May 18, 2007

the workshop admin

I was at this workshop waiting for my car to be serviced. Knowing that the whole thing might take quite a while to complete, I made myself comfortable at a couch inside an air-conditioned waiting room, which was right next to the workshop admin’s desk.

I flipped through a couple of magazines to kill some time, but eventually, bored down to doing nothing after that. That was when I shifted my attention to the admin (about 8 – 9 feet away), a mediocre looking lass in her early 20s. She had tiny tits and her ass wasn’t all that glorious, but I ogled at her anyway (I was bored, so it was acceptable…)

Nothing interesting happened for the first few minutes or so, until she squatted down to rummage for something in her lower drawer – that was when I caught a full glimpse of her tushy (she was wearing this really low slung pants, you see), which was full of what seemed to be like some sort of sores or blisters… as if she has coxsackie virus specifically attacking her at the posterior region. There were blisters all over her fucking ass. (well, technically, I only saw 40% of her ass… but I am confident that that her whole ass was infected)

I was like “OMFG”, like, what the fuck is wrong with her… why would she wear something like this to work. This is not the kind of stuff that people want to be shown in public. This is totally unlike tattoos or piercings. This is skin disease, goddamnit. Why would anyone want to parade around showing off their leprosy ass? I felt disturbed by the grisly sight and changed to look somewhere to save myself some trauma.

About 10 minutes later, Leper Girl started to act weird. I wasn’t looking at her but, I spotted her at the corner of my eyes. (we guys have wide-angle sight. I could be standing half feet in front of your face, but I can still see your tits at the same time. Believe it girls.) It was the kind of ‘on the lookout’ behavior that we guys normally do, whenever we want to take a piss into a drain. That was why I knew she was up to something no good.

Sure enough, after gotten the assurance that I ‘wasn’t looking’, she whipped out a small container of ointment, gouged a dollop of it with her index finger and began to rub vigorously on her ass. (I reckon that must be some antiseptic cream for her coxsackie rash). It was both funny and gross for me at the same time. Like, how often do you see a total stranger chick digging at her own ass applying cream on her apparent skin condition in front of you? I shit you not, I was almost at the verge of jumping out with my phone camera to capture that golden moment for my blog – but I wasn’t confident that my camera’s able to fire a shot fast enough before she shrieks and covers up.

So all that while, I was stifling not to give myself away. The hardest part was when I was asked by that Leper Girl to settle the bill for my car. Not wanting to touch anything that she had touched before, I opted to pay cash, but only to realize that I didn’t have enough. So I had no choice but to pay by card. Witnessing my card being ravaged by her contaminated fingers was the most uncool thing ever. (of course, I immediately washed my hands with an antiseptic soap when I got home. I probably need to disinfect the whole interior of my car as well…)

So the next time you think of whiffing your ringgit notes or picking your teeth with a credit card, think twice before you do it. You’ll never know what might end up inside your mouth…

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18 Comments to “the workshop admin”

  1. Je5sie says:

    Gross, I mean why can’t she picks up her infected butt to do the oilment thing in the toilet?! Puhleaseeee… But let’s think in her shoes, it must be agony to sit on that butt. Wait, since her butt is infected, please wear something decent lah! Aish….

  2. Little Ray says:

    Ugh, must be tough on you. Heh.

  3. dwayne foong says:

    omg, that’s disgusting!

  4. tyra says:

    u must be kidding rite?..OMG!!!!

  5. Unladen Swallow says:

    Aw fuck! I was eating breakfast there! Put a warning next time!

  6. Arkane says:

    If you had given cash, she would have given you contaminated change, if you paid by card, it gets contaminated. no win situation.

  7. anas says:

    uh, another trauma for you, just like the time you and your friends witnessed a guy jacking off near the field…hehe

  8. Dr. Tan says:

    Man, I bet she doesn’t get anal-ed. Hahahah.

    Imagine she and the boy friend getting cuddly, then going on to doggy and grabbing the pimples.

    I get you about the phone, my phone’s so bloody slow sometimes it doesn’t fire at all.

  9. dils says:

    Oh God! You just put a fear of contaminated butt-skin disease via credit card.

    Did you swab your credit card with disinfectant ?

  10. Val says:

    Oh dear. That’s disgusting. Why do it there when you know it’s downright embarrassing if you’re caught? Either she’s really brave and bold or she thinks you have mata juling? Short sighted maybe? And why lar wear low slung pants when you have such an ugly butt? Those pants are for those who has smooth-to-die-for skin/butt lar. Aiyoh!

  11. ShaolinTiger says:

    That sounds downright scary.

  12. Gatal says:

    Maybe she wore those hipster pants for air-circulation… so her ass-ne will have proper ventilation.

    OR she actually *knew* you were looking at her… and waiting for your kind offer to rub that cream on that ass… Maybe give her a little of that Akon’s Smack That…

    Sexy time!

  13. Zer0 says:

    Yuck…hate situations like that. How could she do that in public. Could contaminate the air man…Ewwwww

  14. armand says:


  15. megabigblur says:

    Just to point out one obvious alternative…maybe it was an allergy and not an infectious disease that she had. In which case you’re in the clear. Think positive, Mikey…

  16. michaelooi says:

    je5sie – I know it’s a typo but, I need to point out that – she didn’t OIL her ass.. Hahah. It would have been verrrrry kinky if she did that…

    little ray – It’s more funny than disgusting for me…

    dwayne / armand – Yeah.. it was.

    tyra – It’s for real lah, aiseh…

    unladen swallow – How many times have I said, NEVER read blogs before your meal?

    arkane – 48 bucks. I can pay 50 and ask her to keep the balance for plasters.

    anas – Nah, this is nothing compared to the jacking off incident. I probably will forget this in a week…

    dr.tan – Errmmm, you don’t have to go for anal sex to discover her ass. You know, people always ‘explore’ first before they fuck, if you get my drift. (besides, there’s also something called ‘doggie style’…)

    dils – Good question. No, I didn’t ‘swab’ my credit card. Don’t ask me why. (lazy perhaps)

    Val – Errr Val, it wasn’t me. I didn’t do that. It was the admin girl… ahaks.

    shaolintiger – Yeah man. Chicks are fucking filthy nowadays.

    gatal – She could have asked, you see. No need to contaminate my credit card maa, right?

    Zer0 – The air? How aa? She emits black smoke like bas kilang aa?

    megabigblur – Or probably love bites? And the cream that she applied was actually KY cream? +++++++++

  17. bongkersz says:

    same with those with elephant thighs but wearing mini skirt to show their pretty legs.. haih..

  18. xTr3me says:

    man, that is fucking scary. i would never look/smell/handle my money the same way again after reading ur post

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