July 23, 2007

monday rant

Man, what is so good about Harry Potter? It’s rather unbelievable that so many people are willing to sacrifice so many things just to get a copy of the damn title

– storming book outlets at ungodly hours…
– jumping queues and pushing kids…
– elbowing the disabled…
– skipping family duties…
– acting like illiterates.. (which is ironic, because if you’re an illiterate, the book will only be as good as a fire starter…)

I’ve seen the movies (pirated version), read some of the past titles before (downloaded e-books, deleted it after a chapter). Were they good? Not for me. Reading Harry Potter reminded me a lot of my vvvvery early primary years reading “The Famous Five”… It’s just very ordinary kid stuff. I can’t understand why so many grown ups would get so crazy over Harry Potter books (especially when it’s so overpriced like that…). Why is it so important for these peeps to be the first to read the book? Why can’t they get Harry Potter later and save themselves some troubles? Don’t they have other books to read first? Don’t they have other things to do? Don’t they have a life?

It shows a lot about those people. A big bunch of grown up ‘kids’ that wanted to be among the first to read Harry Potter’s latest release, just so that they can impress their friends. I tell you… people, friends need not to be impressed. They’re your friends, goddamnit. Friends should be accepting you the way you are, impressing them is of secondary concern.

If only such magnitude of zeal can be channeled to the nationwide charity centers…

Harry Potter… maybe I’d go crazy about it if I am like, 6 or 7? But definitely not at this age. At this age, the only thing I really want to see in Harry Potter, is how Harry’s gonna bag his long timer girl-buddy (forgot her name) and pork her a virgin. That’ll probably be the most interesting thing to happen – which I reckon isn’t going to be hard – since he knows magic and stuff. Wave a wand and she’s naked + horny like hell. How convenient. ANd they’re gonna ride on each other’s broomsticks together all night – moaning and squealing.

(trivia: do you guys know J.K.Rowling is now one of the richest women in the entertainment industry? She’s laughing all the way to the bank now because of you Harry fucking Potter fanatics.)

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31 Comments to “monday rant”

  1. Dr. Tan says:

    Yeah man, Emma Watson is hot. Apart from that, the movie sucked wizard’s balls, which means its loose like a wizard’s sleeve.

  2. Danielle says:

    :D I have just finished this book after 12 hours of reading-satisfaction, I tell you!

  3. Normy says:

    Harry Potter is the best example of ‘Everybody loves it, so must I!’. Mediocre cliche story, uninteresting characters and ridiculous plot summarize the entire series. The only good side is it changed a poor lady into Mrs. Richie Rich.

  4. TiBuN says:

    Read most of the comments on newspaper and apparently the main reason ppl queue up like this is because they want to read it first so that their friends DON’T have to tell them the story (which is kinda kiasu IMHO).

    Anyway, I won’t work so hard for this type of nutcrack, but if there’s a SONY PS4 coming out, i might want to camp outside just to be the first to get it :P

  5. cmos says:

    Harry… who?

  6. michaelooi says:

    drtan – She’s hot when compared to the rest of the wizards and kids in the movie. If you’re talking bout Hollywood in general, naahhhh. My definition of hot = Jessica Biel & Alba (coincidentally, both with the same first name) Oh yeahhh

    danielle – So did you camp with the hippies to get that book?

    normy – She’s not only rich, but filthy rich. She’s with the capital B.

    TiBuN – You already have PS3 meh? (You lucky bastardddddd!!!)

    cmon – HallyKopter.

  7. girlie says:

    must admit, I m a fan – prebook it from Amazon only to find out they are now selling it at Tesco for a fiver?! (i.e. u spent 50 quid in the store).
    Enjoyed the film, think it s the best so far.

  8. d'Fish says:

    actually tats true la. wats go great about the movie la. plain old style, wizard of oz crap. magical graphics of witches n fyling objects. nothing to learn but make u even dummer.

    at least transformers got changing robots, tats more real…. i think my car have its own life too… really la….

  9. Alexis says:

    i enjoyed the book since it first came out (when i was a kid) and i never dropped it since.nothwithstanding it’s a fantasy story with wizards and witches and a non-existent school, it has has lead to charitable purposes which cheered up many kids around the world and yes my dear…transformers and superheroes is just about as fictional as harry potter and yet u guys still enjoy it.it’s rili our preferences that matters.

  10. Alexis says:

    *it has lead to charitable purposes-typo

  11. michaelooi says:

    girlie – 50 quids! (had to look the dictionary for the meaning of ‘quid’) phuucckk! I can get a set of really good iridium spark plugs with that!

    d’fish – Ermmm… I wouldn’t compare harry pothead with transformers in terms of how educational they are…

    alexis – Well, at least we don’t camp at bookstores, elbow the disabled and pay A LOTTTT of money in the process of gratifying our desires… see? (I’m not into Transformers, btw. I’m into non-fiction stuffs.)

  12. Alexis says:

    Michael, neither do i camp at bookstores.that’s way too out for me.knowlege cannot be measured by money.oh yeah..the transformers stuff, i was referring to d’fish.

  13. michaelooi says:

    knowlege cannot be measured by money

    Wow, you sound like you’re willing to exhaust your life savings to learn something from that Dumbledoob’s (whatever) magical academy…

    [actually horrr, I can learn the same thing a few months later, free of charge, through bittorrent… the magic portal that grants us mortals the forbidden ability to download knowledge at the click of a mechatronic rodent…]

  14. Dr. Tan says:

    Wei wei! You how old I how old, wor?

  15. Han Meng says:

    I agree totally. Whats the big fuss about Harry?
    Everytime a book comes out, i will be like “Fuck, havent u caused enough havoc?”even at 13-14, when the 1st book came out. i tried reading and managed to finish. (only because mom wanted to foster some kinda fucking reading habit). found it was crap. lame storyline. the word “Magic” takes all the interest. guess there nv was a novel about magic in this generation. i believe im nv really a reader beside high “graphic” materials.
    now i see the same thing u saw.
    grown up acting like kids , wanting to get hand of the book on the 1st day. getting crazy over a kid’s dream. its sad…

    and quoted from you : (trivia: do you guys know J.K.Rowling is now one of the richest women in the entertainment industry? She’s laughing all the way to the bank now because of you Harry fucking Potter fanatics.)

    – hell yea. i still wonder how she did that.

  16. Zer0 says:

    Oo famous 5, i used to read that when i was a kid too.

    Hated harry potter the moment i heard about him. Don’t sound interesting and all the fuss about it just annoys me.

    Didn’t even bother to read or watch any of his movie until last week. Watched the latest movie, something about a phoenix i think. Hm… i still don’t like harry potter.

  17. Je5sie says:

    One thing disturbed me for this Potter-mania event recently.. I’m a Potter fans too since young, but I didn’t get crazy over it, just read and enjoy the story. But this is the final book, so I pre-booked it. And guess what, they have this price war…Carrefour, MPH… and now MPH gives 25% discount.. Why must they have such an ugly marketing war? Spoil the mood man…

  18. Danielle says:

    Nope I did the smart thing and got an ebook for myself to read. :D

  19. cibol says:

    haven’t watch it, not going to watch it .. my movie day is done .. till 2009 for a transformers sequel

  20. sleepiekoala says:

    definitely kid stuff…my 8 years old finished reading it the same day she got it….she also finished reading the first 6 books in less than 6 weeks when she was just 6…the dad downloaded a copy and was competing with her to see who would finish first…in the end, daddy lost…she was 23 minutes ahead of him….muahahaha….shame on daddy!

  21. janus says:

    Well not getting into the debate on potter fans but in the end, potter did not get the girl, his best friend did! talk about real world politics :D

  22. ShaolinTiger says:

    She’s the richest women in UK too, richer than the queen.

    I stopped reading after the 4th book, the 3rd was the best – actually a decent book.

    It went seriously downhill after that.

  23. Ting Tit Lei says:

    STRIPPIOSA HORNIMAMA! *bam!* and there laid hermione, stark naked and horny as hell

  24. iwan c.m.n. says:

    1.44 mb, and less than 5 mins later, just after reading this post

    ahh.. as easy as taking your shirt off.

  25. pinksterz says:

    i am a harry fucking potter fanatics. xD

    you shud read the books cuz the movie just sux. it never does justice for rowling’s.

  26. Alexis says:

    Michael, wait till Regine grows up.and u’ll make sure she has the best of everyhthing.everything will be priceless just to see her smile.have fun in fatherhood, and u’ll understand the value of knowledge…not everything is necessarily downloadable from the net.

  27. hok-lee-puak-toh says:

    books or no books.. rowling sucked ur money faster than uncle bill!!

  28. michaelooi says:

    drtan – Emma Watson is still a jailbait… ‘lay off the weed, dude’.

    han meng – She did it with a keyboard and a figment of imagination.

    Zer0 – What sounds interesting to you then? ‘Hentai’? heeheh

    Je5sie – DrLiew has the e-book I think. Maybe you can mail him up and he’d be willing to send you a copy in exchange for a soiled underwear (hint: you can ask from your maid, he won’t know)

    danielle – That’s my kind of girl…

    cibol – So you’re a Transformer freak huh? Then what are you doing here reading a Potter post lah, kanneh

    sleepiekoala – Wah your 6 yr old hardcore lah weh. (the fastest I’ve ever finished a book was the biography of Adolf Hitler. Took me 3 months – sorry, I’m a busy+lazy guy)

    janus – I knew it!

    ST – If the queen happens to read this entry, she’s gonna fucking knight me online, no shit.

    Tit – Dude, calm down.

    iwan – Errmmm… whatthefuck? Thanks.

    pinksterz – Let’s see, I still have 2 books in progress, approximately 500 over pdf magazines, 700 over cbz/cbr comics and 35 movies… Errmmm maybe later.

    alexis – No shit not everything’s downloadable from the net, Oracle. Like now, I so want a burrito so badly that I’ll kill a dog for it. If only I can download it from the net. (abt the knowledge thing, you’re missing my point – but it’s ok)

    hok-lee-puak-toh – IF… only you buy her book. (all my uncle bill products are sponsored so… I never paid)

  29. iwan c.m.n. says:

    ahha sorry forgot to put the word “downloaded” there. 1.44 mb is the size of the harry potter pdf. Took only less than 5 minutes to download it.

  30. EinsamSoldat says:

    Hairy never interest me… i wonder where is Thompson & Dickson? 3 of them will make a good team as Tom, Dick & Hairy :P

  31. bongkersz says:

    no idea what the hype about.. *yawn.. boring…. haven’t watch or read any of the harry potter series.. so interesting meh?

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