June 20, 2007

the gay way of the animals

Overheard this dialog between Milkboy and Elliot, while I was at my workbench… (it’s in Hokkien)

Milkboy : “Ah Seng ah… lu oo Lawlen eh tenwah boh?
(translation: “Elliot… do you have Lawlen’s phone number?”)

Elliot : “Tan chek… wa choi khua…
(translation: “Wait… let me check…”)

A good 10 seconds later…

Elliot : “Nah… ” [hands Milkboy his phone]
(translation: “There…” [hands Milkboy his phone])

Upon seeing what was displayed on Elliot’s phone, Milkboy erupted into a very gayish laughter…

Milkboy : “Eheee hee heee! Wa ai Lawlen eh tenwah lah! Mm si Lehlen eh lah! Eheee hee hee
(translation: “Eheee hee heee! I actually want Lawlen’s phone number… not Lehlen’s! Eheee hee hee”)

Elliot caught the mirthful banter and followed suit by reciprocating an even more gayish half snort half remark

Milkboy : “Oh, hweee hwee hweee! Lawlen si boh? Wa thia tiok Lehlen… hwee hwee hweee” –> I fucking swear, that’s how he laughed…
(translation: “Oh, hweee hwee hweee! Lawlen’s phone number is it? I thought you said Lehlen… hwee hwee hweee”)

Their hormonal frequency resonating each other’s… and then both of them laughed together, like retarded gay twerps.

When stupid people behave like they’re so gay like that, the combination can be so damn fucking frightening. I shudder at the very thought that these 2 must be licking and fingering each other’s anus when nobody’s around, and then to use the same fingers to hold the communal probes used in our lab…eeeeyikess!

(For your information, the 2 pajandrums mentioned in the conversation – ‘Lawlen’ & ‘Lehlen’ – were actually ‘Lawrence’ and ‘Darren’ respectively. Yes, they have problems with their tongue. Probably due to the toxicity of their anus discharge or whatever unclean object lodged in between…)

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12 Comments to “the gay way of the animals”

  1. dragonfish says:

    wey…why suddenly got gay story la. U not getting enough is it? hehe. Sick la u bro. funny oso.

  2. Adrian says:

    Hahahaha! Some idiot just cannot pronounce properly! Darren will probably sound like “da ren” (big man) to them.

  3. cmos says:

    Oh boy… I could have sworn you have beng-ified versions of Ennis and Jack in your office…

  4. MOOt-lei says:

    ahahahha that is damn gross wtf

  5. bongkersz says:

    bwahahahahahaha! i can’t believe you just sit there listen to the whole conversation :D

  6. TiBuN says:

    So what do they call u?
    – Mai kheeer?
    – Maic?
    – Mai kai? :)

  7. mott says:

    ..”hwee hwee hwee”…

    did they really laugh like that?

  8. megabigblur says:

    Hokkien lesson for the day…nice.

  9. michaelooi says:

    dragonfish – I can shut my eyes and I can bate my breath, but I definitely cannot block my ears, right?

    adrian – They aren’t being idiots by having pronunciation issues (although they’re really idiots)… I think it’s the education thingy. They’re so used to speaking dialects and Chinese, that they’re having a hard time rolling their tongue. (that’s why most Chinese ed are bad kissers)

    cmos – Errr, Ennis and Jack? Never heard of it.

    MOOt-lei – Yeah it was.

    bongkersz – See my reply to dragonfish.

    TiBuN – They dare not to mess with me, cucumber. That’s because I am such a mean ass motherfucker.

    mott – For Elliot, yeah.

    megabigblur – You don’t speak Hokkien?

  10. Zer0 says:

    *shivers* damn gayyy..

    i won’t be surprised if they were actually doing those stuff in ur office lol. Laughing like that out of nothing…yerrr…

  11. It is just a joke in a sence of good fellowship. Some of my friends’ gay-ness reaches the stage of touching another male friend’s chest, but we all know for sure that he is crazy for girls. Doesn’t it seem obvious that it was all faked?

  12. einsamsoldat says:

    now, I start to see your anguish and agony to have such aquintance in the office, sharing the same working and breathing space… I feel for you.

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