May 21, 2007

missing something

I was having lunch at a restaurant and saw this loner lanky guy flagged the waitress over. The guy looked like he was unhappy about something and was ready to make a hell of an issue out of it.

Guy : “You forgot something. There’s something missing here. Can you spot it?” [extremely pissed look]

He spoke in a monotonous and bassy loud tone, that reverberated across the small interior of the cozy restaurant. The waitress stood in front of him dumbfucked and unable to figure out what was wrong with his order. He had a bowl of curry and a plate of rice – the exact order that he wanted and they were all there, served. She couldn’t spot anything wrong there. So the puzzled waitress did what any normal people like you and me would have done, she politely asked him what was missing. But instead of telling her that, the guy went spontaneous combustion and yelled at the waitress…

Guy: “Can’t you see for yourself?? You forgot something and you don’t know it!? I demand to speak to your manager!”

Feeling like she had just been cummed on the face by a total mean ass stranger, the freaked out and embarrassed waitress summoned her supervisor to the scene…

Supervisor : “Sorry mister, may I know what’s the problem here?”

Guy : “There’s something wrong with my order here, can you spot it?”

Supervisor : “Errr, what is it mister?”

Guy : “Can’t you see it?? This bowl of curry here!! Look carefully!” [point point]

Supervisor : [carefully looks at the bowl of curry like it’s a naked Norwegian model…]

Supervisor couldn’t figure it out either. Tension mounted and everyone could feel it in the air, including me on the opposite table. We got a piss mad customer quizzing 2 restaurant employees about his apparent missing ‘something’ in his bowl of curry… and nobody could figure it out. The pissed guy went even more pissed and yelled louder

Guy : “The ladle! You didn’t give me a goddamn ladle!! How am I going to scoop my curry without the ladle!?”

I was like, WTF!? all that drama for a fucking ladle!? If there were to be such a thing as the king of all assholes, this guy has got to be most prospective candidate. I mean, if he wanted a ladle, he could have just asked for it, right? But no. He had to yell and make someone’s life miserable just to satisfy his unscrupulous desire for a least important thing – like a missing ladle for his fucking bowl of curry.

That asshole was sure lucky that the supervisor wasn’t the kind of tough bitch that would have his ribs for breakfast. She just apologized, delivered him his fucking ladle and called it a bad experience. Have to give her the credit for that. If it were to be me, I would most probably shouted back at that asshole, or at least give him a ladle that has scraped the dead cells under my balls (to add taste to his curry for being such a veritable asshole).

I later conveyed my sympathy to the supervisor after the asshole left – it turned out that the guy has been quite a regular customer to that premise as of late and been ordering the same stuff. The supervisor also added that they have all along been serving him his curry without a ladle (they didn’t see it as necessary since he dines alone) and he has no issue about it until that day. Mental breakdown perhaps.

Here’s a snapshot of that asshole doing his bowl of curry (already with a ladle as you can see) and rice. Excuse me for the quality for it was taken with a phone camera over Emily’s shoulder.

uber asshole

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31 Comments to “missing something”

  1. bongkersz says:

    wah fark, this kind of asshole should be stucked with a ladle up his asshole..

  2. MT says:

    Similar experience… I worked as a waiter once after SPM (waiting for uni place la). This bastard of a Mat Salleh came in and asked me for water. At the time, there were only 2 of us serving about 20 tables, so it took me some time to get him the order (+- 5 minutes la). It wasn’t like he didn’t have a drink or something. But when I passed him, he stood up and shouted “WHERE’S MY WATER YOU FUCKING IDIOT?!” :| Keep quiet and give it to him loh.. What else to do?

    By the way, it DOESN’T pay to be rude to waiters… Ever heard of steak football? ;)

  3. Good Lord, Michael. You really have a way with words, you know that?

  4. Little Ray says:

    He looked rather sick. Sick in his mind, I mean.

  5. anas says:

    hoh, all that fuss for a fucking ladle? next time they should serve him an empty bowl, no curry…hahaha

  6. mikelee says:

    I guess this asshole is in the bad mood and just want to release it to someone. The waitress should have added something onto the ladle before placing it into the bowl of curry. :)

  7. Arkane says:

    He must be one of the asshole “manager” types (or manager wannabe). Likes to put others down just so that he could show off his superiority, or lack of it thereof.

  8. Adrian says:

    He looks troubled to me. Well, maybe he had a bad day, or bad hair day. Who knows? But all the fuss for one damn ladle is just unreasonable. And you were using Emily as a shield to take photo! If he noticed you taking the photo, he might throw the bowl of curry to you and Emily will be your shield.

    Damn, you are really ONLY 62% evil :P

  9. michaelooi says:

    bongkersz – The ladle AND the fucking bowl of curry.

    MT – Never actually seen one but, I think I know ‘steak football’. I’d also like to correct your statement – it doesn’t pay to be rude to ANYONE who’s about to serve your food. I myself did somethign like that before – read my entry about my volleyball team…

    angry medic – Errmmm what way ler…

    little ray – Yeah, he looks a little bit like a chicken embryo…

    anas – They should serve him a kick in the face. That’s what he deserves…

    mikelee – They probably did, who knows…

    arkane – He doesn’t look like a manager to me (despite the long sleeve shirt). He was with a pair of Tat Seng japanese slipper down there…

    adrian – Hey! That’s not trueee… I may not be the best behaving kid in town but, I’d never do something like that to my wife, ok? Aisehman.

  10. MT says:

    Mike… You damn right about the whole “don’t be rude to ANYONE” bit la… At least you used drain water… Me and another 2 guys got some revenge on a rude asshole friend by peeing in a beer mug, topping it off with beer and giving it to him. The fella remarked there was something wrong with the beer. We told him we mixed chinese tea, salt n pepper into it… He bought it! Idiot downed the whole damned mug! :lol:

    Hmmmm… Lets see… We did “steak football,” “Leftover liquids curry laksa,” “Piss beer, “Ajinomoto with rice flavour” and much more… I almost pity the customers who were rude to us… NOT!

  11. vincent says:

    This is where I like the orang putih way of doing things…

    “Scuse me SIR, but we do not wish to serve you and would like to ask you to leave”

    Screw the rule about customer being right. Your business won’t go bankrupt if he boycotted your restaurant.

  12. MT says:

    Hmmmph… You wanna talk about restaurant related horror stories, I got many la… In Starbucks, Ikano Power Centre, I once saw this bastard feeding his dog his drink…. straight from the coffee mug!!!

    When the barrista (A friend of mine) told him to stop doing that, the fella got all defensive! Said “So what?! You can wash the mug right?!” My friend got damn pissed off and asked him “Sir, if I shit in a cup, then wash it clean, then serve you your drink in that cup, will you drink it?!” The fella got damn pissed and started shouting. But by that time, a small crowd had gathered around him. The fella panic and ciao la!

    What a bastard….. :|

  13. Dr. Tan says:

    Mmm.. What an asshole.

    Er Vincent, do they actually do that?

  14. Silencers says:

    Gee. Must use ladle to scoop curry meh? Kenot use spoon to scoop isit? I wonder if he left his brain at home or something.

  15. Jase Lee says:

    Either his husband/boyfriend not giving him the ladle during the ‘yoga’ session. Perhaps he is in need for a fix.

  16. megabigblur says:

    @vincent: Actually, you’re wrong about the “orang putih way”. Because in this country it’s practically obligatory to tip, it’s actually legal for restaurant owners to pay their waiters/waitresses less than the fixed minimum wage (in the US). That means that the staff have to kiss ass to the customers otherwise they don’t get tips and starve.

    Read…it’s the blog of a waiter in NYC.

  17. mott says:

    poor guy.

    he musta have had a really bad day. perhaps his wife/gf/bf didn’t spoon him enough?

  18. michaelooi says:

    MT – I fucking knew it. Intern waiters are never good. Thanks for the revelation man.

    vincent – But they only do that if the customer poses a threat to other patrons or the restaurant workers, right?

    DrTan – They only do that for extreme cases. “Sir, I’ll have to ask you leave immediately. Or I’m gonna fucking call the police”.

    Silencers – That’s the whole idea. Cannot use spoon meh? That’s why he’s a fucking asshole.

    Jase Lee – Use the ladle for yoga? Wow. You use that on Sharleen? *runs away*

    megabigblur – He’d give the ‘thousand yard waiter stare’… hahah. He’s a good writer.

    mott – I don’t know dude, and I don’t wanna find out. It’s much easier to assume that he’s an asshole and we all hate him for a reason.

  19. dragonfish says:

    He’s damn f**king lucky I’m not the waiter. He would have got his ladle all the way up his ass! Customer or not, you dont go screaming like its your father’s house.

    This are the kinda people didnt go to school or was abuse by their parents when he was young, i guess. How oso, hope I see him someday….

  20. dragonfish says:

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  21. vincent says:

    Dunno about the Yanks, but I’ve seen the Brits do it.

    You can’t scream at anybody. They have the right to refuse service. And its not just the restaurant business, its the whole service industry. Even on buses they have signs that say something like, “Our drivers have the right to work in a hostile-free environment. We will prosecute unruly passengers”

  22. dwayne foong says:

    i wondered what he’ll become if the waiter/supervisor is mike!

  23. MT says:

    Mike… Well, not really because those games were invented by the “senior” kitchen staff. When you’re a noob, you just play along. But you are right though about the whole intern thing, especially the ones working at banquets/ dinners.

    Here’s some free advice to all here; DO NOT drink that orange/ sirap/ etc on the table! Chances are, its mixed by hand… Literally, as in put hand into pail and swirl the drink around, or its mixed with spit and god knows what else. Apparently, its the waiters’ way of getting revenge on the “rich” people at the event… Go figure. I never worked banquets; these are stories I heard from the other staff.

    And yeah, the Brit refusing service thing is true, but you can find it here also. My manager once refused “Miss Ning” and her mate because they insisted on smoking at the non-smoking area. He asked her to leave! She was all like “Do you know who I am?!” and he said “Yeah I know. Now go!” :lol:

  24. michaelooi says:

    dragonfish – It cost less than 40 bucks per annum to get your own domain. Quite cheap. It’s the hosting service that’s pricey (standard one would probably cost you a couple hundred bucks per annum. Mine’s free, because I’m happening… oh yeah)

    vincent – I somehow don’t like the Brits. Especially those Indian immigrants there. So fucking full of shit.

    dwayne – He’d get food poisoning the following evening.

    MT – Serves those teetotalers right, I’d say. Like, who in their right mind drinks orange / sirap / etc at a banquet?

  25. Din says:

    The Bastard! Ptui!

  26. Primrose says:

    Wah, curry only ma. Cannot slurp meh? Suits his image more rather than using ladle wor. Wah, like this also sempat take picture of him ah? Lucky he didn’t know. If not ………

  27. xes says:

    MT: From today onwards, I shall not drink orange juice during wedding dinners.

  28. sasha says:

    Muahaha u actually took his picture!

  29. EinsamSoldat says:

    1 free kari mee kangkang should be offered to that bastard :D

  30. Val says:

    Sheessshh! He’s lucky the waitress wasn’t me. I would have put UHU gam onto his ladle for him to glue his mouth shut forever more! What a stuck up piece of shit!

  31. TyplotioN says:

    next time throw the goddamn used sanitary pad into a bowl of hot water and serve it as tomato soup XD

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