May 7, 2007

iced tea

long island iced tea

Was at Langkawi for the weekend (company X teambuilding event).

Lesson learnt : Too much shouting, BBQ crabs and Long Island Iced Tea are not going to do any good for your throat and bowel.


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15 Comments to “iced tea”

  1. mikelee says:

    Sounds interesting. A teambuilding event at nice place like Langkawi. However the question is whether have you learned anything from it?

  2. sasha says:

    throat ….is okay. but bowel? Ouch!

  3. dwkm says:

    team building need so much alcohol one ar??…. haha….nice!

  4. Unladen Swallow says:

    Never pass down an opportunity to get cheaper alcohol when you can. Just never buy the cheap China wine. I learned the hard way.

  5. Tim says:

    Company X sure has quite a bit of money to spend it on a teambuilding event on Langkawi.
    Anyway, was the alcohol part of the teambuilding event? Haha….
    But i think all the bbq and alcohol does help teambuilding…in a way…

  6. Kevin says:


    Are those for the whole team or just one particular member? :)

  7. Shar says:

    ahhh, the joys of team building!

  8. Rootified says:

    mixing liquor with red bull… omg never try that before but heard that it’s very “geng” one leh. makes u get drunk way faster… izzit correct?

  9. michaelooi says:

    mikelee – Nobody learns anything from a teambuilding. It’s a myth. You learn things from experience, not from a mere 3 hours’ worth of grabbing asses and copping a feel of your colleagues.

    sasha – My turd was dark and it smelled like something was rotten inside me. And my ass felt like it was burning.

    dwkm – When you get a group of guys together, you’ll either get a lot of booze or a lot of girls… teambuilding or not…

    unladen swallow – Anything alcoholic from China sucks. I’ve learned my lesson a few years ago – when I had major sore throat after drinking too much of their TsingTao beer…

    tim – The boozing wasn’t part of the event, but something added by our creative self to spice up the trip (out of our own budget of course)

    kevin – That picture was the first half of it (there was an exact second half on the 2nd day). All of it for approximately 10 drinkers. Only 2 casualties. I wasn’t one of them.

    shar – I don’t like teambuildings. I think it’s stupid to assume that you’re able to learn something about teamwork by running around behaving like kids. (i went to this one because of the booze)

    rootified – Technically, it’s bullshit… since the alcohol content is the same anyway. But then, it can be sort of true because people tend to mitigate their drinking binge because of the bitter taste. But when you mix it with a good tasting mixer like RedBull, it’ll taste just like a spiked up sweet tasting fizzy drink – which makes you drink more. It’s just a psychological thing.

  10. Shar says:

    I know. I hate team buildings too. Especially ones where they make you sit down and have lunch/dinner/breakfast with clowns you work with everyday. I mean, I like my colleagues. But I also have a life and friends whom I do not with to hit their head over with a keyboard. Gimme a break from seeing their faces. Worse still, are teambuilding dinners with spouses and kids!

    I hate kids.

  11. Primrose says:

    Eh! Got! Got! Got learn something. Learnt that too much shouting, BBQ crabs and Long Island Iced Tea gives you sorethroat and stomachache maaaaa…

  12. MT says:

    Hell no man! Red Bull gives you a massive buzz! You are right about the alcohol content being the same though… But what gets you all hyper when you mix Red Bull and alcohol is the blardi caffeine in the Red Bull.

    So the effect is like a mix of a coffee high and an alcohol high… Woo hoo!!!!

  13. Dr. Tan says:

    Mmm, looks like team building exercises aren’t that bad after all ey?

  14. megabigblur says:

    Soo…was the new female trainee you mentioned in the last post along for the team building exercise?

  15. michaelooi says:

    shar – Yeah. Worst part for me was, to have dinner with people like Elliot, whom if you can recall, has the uncanny penchant to smear his boogers underneath his work bench. That’s why I didn’t eat much that night. I only drink from bottles and cans.

    primrose – You got me there. Aisehman.

    MT – Whatever that rocks your boat man. If you believe mixing alcohol with cooking oil could get you high faster, you’d get high faster. I have no issue with that.

    Dr.Tan – I have no comment about that dude. You’d have to find out yourself when you grow old like me. *cough cough*

    megabigblur – Nope. She’s a temp. Temps are not allowed to participate in teambuildings and socialize. They’re meant to be locked up in a oxygen deprived room and work the daylights out of themselves.

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