December 12, 2007

Ook Aa Ah

Emily : “Regine, say – Aunty Heoh…”

Aunty Heoh is one of Regine’s caretaker at the daycare center.

Regine : “Ook Aa ah.”

Emily : “No, not ‘Ook aa ah’. Say it properly – Aunty Heoh… say it.”

Regine : “Ook Aa ah.”

Emily : “Repeat after me – Aunt…”

Regine : “Aunt.”

Emily : “Tee…”

Regine : “Tee.”

Emily : “Aunty…”

Regine : “Auntee.”

Emily : “Heoh…”

Regine : “Heoh.”

Emily : “Now say – Aunty Heoh…”

Regine : “Ook Aa ah.”

Emily : [Legs up in the air]

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5 Comments to “Ook Aa Ah”

  1. cmos says:

    So kewt… ^_^

  2. auyongtc says:

    Reminds me of Fes in That 70’s Show when Mr Forman teaches him to say America, but he kept saying Amedica… lol

  3. blusher says:

    I bet Regine is probably snickering at her clueless mother in some corner, thinking to herself, “This is SO much fun!!!MUAHAHAHA!” ^___^

  4. Adrian says:

    Trust me, when she really knows how to speak that time, you will have a bigger headache because no matter what you say, she will be able to mimic you close to 100%. Like my niece, I accidentally blurted out “Kanneh” when I hit my leg, and few days later she said “Kanneh” when she hit her head.

  5. wolfpack says:

    dude…“Ook Aa ah” u got urself a marine girl baby.

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