July 20, 2007

who’s the unethical one?

I overheard Elliot bitching to Milkboy about some Taiwanese engineer who took his AC adapter to another bench this morning. (That Taiwanese guy happened to be one of my distant counterpart. An important product design guy.)

Elliot : “Mannn! This Taiwanese guy is useless and terrible! He shouldn’t have taken my AC adapter like that! I’m gonna grab it back”

Elliot then went over to the Taiwanese’ temporary workbench and frantically unplugged that AC adapter from the bench. In the process of doing that, he knocked over some of his equipment setup. That was when I yelled at him

Me : “Hey! He may be an asshole for taking your adapter, but he’s also a very important person who is capable to solve problems and useful, unlike you. So, would you please fucking mind your clumsy ass and stop wrecking other people’s stuff, ok?”

Elliot : “This is not about who is more useful… but about who is being more ethical. It’s unethical of him to take my belonging without permission.”

Yeah right, like it’s very ethical of him to wreck that Taiwanese guy’s stuff. And to add an even more ironic sense to that, I also recalled that I had just berated him yesterday for taking my stuff without permission.

Me : “Go fuck yourself, Elliot. You always take other people’s stuff without asking. Remember my HDD enclosure you’re trying to filch yesterday? Have you forgotten why I yelled at you? You shouldn’t be talking about being ‘ethical’… because it is something that yourself lack of.”

Elliot : “…”

If only I have the power to make him shove his head into his own ass…

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10 Comments to “who’s the unethical one?”

  1. megabigblur says:

    Yeah, it’s common courtesy to put people’s stuff back if you “borrow” it while they’re not around. Having to run around asking everybody “have you seen my [insert small but expensive tool here]?” is annoying.

    We tend to have a problem with people forgetting to put back the keys to various equipment rooms. Another lab in our building solved their problem by using a huge plastic fish as a keychain so you can’t put it in your pocket and go home by mistake.

  2. cmos says:

    You can do the next best thing; print a mugshot of him, crumple it up and jam the damn thing up his ass.

  3. anas says:

    if Elliot is ethical, he would’ve waited for the Taiwanese guy to come back and just ask for the return of the adaptor.

    “…frantically unplugged that AC adapter…” he was scared the taiwanese guy suddenly appears and being caught stealing back his adaptor, huh? hahaha

  4. Ting Tit Lei says:

    its like a piece of shit complainig that another piece of shit is smelly .. haha

  5. Gen says:

    hwee hwee hweee~~ what to do ler~ hwee hwee hweee~

  6. Dr. Tan says:

    *muffled* mmm fmmm mmffm mfmfmfmmfff


  7. carol says:

    ya.. the pot calling the kettle black… haha

  8. littleComma says:

    I used to work in a workplace I considered full of *uhh* weirdos but …hahhaha… think yours is even more challenging ..

  9. Feizal says:

    hahaha… you should add another link under catagory especially for Elliot!

  10. slacker says:

    haha.. this ain’t really about ethics laa.. more about silly childishness. you should ask elliott to report the taiwanese dude for disciplinary action or something..haha

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