November 26, 2007

“Hairspray” (2007)

If I were to be given the task to describe this flick in 2 words, I’d say ‘blimps’ and ‘crap’. If a sentence, well, ‘it’s a crappy story about a blimp’. Oops, maybe several blimps. There are so many blimps in this flick, that it makes me suspect that the director must have some kind of fetish for lards.

The storyline is set in the 60’s when racial segregation used to be the ‘in’ thing back then. It revolves around the life of a fat teenager called Tracy, who is obsessed with dancing and a dance TV show. One day, she skips class to attend an audition for a replacement for one of the dancers but because of her weight issue, she is mocked and rejected. And because she skipped her class for that audition, she is later sent to detention, and meets some ‘colored’ people who can dance like a parkinson man having a stroke. Being a dance fanatic, she then befriends them in awe of their awesomeness and learns how to dance like them. This attracted the attention of one of the dance show heartthrob, who then gives her a place at the dance show.

The story then continues with more dancing. And singing. And then they dance somemore. And sing somemore. And then some black people get involved. Then they march and picket like the BERSIH rally. And then they dance somemore. (this is like, watching a Bollywood flick times five – dancing and singing overload).

That’s basically it.

I was left unimpressed. That’s probably because I’m not really fond of musicals. I think musicals are fucking boring. This shit in particular, I had to break it up for several sessions to finish it.

And if you’re wondering why am I touching a flick like this in the first place, well, it was because of Travolta and Chris Walken (but more on Travolta). And mannn, Travolta sure reminded me of an alligator in his drag form. Walken, he’s as excellent in his acting as always (in this flick, his dancing reminded me of his debut in Fatboy Slim’s video – that song brings back memories).

Hairspray. Me find very little entertainment value. Me give rating 3 out of 10.

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7 Comments to ““Hairspray” (2007)”

  1. tingtitlei says:

    hahah i actually went on youtube to watch fatboy slim’s weapon of choice after watching hairspray to watch Chris Walken. gotta love the combination of his poker face and his moves

  2. MT says:

    I don’t know why the had to remake this! The original was already only bearable but did they learn from that? Nooooooooo….. HAVE to remake it!

    Are these directors and filmmakers running out of ideas or something?! Remade films recently that sucked ballz = Poseidon Adventure, Omen, Hairspray, Gigli (This was soooooo bad!) and more that I can’t remember.

    Apparently they are going to remake Star Trek! Sylar (Zacchary Quinto), the bad guy from Heroes is going to play Spock!!! Aiyyarrrrr!!!!!!

  3. Andre says:

    Dude… have you ever seen a ‘musical’ you really and I mean *really* enjoyed? As for ‘blimps’… shudder :D Funny you mention blimps… this word and the way you use it is now permanently part of my vocabulary :D Today I was at the supermarket and I saw a blimp shuffle towards the checkout and I imagined a movie similar to March of The Penguins, only this one would be called March of The Blimps… now to figure out a story-line… :D

  4. michaelooi says:

    tingtitlei – That was a very old video ler, where were you lah?

    MT – Never was a trekkie and never will. I think Star Trek’s boring and the costumes look stupid.

    Andre – I don’t know… if there’s a nice background music in a silver tongued lesbian hot steamy session, is that considered a musical? If yes, YEAH, that’s my kind of musical.

  5. tyra says:

    guess you wont be watching “happy feet” with Regine? awwwwww

  6. Andre says:

    Michael – Oh yeah, THAT kind of musical works ;)

  7. Primrose says:

    It’s all my friend’s fault. He told me that the story is about this new hair salon in the neighbourhood competing with an old hair salon at the same street. Hair salon MY A.S.S! Such a fatso in her black-and-white checkered sleeveless dress in that “winning” scene. Sighs.

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