July 17, 2007

macho man

Remember I once said that my neighborhood consists of social degenerates and inconsiderate schmucks? Well, I was proven right again in the past weekend.

One of the tenants from the opposite block parked his pickup truck right in the middle of the apartment compound entrance and bolted off on feet to somewhere. As a result of that, the rest of the residents in the area were unable to drive into the apartment compound through that entrance. It was later learned that the guy did that deliberately as a protest against the management’s action against him for defaulting the payment of the apartment maintenance/service fee.

That’s right. As hard-to-believe as it may sound to you, the guy did that despite of being the guilty one. The motherfucker hasn’t been paying his maintenance/service fee for 6 months, and because of that, the management rightfully deactivated his electronic access card to the apartment compound (we have an automatic pole-gate restricting vehicle access due to limited parking space) – that was why he flipped out. When he couldn’t get the gate to open, he decided to leave his vehicle right at that very spot and went home pretending like nothing happened.

I can’t help but wonder, what was this guy thinking… When he left his vehicle to obstruct the entrance, what was he expecting out of the act? That it would pique the public attention that he was being “unfairly treated” and then have his card access reinstated? Or was he expecting something bigger… like broadcasting to the neighborhood that he is a heck of a mean ass macho guy and no one should fuck with him about not paying up his maintenance/service fee?

Nobody knew what was on his mind. Perhaps he himself didn’t know either – for later he learned himself the hard way, that the decision to leave his truck at the entrance was downright stupid and uncalled for. He was later made to haul his sorry ass down from his apartment, rather embarrassingly, to move his truck by a couple of policemen, which he complied like a cheap desperate cocksucking whore…

Had he chosen to settle the matter amicably, like pony up the sum to get back his access instead of acting like a total dick, he probably would have avoided such outcome. So, he was kinda like smearing shit all over himself, himself – because now everyone knows he was the cheap asshole who defaulted the maintenance fee, inconsiderately parked his truck to obstruct traffic and chickened out when the police was summoned. He got the attention alright, though not very much the way he had hoped to be.

I was thinking, it probably would have been better if he retained the macho profile and rebelled when he got confronted by the policemen… you know, so that it warrants for the opportunity to shoot him instead. People like him should just fucking die…

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13 Comments to “macho man”

  1. Dr. Tan says:

    die… under a hail of bullets.

  2. Ting Tit Lei says:

    ah… when you said that he learned it the hard way i thought he was clubbed with a baton or something haha.. but embarrassing him should be good enough though

  3. lifesux says:

    lolll… he must be those typical chinese… not really educated type huh?

  4. cbljkkj says:

    The world today and the people who inhabit it… Like the old saying goes, sometimes you just gotta let’ em learn all by themselves.

    I myself facing hecklers and forum trolls over at Paultan.org. Such a great blog but overrun by these annoying Proton trolls and racist nutjobs.

    One example I can relate to your story is that once, someone parked in front of my home restricting me from access to the front gate.

    Since I was going in to pick something up and not planning to return till late, I allowed some leeway and placed a polite note on his/her windshield so they would not park there next time/ be considerate as well.

    When I came home, I found that someone had thrown a very large rock at my home windows. These are times when you have to stop being nice and courteous to other people.

  5. Sunshine says:

    What an idiot neighbour you have there.

  6. jusoh says:

    alamak! why must the police first lah??? you can ambil duit syiling and kasi calar his car first maaa… then baru you all call the police lah.
    what a waste!

  7. MT says:

    What a pathetically stupid ma’fucker! I really HATE people like this! Want to act all macho and shit even though they are in the wrong! I’ve met shitheads like this when I was working in a restaurant. Dia salah order tapi blame us, the waiters! Then, eat three quarters but don’t want to pay! Pukimak betul… :evil:

    This kinda reminds me of your taxi guy incident Mike. Another arrogant fuck who thought he could act all macho and scare people, but when someone (you) stood up to him, he ran away like a little bitch…

  8. michaelooi says:

    dr.tan – I certainly hope that you’re not referring to moi, friend…

    tit – If we’re living in 2 blocks of caves and wearing animal furs, yeah… clubbing him would be apt.

    lifesux – Not too sure bout that. Educated people nowadays also look more or less the same like illiterates…

    cblkkj – Ahh… Paultan’s site… Proton fanboys. Bunch of shitbags. Believe it or not, I’m still getting site hits from Paultan’s site over my remarks about Savvy sucks donkey cock. All you can do is ignore these people… they’re not worth the attention…

    sunshine – Sorry, not just one. Many. Read past entries…

    jusoh – I’m not involved in the confrontation ler. I’m just another concerned resident. But then, if you’re into vehicular vandalism, allow me to give you a new tip — keying the paintwork is lame. The next time you wanna do that, consider giving the tire a good shred with a penknife instead. :)

    MT – The taxi guy incident was just one of it. I’ve once encountered a Malay chap who jumped queue in front of me at my workplace cafeteria. When I asked him “You bodoh ke?”, he was stunned and left the place. The guy came back later with his bunch of buddies behind him, and stood in front of me giving me the bad guy look. But I was waayyyy taller and bigger than him… to which, he then realized I’m not backing up… and aborted his mission to be nasty like chicken shit. His buddies laughed square at his face. I was cool all the way.

  9. anas says:

    living in a condo, parking is at a premium, yet some assholes do take up a lot of space when parking their car, especially parallel parking, like they take two parking lots to park their car, leaving a big gap between cars so they can get out easily (but not big enough for other cars to park). damn if you can’t parallel park, don’t drive la.

  10. TiBuN says:

    You live in a very bad neighbourhood… so many different types of a$$holes there, I read your blog also found some already… sigh

  11. mott says:

    Aiyo, live in condo got parking problem, live in landed property, also got parking problem.

    But seriously, if I were in some sort of “emergency” (yes..like want to shit real bad), I woulda pang-sai-ed in his pick up truck. of course, I’ll cover myself first la…I am a lady mah….! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    Don’t ever get in the way of a person who needs to do No.2 real bad!

  12. EinsamSoldat says:

    haha…. i was thinking y not chew a bubble gum then smear it in the windscreen and places with mirror :P

  13. Dr. Tan says:

    Hah not you lah dei! I continue from where you left off.

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