August 20, 2007

“Mr. Brooks” (2007)

This is a very, very dark movie… and I fucking loved it. If there was to be a denominator 10 score, I would have given it a mind blowing perfect 10. It has got to be one of the best serial killer movie I’ve ever seen, even better than that “Silence of the Lambs”.

The magic of this movie, I must say, lies in the character development. Unlike many serial killer movies, the plot was told from the killer’s perspective (similar to that movie “Perfume – The Story of a Murderer” – which I equally enjoy). It makes you empathize with the killer and experience the feel of how he struggled with his overwhelming inner evil – in the form of an imaginary character named Marshall, who would appear throughout the movie as his alter ego crime partner – to not kill anymore innocent people. So, he’s like trying to change his ways, but his Marshall would to prevent him from doing that.

And Kevin Costner carried this role remarkably well. He’s sick, twisted and at the same time, calm and composed, but also lets you see the ‘behind the scenes’ of serial killer’s mind. You can put it this way, he’s like the Chili Palmer of all serial killers, life similar to Spiderman’s and with a bonus of having an intelligent sidekick named Marshall to unfuck everything for him.

The plot’s damn good, enough gore scenes, a couple of uber cool gunfight scenes, some car chases, elements of dry comedy and also a bonus tits scene (nice natural tits) – all these vital ingredients blend very nicely into a classic serial killer flick which I think, I will remember for a fucking long time.

A really must watch.

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3 Comments to ““Mr. Brooks” (2007)”

  1. Suessy says:

    mind telling me, Michael, and please don’t be like the boyfriend, “you tengok lea sendiri…” whose tits? who’s the babe? r u sure they’re natural? really?

  2. michaelooi says:

    the tits belong to the first victim of Mr.Brooks. (I’m not sure who’s the actress). She was porking out of her own daylights when Mr.Brooks greeted her (and her partner) with a gun.

    As for her set of mammaries, well, trust me girl… a guy KNOWS when he sees a fake rack.

  3. bongkersz says:

    oh!!!! I just bought this movie last saturday.. p-dvd of course muahaha! still lying there not yet watch… natural tits.. ?? ok that’s a good reason to watch.. :D

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