July 18, 2007

in the news

Damn, I don’t normally do this but, I really need you guys to check out this news article out, posted in TheStar Online on 17th July 2007… Here’s the copy of the article in case the link is inaccessible… take special note on the parts highlighted in yellow…

Tuesday July 17, 2007
Beaten up over a rooster

MALACCA: Six men assaulted a 60-year-old factory boss when he tried to stop them from taking away his pet rooster.

Zinc pipe-making factory director Neo Ah Kausaid that the men kicked, punched and beat him up with sticks when he refused to let them take away his rooster, which he kept in the factory in Duyong where he worked.

Neo said he was in the factory with a customer when a man in his 20s approached him, looking for the owner around noon on Saturday.

“There had been several thefts in this area so as a precautionary measure, I said the owner was not around,” said Neo when met at the Malacca Hospital yesterday.

He said the man then left. However, when Neo went back to speak to his customer, the man suddenly rushed into the factory and grabbed one of Neo’s pet roosters nearby.

That big and brown rooster is my favourite and I rushed to stop him from taking it,” said Neo.

He said a struggle ensured and suddenly, six men appeared and attacked him with sticks.

The customer fled when he saw the attack.

Neo, who tried to fight back, said he was held back by the assailants and repeatedly beaten until a woman rushed towards the attackers, telling them to stop the beating.

She held the cock and examined it saying that it was not theirs.

“Then all of them just left without even apologising or helping me. They got into a car and on a motorcycle,” said Neo.

He said he recognised the man who had approached him as his neighbour, and that the woman who appeared later was the man’s mother.

Neo later lodged a report at the Melaka Tengah police station.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Mannnnn… [wipes tears] I found myself laughing like a jackass alone in my cubicle after reading this news article.

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18 Comments to “in the news”

  1. anas says:

    woman: let me see the cock la….eh it’s not your cock la, leave this man and his cock alone!


  2. cbljkkj says:

    Wow, didn’t know that The Star included sexual connotations in their articles LOL

  3. cmos says:

    Cocks are evil…

  4. couchwerkz says:

    hey dude……why you laff till tear laa….all woman fights over cocks laa. But to bring 6 guys up to beat another over a cock is something new!

  5. Ting Tit Lei says:


    wow… thank god his cock is safe *snigger

  6. Jase Lee says:

    Why you dirty minded…. Why didn’t you msg me earlier?

  7. cHieW says:

    ROTFLOL. Good sense on humour! Thanks for sharing.

  8. michaelooi says:

    it gives the term ‘cocksucker’ a whole brand new meaning – it’s animal cruelty!

    (even the title’s kinda funny… BEATEN UP OVER A ROOSTER! That’s like, a subtle way to describe the condition of a guy after a jacking off…)

  9. CCC says:

    Heh, I actually read that article too but I didn’t even realized it until you highlighted it….Nice….

  10. Primrose says:

    I think Steven Daniel worded it this way so that readers will either miss it or get a laugh. I am laughing now wei. And I’m at work wei. Imagine the title: Beaten up over a cock. I’m sure there will be a lot of webhits on that article. I’m going to cut that article, highlight the 2 sentences and stick it on the community board. HAHAHAHA!!!

  11. megabigblur says:

    The problem is with those fussy English teachers in school who keep telling kids to “use different words” and “stop repeating the same word”.

    Come on lah. In real life, pulling weird synonyms out of a thesaurus makes you look like a twerp, and in this case…well, it’s not weird per se but it’s the context that matters, yeah?

    She held the cock and examined it saying that it was not theirs.”
    ….the woman who appeared later was the man’s mother.

    I don’t wanna know how come the mother knew what his cock looks like…

  12. Suessy says:

    Michael did it again! Sounds like a headline? Yes it is in my book.

    Jalan2 here for awhile, want to take a lil break in between, and reading anything here is superbetter.

    You made this piece of article super-interesthink. Super as in the magnitude of the parts you highlighted in red. Fancy finding it in local news, yes?

  13. michaelooi says:

    CCC – You must read between the lines maa…

    Primrose / Suessy – Cock makes you girls excited eh?

    megabigblur – theirs. That means, the mother not only knew how her son’s cock looked like, but also his cronies’ as well. Ahaks!

  14. Suessy says:

    owh cummone… it can’t be that obvious …

  15. zewt says:


  16. His name is Neo! He is the Chosen One!

  17. SPF 88 says:

    OMG now chosen one pulak! hahahahahaha!!!

  18. babyfiona says:

    Big Brown cock somemore! LOLS!

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