June 28, 2007

the girl’s leaving

Tomorrow will be the new girl engineer’s last working day at Company X. Paul (my boss) didn’t want to confirm her employment after her temp contract expired, so… she’s out.

Paul did not specifically give any reason for her dismissal but, I kinda know… that his decision was influenced by 2 factors :
– some political shit that has been going on in the department.
– the girl engineer’s gross incompetency

I do not exactly know much about the ‘political shit’ myself so, I have to leave it at that. As for the second point, it is widely observable that the girl hasn’t been performing well under my tutelage. After 2 months exposing her to various practical work and process know how’s, she was still pretty much as clueless as she was when she came to work on the first day. She was like… slacked in all the basic traits one expected to be an engineer.

Doesn’t talk a lot. Doesn’t probe. Doesn’t ask. She’s just there watching… a lot of watching, no work, no interaction, and plenty of sms to the outside world (while at work)… Hence it is only logical that anyone with a sane mind refuses to retain her in an organization. So, Paul did the right thing. (it’s better to rid of her at this stage before she gets terminal like Panda…)

None of us would miss her, except for perhaps Milkboy, whom I think has developed somekind of an infatuation for her… too bad for him. Looks like he’ll have to continue choking his own chicken for a loooooong looooong time before he meets another potential mate…

I’ll probably make a few pointers in my next few posts, on job expectations and stuff like that – something that probably might be of use to those of you who have yet to tread into the realms of corporate worklife… (I’ve been so fucking busy lately that I had to reduce my posting frequency in this blog…)

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24 Comments to “the girl’s leaving”

  1. Little Ray says:

    Whoa, looking forward to the next few posts. Can’t wait. heh

  2. cmos says:

    Another one bites the dust… **Freddy butt wiggle**

  3. megabigblur says:

    The thing about starting in a technical job as a new person is that asking questions and trying your hand at new techniques is critical. I don’t care what her excuse is…even if it’s “I’m shy”, that’s still not valid, if you can’t make an effort to learn you’re not going to be good at whatever it is. I’m the youngest graduate student in my lab and sometimes I’m afraid of driving our senior scientist crazy with too many support questions…but i figure it’s better than sitting there like an idiot until my boss asks “So what have you been doing…?”

  4. d'Fish says:

    why micheal…you got something going on with ‘the girl’ is it….. hmmmm, ok ok dont try to hide it k, i know you know la…

  5. seremban engineer says:

    Why the local Universities always output such clueless graduate? What they did in the past 3-4 years during the Uni’ life?

  6. Dr. Tan says:

    Poor her. I’ll miss her.

    XOXO Milkboy.

    ps – I am posting on behalf of Milkboy since Company X has blocked out Mike’s blog.

  7. vincent says:

    Good for Company X. More companies (and bosses) should have the balls to do that.

    Now, I have to really really disagree with that MegaBigBlur dude in the comments above. I HATE my junior engineers bugging me with all sorts of questions.

    You’re an engineer, dammit. Having an inquisitive trait does not mean you go around asking questions, expecting people to spoonfeed you the answers. You do things, you try things, you read up on it….and only then if you don’t understand then you ask.

    One good question is always better than 10 stupid ones. Asking 10 stupid questions is not an indication of an inquisitive person – it is an indication of a clueless, lazy person that couldn’t be bothered to do his own research

  8. mott says:

    the following is said under a barrage of coughs
    *cough cough cough cough ushuddagivenheroneheckofayelling cough cough cough*

  9. michaelooi says:

    little ray – Just wait

    cmos – She’s just leaving, not dying lah

    megabigblur – I generally think that it’s good to ask questions…

    d’fish – Errmmm, dude… are you still a teenager?

    seremban – I’ve no idea dude.

    DrTan – So that officially makes Milkboy a hetero eh?

    vincent – The older and smarter you get, the more you’re gonna get annoyed with people asking questions. That’s why old people are difficult to deal with… old people like me. No shit dude.

    mott – *cough* she’s *cough* a *cough* female *cough*.

  10. Primrose says:

    Graduates nowadays useless ler… that’s why my job’s to re-skill grads. Can you believe it? Re-skilling?? Sigh. Psst! If I go under your tutelage, you think can perform or not? Better than Panda lor, hoh?

  11. michaelooi says:

    it depends on what kind of “tutelage” that you’re referring to, my young lady… ahaks

  12. jusoh says:

    i think for seremban engineer to say something like all local uni grads are all clueless is a bit unfair. maybe they are not that good in english conversation but they are not that clueless!

    actually for the first year working with international company, i just barely can communicate with other colleagues (even now, my english is just cukup makan only for technical writing. i still not figure out how my previous boss made a decision to hire me actually). but now, as one of the senior persons my company, i somehow think that the students (not all yeaa) from oversea are full of craps as well. the worse part is that their communication skill is excellent (of course good in tai chi) but cant do anything!

  13. Je5sie says:

    I’m a local engineering graduate too. How can you guys labeled ALL local grads that way? Though I agree some of the graduates are too academic-oriented but it’s too harsh to say all of us are useless or clueless. Anyone realize that our government education system is not effective? We do not have enough exposure to practical stuff and they make CGPA such an important issue. I’m sure many of you guys come from government secondary schools previously, recall how important is those A’s in your PMR/SPM/STPM cert? It’s just the same concept brought forward to universities. As if getting first class is more important than soft skills and actually learning the technical knowledges. What do you expect from us when we’re cultivated to have such approach in studies since young? Blame the government not us, I believe many uni graduates are starting to realize this and I hope people out there do not kill our intentions to change for good.

  14. seremban engineer says:

    Jusoh- Do you know what the word “such” means? Such does not mean all. Don’t accuse me. :) This is very obviously that you must improve your english a lot.

  15. michaelooi says:

    jusoh / je5sie – Of course, not ALL the grads are useless. If they are, we’d all be heading for bigass shit hole right now.

    It takes a little bit of common sense to think about that – that when people say “fresh grads nowadays”, it means “quite a significant number of them”.

    Just chill.

  16. Je5sie says:

    I’m just curious why people (especially seremban engineer) compare local grads and oversea grads this way. As many knows, it’s the attitude of the person matters. NOT where he/she graduated. The girl from your firm got fired because of her personal attitude problem, not related to local graduates at any cost! Puhleasee… Give us some respect.

  17. michaelooi says:

    Je5sie – Take criticisms with a pinch of salt. Take a deep breath and relax.
    What ‘seremban engineer’ said is just his opinion. It’s alright to have an opinion.

    (btw, I’m a local grad too… but I know I’m heaps better than a lot of overseas grads – take Mojo Jojo for example… see?)

  18. seremban engineer says:

    Always take criticisms with a pinch of salt. Unbelievable, I gained some worthy from Michael’s blog. Thank you. Xie Xie. Kum Sia. Arigato. Toll Jie. p/s: I’m local grad three. :)

  19. megabigblur says:

    I’m a chick not a dude =) And I’m actually a biologist…my comment was with regard to technical jobs in general.

    And I do agree with you – it’s my own responsibility to look up protocols and whatnot…but sometimes there are things that the textbooks and manuals don’t say and that’s when I have to ask.

    You’re right that “One good question is always better than 10 stupid ones.” but Mike also mentioned that the girl “Doesn’t talk a lot. Doesn’t probe. Doesn’t ask.” Getting help from more experienced ppl is part of the learning process.

  20. bongkersz says:

    no mercy. sack the dumb ass! period. local grad or not, who cares? hehe by the way i’m local grad also bwahahaha!

  21. deriku says:

    So when’s your next post? Anything to move up the corporate ladder haha.

  22. michaelooi says:

    I have it all in my mind now. It’s all sporadic. Need to piece them together into a post. Gotta do that sometime man… been so busy…

  23. b0fh says:

    I agree with Vincent. Remember, there are no stupid questions, only stupid people.

    Oh yeah, ignorance can be cured, but stupidity is forever.

  24. EinsamSoldat says:

    Too bad… is she a freshie ? If yes, it is possible that they are too delusion and conceited that after finish and gets a degree, will get high pay and easy work . I seen alot of these types nowadays :S

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