July 26, 2007

what the… headscarf

I recall of a conversation I had with an affable Malay lady – whom I fondly call ‘Badak’ – at Company X many years ago…

Me : “Eh Badak, apasal you orang ni some ada pakai tudung dan some tadak pakai aa?”

Badak : “Tak compulsory lah. Tapi lebih baik pakai lar…”

She’s with a headscarf herself…

Me : “Apasal lar? Ni tudung-tudung ni… actually untuk apa lah?”

Badak : “Nak tutup aurat. Ni aurat tak boleh kasi lelaki bukan husband tengok.”

Me : “Urat tak boleh tengok? You mia kepala mana boleh nampak urat?”

Badak : “Auratttt, bukan uratttt. Aurat tu rambut lah. Tak boleh kasi you orang tengok rambut.”

Me : “Macam itu middle east mia orang? Depa tu cover dari kepala sampai ke kaki macam ninja lah. Tapi you orang perempuan Malaysia cover half kepala aje. Ni kenapa ni? Ni eyebrow, tangan, eyelash… ni semua pun rambut jugak kan?”

Badak : “Itu bulu… bukan rambut!”

I stared at her… and then said

Me : “Ohhh… rambut tak boleh tengok, tapi BULU boleh?”

She paused for a few seconds, processed what I had just uttered and broke into a jackass laugh

Badak : “HAHHAHHHHH! Kanneh you! KOTORRR!!”

Me : “Ni tak logik lar… rambut simpan tapi bulu tunjuk… happaraaaa…”

And she chased me over the production floor to give me an elbow…

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21 Comments to “what the… headscarf”

  1. jusoh says:

    hek eleh! she gave you an elbow also you must highlight kaaa?
    i bet that her one elbow blow makes you even more stim, right?

    to emily, make sure your hubby tidur at sofa tonight!

  2. cmos says:

    She should hav given u a suplex instead… hahaha…

  3. guaisaujai says:


    It really looks like a flirting between u and Badak to me.

    ( >___

  4. Pah says:

    alahai.. her explanation of aurat also salah la. it’s not just rambut. actually what a muslim woman can show to a man are only her face and her tapak tangan. that’s it. plus, it’s compulsory to cover up once the woman reach puberty… but nowadays, some only will wear when they are ready. like myself, i am not ready to carry on the responsibility that comes with wearing a tudung… so belum sampai seru lagi….

    hahahahaha.. but your entry ah, damn farnee…

  5. seremban engineer says:

    Wah ha ha ha, very entertaining conversations eh…..ha ha ha haha

  6. michaelooi says:

    jusoh – What? One elbow blow = stim? Are you for real dude? You ni virgin ke?

    cmos – If she gives me that, I’m gonna reciprocate with a Corporate Elbow.

    guaisaujai – Ermmmm, you call that a flirt? Geez, where have you been lah dude?

    Pah – Nowadays, tak tunjuk tapak kaki pun dangerous. Just look at the news nowadays. Kambing pun depa rogol. You know what you girls need? You girls need to know how to kick ass. Equip yourself with a stun gun or something.

    seremban engineer – I bet you had your fair share at your own production floor eh my fellow engineer?

  7. MT says:

    Niiiiiice….. :lol:

    But uhmm Mike, aren’t you afraid that this entry will be considered as ”flaming” as reported in the papers yesterday/ day before? Or it is ”insulting”? :roll:

    Ahhhhh! Who’s bothered?! You’re telling it like it is and that’s why we love reading your blog! :salute:

  8. iwan c.m.n. says:

    The look on her face after you mentioned BULU, priceless.

  9. Ting Tit Lei says:

    ive read it somewhere that “isteri satan adalah semua perempuan yang tidak menutup aurat”. pretty freaky man

  10. Primrose says:

    Wahahaha! Damn farney! I was just imagining some caught-on-camera scenarios (you know, kan?) Fully tudung-ed but show tetek.

  11. Dr. Tan says:

    Appropriate title boss.


  12. oliviasy says:

    ROTFL. rambut tak boleh, tapi bulu boleh XD

  13. MOOt-lei says:


  14. Han Meng says:

    1st I LOLed
    Then I ROFL
    Lastly I LOLed again.

  15. EinsamSoldat says:

    watever term or wat belief is created by ppl with their biased, narrowed point of view. Rules are a relative thing just like custom & taboo.

    Though “Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan” or “In GOD we trust” is the 1st of the 5. :D

  16. pinksterz says:

    i actually imagine you chatted with tmnet bluehyppo. oh dear. xD

  17. Shar says:

    I laughed like a babi kena sawan.
    at work.
    my boss is now your fan

  18. kevin says:

    Great one….made my day..

  19. bongkersz says:

    “And she chased me over the production floor to give me an elbow…”

    wahahaha.. fun day at work.. :D

  20. d'Fish says:

    chased me over the production floor and gave me an elbow and more….. hehehehehe…..

  21. afiq says:

    ok lah, aurat means modesty. Muslim women can’t show strangers or any male who are not their family or husband their hair and all other part of their body except for their face and hands.

    Malaysians muslims are a bit hypocritical when it comes to dressing modestly. Some wear the tudung but wear tight-fitting cloths. Tu tak tutup aurat jugak. And they have to haga their behavior with or without it. Because remember, aurat means modesty.

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