October 17, 2007

“Grindhouse – Death Proof” (2007)

death proof

This is the second flick under the Grindhouse collaboration project by Tarantino and Rodriguez (I have reviewed the other flick here).

Like “Planet Terror”, the flick uses special effects like faded saturation and scratches on celluloid, that reminisces us of our dark and messed-up past. And that’s probably the only thing I liked about this flick. Nothing more.

The plot was not so much of an intelligent creation. It was kinda linear in my personal opinion. It revolves around a psychopath cum vagabond stuntman (played by Kurt Russell) who drives around in a reinforced stunt car (‘death proof’ car) killing chicks.

It starts with a group of young girls, led by a somewhat famous girl DJ who goes by the name Jungle Julia, on their way to celebrate Julia’s birthday at a pub somewhere. Earlier before the trip, in an attempt to score one of her girl buddies from the group a prospective date, Julia announced of a bounty reward game – for whoever that spots her mysterious friend, calls her ‘Butterfly’, and recites the correct verse of a poem, will get a lap dance from her. And that is how it attracted the stuntman killer (who hails the name ‘Stuntman Mike’).

Stuntman Mike first stalks them to the bar, picks up another girly patron (who is the same actress who played Cherry Darling in “Planet Terror”) to diffuse suspicion from the group while he discreetly monitors them from across the bar. And when he is confident enough that they’re all addled with alcohol from the party binge, he goes over to claim the lap dance bounty reward and then leave (with the girl, whom he later kills in his car). The group soon leaves, but halfway through their journey, they are all sent back home to meet their creator as Stuntman Mike rams his death proof car head on with their’s. (in the scene, you’d get to see different takes on the collision and how limbs got ripped off the victims. It was kinda cool.)

Mike survives the crash and ends up at the hospital, cleared of all charges since he didn’t drink, while the victims were all intoxicated etc. It has been his same modus operandi all the while and that’s how it works for him.

The story then proceeds to the second group of 4 girls, which partially comprises of a couple of gear heads. Like the first group, Mike would stalk them and look for the right opportunity to kill them (I have to admit, things get pretty rock bottom boring at this point on). But this time round, Mike made a big fucking mistake. He messed with the wrong group. The girls that he hoped to be chicken shit easy to kill preys? Aren’t what they’re supposed to be. They’re way tougher than Mike himself. In the course of staging another accident that causes both of the cars to spin off road, one of the girls whips out a gun and shoots Mike in the arm… and from thence on, has the table turned on him instead. The girls would chase the injured and whimpering Mike down hard, clobber him with a big ass stick, chase him again and have his car land immobile upside down. They’ll then drag him out and give him the most thorough pummeling one could ever have in his awakening. The film the rolls its end credits.


After watching the whole thing in the span of like, a few days (yes, I couldn’t finish it in one go), I was compelled to look up the internet on what the fuck was this film all about… Not that it’s too confusing or anything but, being curious on why was it so fucking dull like that… The film’s like, 80% shitty dialog, and 20% action (which includes the actual car chases and all).

It appears that Tarantino was trying to make a badass comeback for Kurt Russell, but from what I felt after watching this flick, it was more like butchering his reputation instead. He looked like a consummate loser in this movie, with a rather odd suicidal way of killing people. Sean Bean would have made a better candidate for playing Stuntman Mike… (he actually had similar role before in “The Hitcher” – which was a way better watch)

I’d give this flick a generous 4 out of 10 in my scale of awesomeness – and that was simply because I liked the lap dance so much (I’ve been to a titty bar at Austin, and I’ve never seen a lap dance as good before… Maybe it was the quality of the strippers…)

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5 Comments to ““Grindhouse – Death Proof” (2007)”

  1. mott says:

    Ha ha ha..good one! a ‘comeback’ for russell? how will it EVER happen?

  2. Pah says:

    i actually like the movie la mike.. i love the 70s feeling u get while watching it.. plus the gory scenes during the accident, seeing jungle julia’s leg flew off.. hehehehe.. nice one..

    maybe i should watch the other one u reviewed earlier.. i might change my mind..

  3. clement says:

    honestly.. i think it suck…. too much talking

  4. michaelooi says:

    mott – The only movie he was starred in that I really like was “The Thing”. Mannnn… that was still the best sci-fi horror I’ve ever watched…

    Pah – Well, if you wanted that 70’s feel, you can watch “Forrest Gump” or “That 70’s show”… it would have had the same effect…

    clement – If the script was good, I wouldn’t mind a bit with the dialogs and shit, but this simply didn’t cut it.

  5. lex says:

    i bought grindhouse due to yr review. loved it. i believe u on the death proof review. wil skip this one. thanks bro

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