October 18, 2007

‘super license’

Super license (to race at a Formula 1 circuit).
A term coined by one of the BODs to describe the act of obtaining permission from their significant half, to have a private all-guys night out to romp at pubs.

For the past week, we’ve been talking about applying for a super license this weekend for a drink. But one of my buddies suddenly send out an email saying that he’s pulling out of the ‘race’. I messaged to check him out:

MichaelOoi: “Pull out of the race? What happened lah?”

Friend: “kanneh… dunno who go n tell my wife… i haven’t apply for the license yet…”

MichaelOoi: “So your wife ok? Or not ok?”

Friend: “of course not okay la…”

MichaelOoi: “i think your wife is an understanding person. She definitely will give you the license lar… don’t worry”

Friend: “she is, but i dun feel good la..”

MichaelOoi: “well, you will feel good after a couple of drinks…” [oh yeah bebeh]

Friend: “nvm la… i already decided to stay at home…”

MichaelOoi: “alright then, we’ll drink on behalf of you. I already got my super license.”

Friend: “yeah… u guys enjoy…”

I salute my fallen comrade for being such a loving husband and father. I know he’s just fulfilling his duties as a responsible man. If it’s not him this weekend, it’s gonna be me or any of the guys in the frat.

People, that’s life after marriage. Everything that you want to do, will have repercussions like a ripple in a pool of calm water. Many years ago, when the BODs wanted to go anywhere, we’d just plod our asses there. No second thoughts. Like a wall of tsunami… we basically stopped at nothing.

Now, at 30, everything’s so different. I wonder what the future holds for us when we’re 40… get a lawyer to bail us out just to get a couple of drinks? Fuck. I so frigging pine for the old times.

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9 Comments to “‘super license’”

  1. littleComma says:

    :) Jef called it as ‘visa’. So, either visa approved / reject. At 30 for a married man, you will need to get a ‘visa’ or ‘super license’. By 40, trust me, your wifey will not bother asking where you are going. It will be your daughter. :) Enjoy !

  2. Arkane says:

    We have another term for Super License. We call it “Special VISA”. And the VISA is not only limited to pub visits. It also applies to Hatyai excursions. hehe.

  3. MOrpheusX says:

    Yeah… even though many has international passports…

    Yet many have failed to convince Local authority to issue local visa…


  4. michaelooi says:

    littleComma – Sometimes we refer it as ‘visa’ too. But we normally call it ‘super license’.

    arkane – Haadyai excursions… go there to buy jersey eh?

    morpheusX – Ironically, yeah. Getting married is like, pawning your soul to the devil… which you can only get back by paying high amount of interest in the form of alimony.

  5. xin says:

    do wives need a license for a night out or something too?

  6. I just tell my wife… “I am going for a drink with who and who”… thru sms…

    when she replies, “ok”… one word… back… you know and i know… when i go home tonight…

    concrete is my best bed… well sometimes… have to jump the guns…

  7. Zer0 says:

    Shit..i’ve been enlightened. Haven’t heard about this super license/Visa.

  8. dwayne foong says:

    wah.. need to apply for visa/license eh?

    what happened to our manhood?

  9. michaelooi says:

    xin – Of course! What were you girls thinking lah?

    william – Yeah, the contradicting response. Yes means no, no means yes. Ok means you’re fucked whether you go or not.

    Zer0 – You’ll learn more about it as you become a man…

    dwayne – I don’t know what happened to your’s but, mine’s still pretty intact. But something happened to my freedom though…

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