November 27, 2007

steven’s fault

My friend Steven forwarded us some YouTube video links about a Hong Kong paranormal investigation tv show covering for an infamous child murder case in Penang. In the show, during the ritual, one of the tv crews somehow got possessed by the child murder victim and we got to see some Linda Blair scene there, which is kinda neat in my opinion.

But for Emily, it was a bit too much for her. Right before she went to bed last night, she summoned me over for some serious talk.

Emily : “Dear, I’m scared. I can’t seem to erase the look of that girl’s face off my mind…”

Me : “Awww there’s nothing to be scared of. You have me and Regine accompanying you here.”

I was trying to assuage her silly fears as usual.

Emily : “No really. I’m very piss scared right now. This is all Steven’s fault! Please dear, yell at him for me if you ever see him… tell him not to forward stuff like this to me ever again.”

Me : “Come on, dear. You know I won’t do that. He just forwarded you the link. You chose to watch it yourself. It wasn’t his fault…

Emily : “…”

Me : “Just relax and sleep, ok?”

Emily : “Alright. But for tonight, I’m going to wake you up when I prepare milk for our baby. You need to watch me, I can’t do it alone. I’m scared.”

Me : “W-What? Are you serious? Man, this Steven… it’s his fault!”

Emily : “And it’s better if you don’t go out with the guys tomorrow. I’m too scared to be alone”

Me : “No shit this is all Steven’s fault! Now I’m pretty damn sure he’s gonna get some scolding from me for all this! Sheesh!”

Girls. They’re timid, and yet, still want to watch the horror shit. And when they can’t handle the aftermath, it is usually us guys that get the troubles. Things I don’t understand.

Now I’m just crossing my fingers that her fears will subside by tonight. Else, my super license is fucked.

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28 Comments to “steven’s fault”

  1. Nicevil says:

    Don’t worry there’s a simple immediate solution to your problem.

    You need to buy fake blood accessories and scare the shit out of your wife…………..yell suddenly, pour blood all over your head, and act crazy and smash things. Wobble your head crazily, and make sure your saliva is dropping out of your mouth at all times while mumbling incoherently at the same time.

    Once she passes out you can use your super license all you want. ;D

    Oh, can I have the video link please ? 8D

  2. michaelooi says:

    interesting imagination you have there, nic. I’ll send you the video links tonight (no access to gmail at work – dang!)

    any of you wants the video clip, let me know. (you have to understand cantonese to view it).

  3. mott says:

    *Haccccckkkk..cough* Some men too are wusses. …

    What’s the link la…?

  4. sam09 says:

    i wan too

  5. blusher says:

    I think your wife has more balls than I do. At least, you think (or rather, hope) that her fears will last only a day. I’ll be scared shitless for the entire month. No joke man.

    psst…is it really that scary?

  6. michaelooi says:

    mott – I’ll email the links to you tonight

    sam09 – Sure. Check your gmail after 8pm.

    blusher – Not scary at all to my standard. But to my wife’s standard – it’s shit fucking scary wooo wee wooooo weee wooo. Let me know if you want the links.

  7. Feizal says:

    i donno cantonese…but I’m curious enought to see it.

    Send me the link too. Thx

  8. yothemans says:

    hey,can you sent me the youtube link?


  9. blusher says:

    Hit the send button man! It’s been sometime since I gave myself a scare.

  10. michaelooi says:

    the links were sent as requested, with exception for that genius with big imagination – Nicevil.

    Hey Nic dude, your email bounced.

  11. Jovin says:

    send me the link too.. thanks!

  12. adrian says:

    sorry to trouble you michael but can i have the link too? I am pretty interested!

  13. Dr. Tan says:

    I once related the pontianak-banging-head-on-bonnet story to my friends.

    A few of them couldn’t sleep at night apparently.

  14. littleComma says:

    hi … can I have the link too? i want to revoke my husband’s super license this weekend too … hhahahahha

  15. michaelooi says:


    Apparently (if you have watched the videos), the Hong Kong guys are here again in Penang. My friend Steven had just visited the scene (for episode 5) a few hours ago. It seems that the case has attracted a lot of attention even from abroad…

  16. Nicevil says:

    If truly didn’t work, could you just paste the link on the comment section ?

    That way you don’t have to send anymore emails to future curious readers. ;)

  17. Nicevil says:

    Is this the case by guaitan involving a girl named Yingying ? If so, I found it.

  18. michaelooi says:

    Good that you found it.

  19. haha this is funny. hmmm… i dont watch horror movies or anything with too much gore and ghost or spirits. scare the shit out of me… however.. my bf seems to be more scred than i am! :P

  20. suanie says:

    herro bro, can email me the link ar? I searched on youtube, but not sure which one

  21. Just Passed-By says:

    Can I have the link as well? Thx

  22. linchiew says:

    Can I please have the link too? Thanks

  23. hiew says:

    hello….can i have the link…?thanks in advance

  24. steven says:

    can you also forward the link to me. thanks bro :)

  25. Kinyu says:

    I’m interested in the video too! Just wanna see how scary it is.

  26. j3ff says:

    post the link here easier looooo

  27. Marc says:

    Can I have the link as well? Thanks in advance.

  28. idot60 says:

    it’s a conspiracy by your wife to make you stay at home :) beware……

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