July 30, 2007

Notebook computer myth #1

I am having my lunchbreak and I feel like debunking some notebook computer (also read: laptop, portable) myths right now. Something that I can do for the society to reduce the level of retardation amongst the younger generation of smart alec yuppies. Read on if you want…

Myth#1: I can preserve my notebook battery’s life by disconnecting it from the system, stash it in a box somewhere and only use it when I really need to use it.

I guess if that’s true, we can do the same to our spouses, you know, stash him/her in a closet somewhere – heavily sedated of course – then only drag his/her ass out whenever we want sex. And if we were to do it at a really long interval (like once a year? the rest of the days can be sustained with ‘hand stimulations’), then we’d be fucking a really youthful spouse when we grow feeble and white [dumbfucked expression]

As you can probably tell, that shit is practically not possible. The same goes with your notebook battery. If you’re not already aware about this, then let me tell you – degradation of notebook batteries (as of now) is still absolute. That means, whether or not you use your notebook battery, it’s gonna fucking age and die. Pretty much like your spouse. The only thing that you can affect is, how not to degrade it prematurely through misuse and abuse.

If you’re keeping the thing somewhere with the degradation perpetually running, the hours-to-use ratio will drop and you’d get less worth out of the battery. So why the worry? Just fucking use the battery till it can’t be revived no more, and get yourself a new one. Batteries are cheaper than a night out boozing with your friends nowadays. (I have no comment about conjugal relationships though… I’ll let you guys figure that out)

But if you need to do that anyway (stash the batt), make sure your battery is stored with following conditions :
– 50% charged
– isolated in a non-flammable box/container (porcelain, glass)
– store in a cool and dry place (remember, moisture is bad for electronics)

My advice is, if you’re so dead worried about dying batteries, you should probably be using a desktop PC instead…

I’ll post more stuff like this in my future lunchbreaks… (been real busy at work lately)

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19 Comments to “Notebook computer myth #1”

  1. auyongtc says:

    dude, to facilitate more lunchtime postings, open up a donation jar here for your lunch delivery fund. That way, your readers can contribute to your increased lunchtime blog posting frequency by donating you lunch money that can allow you to order pizza to eat at your cubicle while writing blog posts.

    I’m sure the readers care more about your postings than to see you get out of the office for some sunlight during lunchtime :p

  2. Christina says:

    Thanks for the information. I get pissy at my friends for being so anal about their laptop batteries. Really anal. My persuasion that the batts are gonna degrade sooner or later anyway just never seem to make sense to them. Grrr…

  3. Ting Tit Lei says:

    going through all that shit to save a piece of battery?… ive been using my battery like mad but its still working fine haha.

  4. Jonny says:

    TTL, that’s because you’ve never been annoyed with people who went all “OMFG MY BATTERY’S GONNA DIE. U DIN PULL THE PLUG!”.

    It’s just so damn annoying to see people do those extra steps of pulling out their battery and putting them back on (for no purpose).

    And when you tell them it’s unnecessary, they’ll give you a look saying, “duh, of course it does, you dumb4ss”. GRR, I can’t get that look out of my head.

  5. michaelooi says:

    auyongtc – Dude, why don’t you make yourself a role model and pay me some bucks? I promise I won’t squander it on booze…

    christina – That’s why I quoted “smart alec yuppies”. They know nothing but bad postured sex.

    tingtitlei – Believe it, most products are designed to be ‘used like mad’.

    jonny – Actually, plugging and unplugging a battery from its terminal can wear out certain things on your notebook (take note of these, guys):
    1) you’re going to introduce stress to the connector, which is usually being held by a couple of through hole mounting (solder will crack and give way)
    2) you’re going to prematurely fuck up the locking mechanism spring. A locking mechanism/spring can only last an finite amount of flexing. Without the lock/spring, your battery won’t stay in place.
    3) if your battery has impurities such as conductive particles, moving it a lot would increase the risk of short circuit and overheat (such as the case with So*cough*ny batt recall a while ago)
    4) you’re gonna fuck the plating faster (which if it is worn out, its gonna speed up oxidation and causes contact problems) – my hypothesis
    [i’m sure the experts could probably come up a dozen more. But I ain’t an expert so…]

  6. waterjunk says:

    my laptop is powered like 80% of the day, and i only need to use the batteries like once every 6 months. so is it better to keep it in the laptop?

    its currently stashed away in my drawer =/

  7. Dr. Tan says:

    I put my BP-511s in the fridge.

    Wrap it in tissue when I take it out so it stays cool.

    Also have a box of 120 Velvias in the fridge.

  8. iwan c.m.n. says:

    Did mythbusters cover this yet? They’re too busy debunking myths that nobody cares about.

  9. michaelooi says:

    waterjunk – The only thing good about storing your batt in a drawer that I can think of is that you’re utilizing more space in that drawer. (I power my 700m notebook with AC 100% of the time, and i leave my batt in it. Makes a good UPS.)

    drtan – I’m sure you also know that you have to use a ziploc bag with those, right?

    iwan – This has been all over the internet since long time ago. It’s just that nobody cares to read about it. They’re more into Volderwart (or something like that).

  10. Jase Lee says:

    Talking about cheap, we got customers who complain that an RM150 9-cell battery is expansive!

  11. d'Fish says:

    someone pls buy me a new laptop…. pls… i give your free batteries k. and then i give you a wet kiss too…

  12. jusoh says:

    gee uncle ooi, why must we charge battery up to 50% first haa? is there any reasons behind this?

    i recently bought a new notebook but this thing’s size is damn bulky and of course heavy (yes, this is a cheap notebook). so i have removed the battery (not going to use it anyway) to reduce the weight and stored it inside ‘bakul sampah’.

    and before you tembak me kow-kow, i bought a notebook so that i can use it at my home and office easily.

    more information please…

  13. Dr. Tan says:

    Oh shit.. I forgot.

  14. Hawk says:

    Most people don’t realise that lithium-ion batteries (the ones in your phones and laptops) should be recharged often and whenever possible. You are more likely to degrade the Li-ion battery by depleting it, then recharging, depleting it then recharging again.

    You would think people who want to preserve their batteries would actually so some battery research beforehand.

  15. michaelooi says:

    jase – Then the notebook itself must have costed the customer his/her whole lifetime of savings?

    d’fish – You wanted somebody’s body part in exchange for a few batteries? You’re sick dude. (should be called a ‘laptop computer’)

    jusoh – Frankly speaking, no idea dude. I got the advice from a few Motorola engineers. But it is widely known that the number was obtained through extensive studies and experiments by both battery cell manufacturers and freelance bodies – it’s the optimal number from the statistics point of view. You can never stray too far from being right with statistics.

    hawk – I don’t know if completely discharging and recharging a Li-ion would actually cause premature degradation but, what I know is that – Li-ion does not have memory effect. That means, it does not REQUIRE the user to discharge the pack before charging it.

  16. WirstBandMan says:

    I have my computer on all day. and it is plugged in to power supply… so always battery at 100%.

    Any side effects to this ah?

    last time i thought since i am using it like desktop, take out battery la.. but if suddenly unplugged w/o shutdown, all gone..

  17. michaelooi says:

    Side effect aa? Your computer won’t shut off when you have a blackout lor.

  18. iamyuanwu says:

    First hand experience.

    I took off my battery after a full charge and just left it on my desk.
    6 months later, I just couldn’t charge the battery anymore. The charging lights are on, but when I tried turning on the laptop wihtout the battery, it just won’t start. In fact, it would short-circuit the charger, and turn off my lappie. Scary…

    My advice is let the battery run a bit once every one/two weeks (to maybe 80%). Then recharge it. Li-ion batteries need a full-charge all the time to keep them from dying. Using them until it’s empty is not recommended.

  19. megabigblur says:

    It makes sense to stash your notebook battery in the fridge (obviously, wrap it tightly to keep moisture out) if you usually keep your laptop in 1 location and only take it on trips occasionally, like me. But if you’re carrying it around and switching back and forth between plug and battery power every day….why bother removing the batt?

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