August 30, 2007

happy national day

Man I’m so fucking frustrated (I do mean… disappointed) with you people. Do you know that our national day is just round the corner? Kanineh you. And then?? And then?? Where’s your flag?? I can’t see it on your car pun?? Mapuki cheebye betuih… ANd you have the audacity to call yourselves Malaysians?? Phorrdahhhhh!

Nobody cares if you have talent and can rap or sing like an R&B star…
Nobody cares if you’re intelligent or whatever…
Nobody cares if you can swim across to Indonesia with only your left testical…

Kitaorang tak bagi pungkok tikus sebiji!!

If you don’t have a fucking flag on your car, you’re still not patriotic! And you are definitely not fit to call yourselves Malaysians!

Just look at those Mat Rempits. See their flags? Despite the retardation and hopelessness, they’re PATRIOTIC! They have flags on their bikes, helmets and even as capes (which looks really cool when they whack their bikes at neck breaking speed)! That’s why we send them to North Pole to sky dive, and NOT YOU! That’s because you don’t have a flag on your car. Shame on you.

If you don’t like it, you can always choose to keluar dari Malaysia! Go to Europe, anywhere, kita tak peduli. We’d only lament about that later when we’re REALLY running short on skilled workers… (Riddle: Singapore loses its accountants to China and the rest of the world. Our accountants on the other hand, going to Singapore to fill the gap there. So who’s gonna fill in our gap here then? Hint: Starts with a ‘B’ and ends with the pronunciation ‘gla’)

To those of you who would like to repent, well, it’s not too late yet. You still have enough time to change everything. You just need to buy a flag, and stick it on your car. Or you can drape a big one across your hood, windscreen, etc, doesn’t matter. Just display it proudly on your car. Let those Mat Salleh out there see – that bahawasanya kita patriotik. Kita mesti maju. Kita mesti beli banyak-banyak bendera. I don’t see why you fuckers can’t spend 3 fucking ringgit for a cheap plastic flag. It matters not if those plastics are harmful for the environment (that’s because the turtles are dying anyway…) or the fact that it might flew off your car hitting some innocent motorcyclists when you’re speeding on the federal highway… Patriotism is the pwn!!! It is above the law and it overwrites every-fucking-thing on the Bolehland!

So, fly them proud and high, people. Not kites, but flags. And have a happy valentines day.

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22 Comments to “happy national day”

  1. bongkersz says:

    Fly the farking national flag oh yeah! Merdeka! Aku patriotik gila!! Huarggh!!

  2. Ting Tit Lei says:

    i was shishaing at uncle don in sri hartamas.. then i saw a buncha rempits walking around with a flag around their body. THOSE, MY FRIENDS, ARE THE FUTURE LEADER OF MALAYSIA! dey gotz teh potenshel

  3. WristBandMan says:

    I want to always be showing off the national flag, so i want to wear the flag so i will be always holding it all the time… but apparently it is illegal to fashion the flag into clothings… underwear etc…

    hey, Sudirman did it! he should be charged under the sedition act!!

  4. Dr. Tan says:

    Happy Hour.

    Well, talking about Merdeka, who feels anything anyway. We’re all just partying. Yeah I’m a bloody hypocrite, going out tonight also.

  5. EinsamSoldat says:

    Longer weekend!!! Hooray Holiday. Happy Holidays to every1 !!!

  6. sam says:

    yeah….. this is wehat we call bolehland ma….. apa pun boleh!!!

    not suprise to see those Mat Rempits carrying flag and rompak people. hehe….

    better stay at home. safer lo…..

  7. sasha says:

    3 bucks can eat nasi lemak ayam edi la…….

  8. lys says:

    haha, love ur post. backing u up 100% on that issue.

    so many problems around and all they’re worried abt are flying rm3 flags!

  9. Little Ray says:

    Happy National Day, nevertheless =)

  10. myle says:

    Oh yeah??!! National day?/ Wow, I can’t even remember it. Guess I am too far away.. hahah..anyways happy national day! but, is there anything special to celebrate about??!! the meritorious achievement of our nation?just wondering…

  11. Zer0 says:

    Happy National Day!!!

    No free flags, no fireworks at klcc, and it’s supposed to be big 50?. lol.

    Not that any of that matters. =p

  12. oldtime_fan says:

    I thot in the end you will end with something like:

    ” Can someone pass me your last yr flag if you r buying a new piece?”

    Man always says – we keep our affection close to our heart; no public display required lah.

  13. AD says:

    Hi Michael, I’m an 18 yr old Malaysian aspiring to become an engineer like yourself ( at Pre-U level now) but I’m still unsure about what field I should go into.

    I just started reading your blog a few weeks ago but I’ve been hooked ever since. I think your blog is the most interesting Malaysian blog despite the fact that you do not include pictures. I’ve been going through your past posts backwards recently ( already reached page 168 and counting) and I can say that it’s better than reading a good book. You’ve inspired me to start a picture-less blog of my own.

    Keep up the good work and may you and your family remain in good health. And, Happy 50th Merdeka if that matters to you (doesn’t to me). Hehehe

  14. Prince says:

    yeah, more than 10 years my family awaiting for the stupid MPKS to solve my flood issue @ my hometown house, and despite complaining many times even pick up by local media but nothing done at the end! does that explain! flag or no flag! ha!

  15. MeowX2 says:

    I don’t see any chinese with flag on their car, do you? Why? I think you know the reason, not only you and me knows, all the chinese knows!!!

  16. jannz says:

    Happy N-day Mike..
    Hang penat maki orang, hang tu ada bubuh flag dak kat keta hang? ;Þ

  17. girlie says:

    flag on me car?… don’t be ridiculous.
    Happy Holiday anyway – Enjoy!

  18. Primrose says:

    So you got stick a flag on your car so that it will berkibar-kibar or not? I woke up early to watch the perarakan on tv wor. Can ler. Patriotic also ler. But when they play Negaraku like 4x in a row, I just sat there and munched on a biscuit wor. Suppose to stand, right?

  19. ping says:

    i was hoping for some mat rempit to die in a furious accident involving over 500 of them to commemerate merdeka!!!!!! yaayyyy!!!!

  20. toothless says:

    patriotic my arse.. i was watching the parade on the tv and shoot the tv off when i heard the announcer announcing one of the group from KK as coming all the way from SARAWAK!!!!! damn…

  21. bangla says:

    answer for riddle: bangla! what do i win?

  22. michaelooi says:

    bangla – How bout an Indonesian maid to runaway with you? XD

    the rest – I do not mean to be unpatriotic but, imagine if Tunku didn’t ask for independence from them British, what would be of our Golden Chersonese today?

    It’s hard to imagine but, one thing’s for sure – we won’t have a leaking parliament roof…

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