August 16, 2007

“Saw II” (2005)

Remember the movie “Saw”? Well, this is the sequel. The return of the sociopath Jigsaw Killer. Not a new title but, I only got the chance to watch it yesterday.

The story starts with a scene of a semi naked dude waking up to find himself hooked to an iron maiden like mask on his neck. He has a busted eyeball and everything else is blur. And before he can even get his shit together to realize what is going on, a TV conveniently placed in front of him fires up and on comes the video of Jigsaw Killer in his infamous puppet form, telling him that the iron maiden mask is a time triggered device, and it’s gonna fucking snap into his face if he doesn’t unlock it with a key. Killer then gives him a hint, an x-ray picture of his skull with the key surgically buried behind his busted eyeball. Poor guy freaks out and fumbles, and finds a scalpel. He’d have to use the scalpel to gouge out his eyeball and use the key to save his own life… but failed in the end. The device snaps and we get to see blood gushing out of the mask when he lies dead on the floor…

Quite an introduction eh? Yeah, if you can remember the killer’s style, this has always been his kind of shit. Playing games of death with his devious plots and traps. But this sequel, is a far departure from the first title. This is a much better movie with better budget. You don’t get a lot of ‘much better’ sequels nowadays. Some of the notable improvements and strong points compared to the first movie:

– The location is no longer confined to only a small room and a couple of blokes with plenty of drama (which I have to admit, can be quite dull after about 20 minutes). This time, it’s inside an abandoned house ala Resident Evil (the game) style. More twisted traps and naturally, also more gore.

– They brought in some famous people to act in this movie – Mark Wahlberg. Wait a minute. That guy isn’t Mark. That guy’s somebody else that looks like Mark. Who the fuck is this guy? A little bit of googling around revealed that he’s Mark’s brother – Donnie Wahlberg. You know, the guy who used to be in the famous New Kids On the Block ~~~stepp by stepp, oooh bebehhhh~~~. Yeah it’s him. Gosh he looks like an old fart now. His acting is no less fabulous than Mark. They looked almost the same and sounded the same. Just cheaper.

– They’d added in a little bit of teaser titties in this movie, which is a good thing. Though they could use some maniac ripping off their clothes or something, but there’s no room for maniacs in this movie so… I guess it is already a boon to have them around, to dampen up a little of the bore factor in the middle of the movie. You know, sometimes you need a little distraction to keep the positive vibe going. So, there’s this small tittied braless crack whore looking chick, and another 2 with bigger ones. It was alright.

– The plot is more complex and intelligent. It revolves around the Jigsaw killer himself getting caught after the iron maiden killing in the introduction, and being confronted by Donnie Wahlberg, who plays a toughnut corrupted cop called Matthews. The killer however, managed to turn the table around and got Matthews back in the ass, by revealing to him that his son has been captured in a building somewhere laced with sarin gas. From there, the movie breaks into 2 subplots – the game of death being played by Matthews with the killer to save his son, and another one being played by Matthew’s son himself to stay alive in the spooky shit trap laden hellhole. Both plots would then merge into the grand finale, where the viewer gets to learn how each and every plan and trap that Jigsaw killer deceitfully laid beforehand, falls perfectly into place to get Matthews into the very room where the first movie took place.

Overall quite impressive, I must say. I liked every minute of it. It was as if the director took heed of my advice in my previous “Saw” review, and dump them into this sequel. Nice.

If you haven’t already watched this, go get the DVD.

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11 Comments to ““Saw II” (2005)”

  1. Arkane says:

    My preference is still for the jap / korean horror flicks. They are more into the scare factor whereas US horror movies mostly sell on gore.

  2. gregenz says:

    Saw isn’t a horror movie. But i enjoyed all the 3 Saw movies. the latest they directed and produced was dead its great!

  3. gregenz says:

    oh, almost forgot, anyone here watched lucky number slevin? watch it.

  4. michaelooi says:

    arkane – For some reason, japanese/korean horror flicks do not appeal me much…

    gregenz – Of course “Saw” is a horror movie. The genre ‘horror’ is not confined to only movies with zombies or supernatural apparitions… but inclusive of slashers, apeshit murders and anything that has to do with duping your first date to voluntarily let you grab her… (I’ve watched Lucky Number Slevin. It was just barely touching the ‘ok’ mark… nothing to shout about. Try “Usual Suspects”, you’ll see the real deal…)

  5. MT says:

    Jap and Korean horror flicks are so stupid man! Everything is about some object! The Eye, The Phone, The Elevator, The Hair, The Pubes, The Shit, The Tampon, The Condom, The…. Well you get the picture….

    Then again, gore is also lame la. Didn’t bother with Texas Chainsaw Massacre because that’s what it is; a gore fest.

    I liked 13 Ghosts though… Just the right amount of everything in it for me! AND, the female ghost had nice tits, or rather, tit… One was unusable because it was slashed in half! :lol:

  6. centaur says:

    I watch Saw I to III. Love every minute of it. O share your sentiment but I felt Saw III sort of lost it’s momentum. Watch it and see if you agree with me.

  7. guaisaujai says:

    Talking about JAP horror movie…I remember this movie..
    If not mistaken…”The Scarecrow”

    This movie LMAO.
    I remember there’s a scene that all Scarecrow start crawling out…
    Someone in the cinema suddenly shout ” Ahh!! Para para sakura!!”

    This movie end up makes us laugh a lot…

  8. michaelooi says:

    MT – I think you liked “13 Ghosts” because of the tit and a half. Dude, you should just switch to porn… (“13 Ghosts” was just mediocre for me though)

    centaur – I already have the part III DVD here with me. I heard they’re making the 4th sequel right now…

    guaisaujai – Scarecrow. Isn’t that the villain from Spiderman comics or something? He’s as scary as a 3 year old kid.

  9. TK says:

    13 ghosts is fun

  10. bongkersz says:

    just watched saw 1 that day, plan to get saw 2 and 3 after this. nice timing for the review, now can’t wait to watch saw 2 haha! em, not big fan of jap and korean horror flicks as well.. so boring and farking make no sense.. eh the usual suspects not quite old movie already? 1995 that one?

  11. Junkgirl says:

    I saw SAW and thought the idea was great but a bit too sickening so I skipped SAW 2. Sounds interesting from your description, though, so I’ll go get the movie.

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