EMAK BAPAK SAHAJA! but not always KOSONG lah, occasionally, they do smart enough to create a new life and dump into the rubbish bin. cant imagine got plenty of money to spend and yet still cannot afford to buy condom!

    2) mogok lapar! why in the hell they carried all over the places Ghandi’s photo but dunno how to follow their idol’s move? Most of them of course are trained to tahan lapar naturally and police cannot charges them for just sitting and doing nothing (emmm… at KLCC for example). of course few persons will die from this daring move but at least they can project to the whole world that they willing to do anything to get a better life.

    3) our government? fucking humiliating! wanna put murder charges on the hindraf gang for an illegal gathering?!? dont want to cure the root problem and uses death penalty + ISA to scare the oppositions.

    i dont really hate our current government but somehow there are too many corruptions lately. the richer will become even richer and the poorer will become poorer! well, there is nothing wrong with finding extra money for your family but at the same time, you are responsible to rule this country correctly.

  3. Nicevil says:

    1) Do you think what they (the Hindraf cult/gang/movement/whatever) had done was right? Why?

    There is no right and wrong in this world, there is only self-interest. As long as they expose the racist malay-favoring bumiputera policies, they got my support.

    2) If you’re so fucking smart, what do you think that they could have done differently to make the whole struggle a more successful one?

    Kids. Kids. They should’ve used kids as meatshields. Make them hold hands and stay at the front lines.

    The fucking protest was a joke. They wanted to sue UK for 4trillion, to get US 1 million for every fucking indian. And they wanted to petition the UK Queen to help them sue her own country, it would never have worked out. But it did voice out their dissatisfaction with the country.

    3) What do you think of the government? Do you think they have done anything right at all to address this whole Hindraf shebang? Elaborate please.

    The government has shunned the protests, and abdullah personally signed detention letters to lock up the HINDRAF leaders. More indians are expected to be detained without any hard evidence whatsoever. UMNO government is sending out a clear signal to the non-Malays and non-Muslims in Malaysia that they are second-class citizens with no right to demand anything from the government and if they ever do, they will either be detained without trial or face the threat of massacre.

    They have done everything possible to make things worse.

  4. yo says:

    1) Do you think what they (the Hindraf cult/gang/movement/whatever) had done was right? Why?
    whether it is right or wrong will depend on the outcome of it. history will judge the victor as the right, loser as the wrong.

    2) If you’re so fucking smart, what do you think that they could have done differently to make the whole struggle a more successful one?
    not to sure

    3) What do you think of the government? Do you think they have done anything right at all to address this whole Hindraf shebang? Elaborate please.
    i like this….. They have done everything possible to make things worse.

  5. XD says:

    1) Do you think what they (the Hindraf cult/gang/movement/whatever) had done was right? Why?

    I fully support the protest by them and asking UK to look into our government and makes thing right again for the sake of non-bumiputera. However i doesnt like the fact of them asking for money, it makes them looks cheap and wat is so different between them and begger? 1 Million for each indian? gosh we would have all indian millionaire walking around the streets then, wouldnt that make it unfair to other race like chinese, malays?

    2) If you’re so fucking smart, what do you think that they could have done differently to make the whole struggle a more successful one?

    Protest is allowed, Illegal Gathering is Illegal, acording to some unknown sources, 3 or more people gather together are known as illegal gathering, so therefore even protest is allowed, and u have more than 3 people, you will be catch by ISA. A way government used to control protest which is legal in our country. Therefore i suggest that if you have mass protest, break into a groups of 3 and do not talk to other group and each group held a sign saying that “We dont know the group beside us, we are alone”. Therefore not giving the chances of government using Illegal gathering on protesting.

    #NOTE: Illegal gathering are consist of group of 3 people and more, are read from an article, which i could not find now, it may and may and may be an incorrect information.

    3) What do you think of the government? Do you think they have done anything right at all to address this whole Hindraf shebang? Elaborate please.

    The moment i answer this question, the next moment i am in Bukit Aman Police station. Since ISA is on now, i rather keep quiet.

    #sorry for the weak grammar.

  6. jason says:

    I really do not understand their mentality. If they are so dissatisfied with their condition here, they can either go back to their home country or just work harder to achieve a better living standard.

    Going around protesting is not a solution. If you look at it, why are they poor? I am not trying to be racist here but chinese were brought into M’sia as workers as well. They were required to work in mining areas initially. But due to their culture, they have manage to work their way up to where they are today. If you work hard, there will always be a reward to it.

    How do they justify their USD1mil payout? if that is the case, there are many more races which deserves the money. What about the orang asli? they are the true bumiputras of the country, so are they being victimised as well, u tell me????

    Everyone in the country has to learn to live with the fact that racism will always be around. Even developed countries faces this problem. Its just like looking at a glass, whether its half full or half empty.

    Simply do not understand what the big fuss is all about. Why make things more difficult than it is now. The world is looking at us now laughing just because there are a bunch of people who cant think straight. For all we know, the front liners are just scapegoats in some political games to make the country look bad.

  7. Feizal says:

    I agree with jason

  8. vincent says:

    I don’t care what anybody’s objective is; but if you do a mass protest and disrupt MY daily life, you’re a hypocrtical asshole.

  9. MorpheusX says:

    I would like to add to vincents comment that the rally made the Penang

    traffic as bad as KL’s during the protest because many people avioded

    Kayel during that weekend!!

  10. jusoh says:

    “If they are so dissatisfied with their condition here, they can either go back to their home country or …”

    i think for them their home country is MALAYSIA!!!

  11. Feizal says:

    I also agree with jusoh

  12. Juin says:

    People will have to realise that what is happening now will shape the future of this country. Do nothing and thats exactly what you will get. nothing. Do something and you just might see some changes. Hindraf’s action do generate some good from out of all this confusion as to their intention, that is to bring to light the ills of this present govt. I for one will suppot their right to express themselves.

  13. Death Starla says:

    Hahahahaha…the government keep thinking that we want to bring them down…

    Hey….we still need them. We only want them to change the way they govern the country, that’s all.

    They just don’t get it…get too defensive when there’s a protest or dissatisfaction. Just explain what’s going on lar…not put people in jail.

    The government just needs to grow up!

  14. WristBandMan says:

    it seems like many people are not clear behind the intentions of the hindraf “lawsuit” action itself.

    Just to make it clear, they did filed a lawsuit against British gov for bringing them as indentured labours to here, and be left at the mercy of ketuanan melayu…
    and they did attempted to hand a petition to get the Queen to support their lawsuit…

    HOWEVER, the point of all these is NOT to sue the British gov, is NOT to get British pounds etc….

    Seriously, a million for each Indian, resulting in thrillions totalling more than the British stock exchange’s value, and getting the Queen to help sue her own country’s goverment? You need to wait till she have cuckoos for breakfast first… (lol.. in manglish.., that sounds weird).

    The point of all these IS to make a big fuss in order to highlight the plight and economic/social/religious marginalisation of the Indians in Malaysia due to the ketuanan Melayu in this country…

    see, the reason they petition to the queen
    it’s like indirectly saying… “i know this is our country’s internal problem… but it is so hopeless, that we are asking for outsiders to help us. that’s why they skipped the Yang Dipertuan Agong…

    (kind of like when you have a problem and you don’t consult with your boss… but jump directly to his/her boss…. makes your boss look useless right?)

    again, the point is not directly related to the 1 million $ for each indian, but rather to get international attention and shame the government for all their misdeeds all these years….

    We need to look beyond the surface action…

  15. jason says:

    we have been independent for the past 50 years. There are many ways to make yourself being heard but I strongly believe their method is not the right way. There is no point in having a rally to prove your outrageous points.

    As what jusoh commented that their home country is Malaysia, then why are they doing this? A lot of people has come to terms with the so called “ketuanan melayu”. Its just how you want to work around the system.

    To me, hindraf just wants the easy way out. They are just hoping to kill 2 birds with one stone. highlight their plight & hope that money will still drop down on their laps. If they say that they are being “bullied”, then why is ananda krishnan one of the riches man in m’sia? Why has samy vellu occupied a cabinet seat for more than 2 decades?

  16. michaelooi says:

    wristbandman – Yeah. It’s a gyp. But I suspect it wasn’t as smart as you put it.

    You see, when they wanted to march, I suspect they made up the idea of wanting to submit some petition to sue the british government (probably an idea inspired by the BERSIH rally that happened earlier on) – so that the Malaysian government would not suspect their hidden agenda and grant them the permission to march.
    But apparently, somebody saw through them and rejected their request – that was when hell broke loose. Their leaders panicked. They began to quote yang bukan-bukan like ethnic cleansing and shit.

  17. vincent says:

    To that dude Jason who said that Chinese were brought in to work in mines: You need to go back and read your history books.

    Chinese came to Malaya on their own free will. They worked in the mines because it was a life better than in China and they could earn more money. Then Indians however, were brought to Malaya to work in the plantations because there was an acute shortage of labourers too. And since India was also a British colony, it made sense to tap manpower from there.

  18. iamyuanwu says:

    The traffic jam is caused by the police (trying to put the blame on the march). It’s a stupid police con tactic… but hey, it worked like a charm and most of us are stupid enough to swallow it.
    They should’ve just done what Michael Ooi suggested. Michael Ooi for IGP position! (no more mat rempits, no more ah-beng-spoiler cars, no more cirmes)

    I don’t want to feel like a foreigner in my own country. I still find ways to work around the ‘ketuanan Melayu’ shit. But at the same time, I want to support people that are working to remove this shit.

    Working around the problem is the easy way out. It’s a short term (& pragmatic) solution. We need to work on the problem, not just around the problem. If not, we are being selfish for depriving our children’s future by not removing this issue.

    As WristBandMan pointed out, it’s not for the money lah. You seriously don’t believe the British (or anyone for that matter) will pay out 1 million for each Indian Malaysian, do you?

    It’s not easy to break out of the poverty cycle when you are really just too damn poor. We Chinese Malaysians are fortunate to have the support of strong business community. This opportunity is lacking among the Indian Malaysians.

    As for Ananda Krisnan, he is only one extreme number in the statistics. That fact will exclude him from the norm. You need to look at the average Indian Malaysian. Lim Goh Tong and Francis Yeoh are damn wealthy individuals, but that doesn’t mean every Chinese Malaysian is rich. Flawed reasoning in the first place (wonder why I even bother arguing, hmmm…).

  19. Well, the intention of hindraf was a noble one but they failed on execution thoroughly and thus, achieved nothing but short sighted international limelight. Not that the press they got were a good one to begin with.

    I personally find that Hindraf coming out and protesting for Hindus to be segregating amongst its own people. Not all indians are Hindus, for one. You might think I am arguing semantics but fact is, Hindraf should not even be formed because it separates themselves from a main cause -which is a united one from all three races against our current gov.

    BERSIH is a rally for ALL Malaysians who feel they are being treated unjustly by the gov – but if Chinese and Indians and Malays start having their own rally and groups, we will only achieve one thing. Division.

    Look at our current government, MIC, MCA, UMNO….having separate divisions based on race hasn’t done jack shit for us for over 50 years. We’re still struggling to achieve the semangat muhibbah and force to accept the Bumi privileges that only benefits the rich fat malay cows in BN and their lapdogs in MIC & MCA….

    And Hindraf wants to have their own movement for Hindu Indians only? It’s just another movement that lacks forethought. It gives a bad name to all the Indians and most importantly, it gives our current government the opportunity to mount up on the paranoia against the races. Anyone wth a bit of brain matter will see how this CAN gives the gov. the power to inject the correct amount of racial discontentment and then restoring peace again with conditions, i.e. permanently implementing the NEP or worse. Why do you think they’re tearing down temples and churches? They’re not digging their own graves there…there is more than meets the eye and Hindraf’s movement is one factor that only catalyzes it further.

    We don’t need to give them a reason to create another “May 13″, which is more than just a civil war, it was the start of our racist policies. What we need is unity, not hindraf or any other racially/religion excluded movement . It needs to be ONE or none at all.

  20. michaelooi says:

    the expedited writer (lim) – you write very well, friend. I never actually thought about the hindu thing (coz I’m quite apathetic about the whole thing) but now that you’ve mentioned it, yeah. what the hell are they thinking lah?

  21. WristBandMan says:

    well… the hindu thing is probably motivated by the many destruction of hindu temples in the recent years… especially the one right before Deepavali 2008.

    besides… indians who become muslims automatically become bumiputera by the twisted definition in the constitution…
    and therefore have access to special rights of the ketuanan melayu…
    Mahathir is also part indian… the zainuddin zam dude is also part indian…
    (on the other hand, chinese who convert to muslim still remain non-bumi…
    lets not even get started about the real bumiputeras who are actually christians (think sabah-sarawak) and gets marginalised anyway..)

    don’t ask me about indian christians etc… i honestly don’t know… it’s probably correct that it is not a well-thought/executed plan..

  22. chinese says:

    U can see it around U. There are alot old chineseman who collects cardboard for a living. They will scan everywhere including the dustbins to dig for cardboards. But can u find any indians or malays who do that? If poverty hit them, they will just go to welfare or ask TV to feature them and ask for donation already.

    I saw another old man, in the chinese newspaper, btw, he catches the cockroaches for a living and 1 cockroach cost RM0.10. In 1 day he can catch 300 cockroaches and that RM30 is how he pass his days. Can u malay or indian do that ?

  23. Vino says:

    Studying abroad had thought me many things, among others being critical thinkers. Maybe many of you out there should really go and read up what HINDRAF are fighting for (not quite only listening/reading the main stream media), before commenting.
    I have a few remarks (this can be quite racial, but I am only pointing out the obvious):-

    1. To the Chinese- if your tokongs are being bulldozed down (statistics:1 tokong every 3 weeks, especially those which have existed for about 1 century), would you sit back and continue being ignorant/critisising like what most of you are doing now?
    2. To the Malays- lets not even start to question bumiputera status/privilege that comes along with being an Islam in this country
    3. To the Indians- some of you are just plain retarded. You’re blinded by empty promises made by the fucker Vellu/MIC…even after these so called leaders ‘ate’ your MAIKA money, you fellas still go and suck up to them….damn sad!

    Year in year out we find so many students getting straight A1’s in SPM/STPM, why aren’t they getting seats in local uni’s? In the end, it is MCA etc etc intervening and saving the day right?

    To conclude, I support HINDRAF. I think these guys have succeeded in getting the world’s attention. The leaders are in fact lawyers who have studied in the UK and lived there for 5 years. Developed and first world countries work in complete different ways compared to ours. And only those who have lived overseas (among people with developed mindset) will understand the standards that I am referring to.

    Just my two cents,
    A proud HINDRAF supporter

  24. michaelooi says:

    vino – no offense but, I think it is people like you that often make mistakes when
    a) you think that you’re all that smart when you’ve been ‘abroad’ and it gives you oh-all-the-mighty power to see the truth…
    b) you and your docile mindset that gets influenced easily by sweet promises of charming motherfuckers
    c) you think you’re right and the rest of the least educated folks aren’t because of your academic background.

    Actually, I can tell that you’re not. That’s because from your comment alone, I can tell that you’re someone inexperienced and shallow.

    I hate to tell you this but, I really do not like posers like you – people who think they’re smart because they’ve been to overseas. Bah!

    Sorry, I’m just being honest.

  25. Vino says:

    No offence taken, but as how I respect your opinion, I’m sure you respect mine too :)

  26. michaelooi says:

    Vino – such would have been the case if it’s just opinions that you’re giving. But you did not. You hurled insults – and that’s just so unnecessary and out of place.

  27. The only “critical thinking” in the first post of Vino’s are the ABC’s…it’s in correct order.

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