June 7, 2007

my little girl turns 1 today

regine ooi

I asked her – “Who’s the ‘clever girl’?”

Almost like a reflex, she conveniently poked her chubby cheek with her little index and looked squarely at me in the face – as if I’ve asked her a really really stupid question and made an ass out of myself.

She sure has grown a lot.

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28 Comments to “my little girl turns 1 today”

  1. Little Ray says:

    That’s a big bike she has there :P

  2. seremban engineer says:

    happy birthday regine !!!

  3. kimberlycun says:

    awww..happy birthday to regine! that’s a coolass bike!

  4. feizal says:

    Wonderful news! Happy birthday Regine!

  5. mikelee says:

    That’s one cool hot chick on a bike! Happy Birthday, Regine!

  6. Gen says:

    Happy birthday Regine! daddys one happy man!

  7. ange says:

    she is sooo pretty!! can see the lil teeth already. soon she’ll be gnawing on your finger with that :)

  8. ShaolinTiger says:


    And happy birthday to her.

  9. Je5sie says:

    Happy Birthday lil Regine! What a cool bike you have!! Get her a baby sunglasses and snap a picture on this bike? Hehe..

  10. jeez says:

    wow…i still can recall clearly how i followed your ‘kan cheong’ chronology on the day regine was born last yr(not to mention i was actually having exams that month). ah, time flies…btw,happy birthday regine!

  11. jusoh says:

    One year old already???
    Quick, please find one box of crayon fast to this cutie regine! from the given picture, uncle can see regine’s house got a lot of empty wall (+empty floor +tv without any picture on it!!!). regine must learn to write and draw fast, or else papa/mommy cannot send regine to university in this coming few years more.

  12. bongkersz says:

    happy birthday happy birthday regine ooi :) what papa mike got her for birthday present? ahaks!

  13. Adrian says:

    You did ask the stupid question and made an ass out of yourself!

    By the way, she’s gorgeous!

  14. mott says:

    Phooo..love those michelin thighs!!!

    happy burpin day lil one!

    pssst..yo daddy sure asks the dumbest questions huh?


  15. Rabbit says:

    SO cute! Happy birthday Regine!

  16. Little Ray says:

    Did I forget to wish her for her birthday? Happy Birthday, Regine =)

  17. Dr. Tan says:

    Ahhh~~~ Kawaii desu yamaha chotto matte mitsubishi whatthefarku.

    Grats boss! Send my regards to Emily.

  18. xes says:


    and happy bday Regina :D

  19. michaelooi says:

    Thanks guys. I’m sure Regine will be thrilled reading your wishes someday when she’s able to read… ahaks

  20. megabigblur says:

    Does she actually know how to pedal that thing already?

  21. michaelooi says:

    megabigblur – No lah. You see that handle thing behind her seat? That’s for us to steer her handles and push her around. So, she’d just sit there like a samseng and enjoy life.

  22. Sooi2 says:

    seems just like yesterday when “Regine says hi to the world” !

    she’s quite a big girl isnt she? on the 97th percentile in her growth chart?

    happy birthday u little cutie!

  23. vincent says:

    One year already!?!?

    Time flies! Happy Birthday Regine!

  24. MOOt-lei says:

    awwwwwww she’s so adorable!! happy going places with that bike regine!

  25. tEo says:

    Oops…i’m late!
    Happy belated birthday, Regine! *muacks*

  26. san says:

    oo happy birthday regine!! u must be proud of her and im sure she’ll be proud of her dad too when she grows up :D

  27. Eng says:

    valentino rossi jr.!

  28. Primrose says:

    Wow, has that been a year already? My, she *has* grown. :) Hope there’s a whole big (photo) album on her 1st birthday!! Cheeky Birthday, Regine…

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