November 20, 2007

the S word

I was driving Regine home from the daycare center with Emily. Some asshole suddenly cleared into my lane without an indicator and I reflexed,

“SHITTTTTT lah this guy!!!!!!! @#$%^&*”

And then I moved on… as though nothing had happened.

A little while later, I overheard Regine exclaim from the backseat,

“SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT”, like she was singing along merrily to a kiddy rap song.

Emily had to shush her up for good and chided me for being such an ass to say things like that in front of my kid. Mea culpa, I didn’t talk back.

I can’t help but think about how true it is when people say you learn bad things faster than the good. It’s always easier to pick up profanities and cusses than any proper vocab. That’s because the nature of human is always evil… that’s probably why we need religion and decorums to hold our shit together (there, I said it again).

Just look at Regine. It literally took her days to learn how to say “Hi”, “See you” and “Goodnight”… but it only took her a fraction of a second to pick up that “S” word.

For a moment there, I really felt like an ass.

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12 Comments to “the S word”

  1. deriku says:

    That’s just like the scene in Meet The Fockers.

  2. dS says:

    oooh… u said “ass”. :P

  3. Normy says:

    So now in order to teach her new words, shout out the word like how you said shit, Make sure the expression and the oomph-ness is the same. See? You learn something new everyday……… :p

  4. MT says:

    Cannot be helped la bro… I’m not saying its alright but… ;)

    I’m so used to using ‘fuck’ in my vocab that it has slipped out once or twice when I’ve been talking to my mom! She just kept quiet and stared….

    Also reminds me of an episode in Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. Gordon Ramsay made a bet with another chef; if he swore, he’d put 1 pound in the piggybank, if the other chef sneaked out for a ciggie, he’d have to put 1 pound in.

    Ended up after 1 hour, Ramsay had put in about 40 pounds in the piggybank! :lol:

  5. tz says:

    regine might blurt out that word in the day care center and say her daddy taught her that. thats what i said about my dad when i proudly said the word “lanjiao” in front of everyone when i was little. -___- ” didnt know…

  6. blusher says:

    Yeah…wait till they grow into the terrible 3s and terrible 4s and proudly telling their teachers what colour underwear their dad wears and what daddy and mummy like to do in the bed!!! I’ve had one of my students telling me that last year. o_O Be careful, Micheal. Their ears are sharper than any knife, sword or spear.

  7. anas says:

    maybe it’s because most (not all) cuss words are single syllable words, kids easily learn them, or just like u said, humans are naturally evil.

  8. michaelooi says:

    deriku – Hey, now that you mentioned it, yeah… I feel like Ben Stiller man!

    dS – Not in front of her, bebeh… not in front of her.

    Normy – And makes her talk like Hitler giving a pep speech in her everyday conversation? Hmmmm

    MT – Well, I once slipped the ‘Tiu’ word in front of my vendor from Hong Kong (or was it China? forgot).

    tz – Oohhh that was one heck of a boner. Your dad must be traumatized after that incident…

    blusher – Yeah man… from now on, I’m gonna have to be careful on what to yell when I’m driving… (like maybe, I can yell “Carrot!” instead of “Shit”… Or “ABC!” instead of “Fuck you!”. She’ll learn the right things faster that way)

    anas – I think it’s the evil factor. You have no idea how evil my Regine is. (she once pranked my aunt by feigning a cry. And when my aunt offered to hug her out of sympathy, she ran off and scornfully laughed at my aunt’s ass. That’s just one of the things my Regine did. There are many more.)

  9. Dr. Tan says:

    I once asked my dad “Pa, you got cock ar?”

    He said no in pretense of not knowing what’s a cock.

  10. blusher says:

    LOL! I can just imagine. You bumped your leg into the table and go “Carrot!” and you received a summon and you go “Pumpkin!”


  11. michaelooi says:

    dr.tan – I don’t know which is funnier, your dad not knowing if he has a cock, or you not knowing if your dad has a cock… hahahhh

    blusher – More : “Cocksucker” becomes “Carrot eater”. “Twat” becomes “Pancake”. heheh

  12. littleComma says:

    Hahaha! Totally understand what you are going through cos Ivan’s also doing the same to me ! He learnt to say backside and other profanities in seconds too! Goodluck

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