April 26, 2007


I conceived an idea to find out if a person’s a motherfucking sleaze just by looking under his/her desk. I kinda developed this theory myself – that there should be a correlation between ‘what you find underneath a person’s desk’ versus ‘the magnitude of sleaziness factor in that person’. Don’t ask me how I conceived that but, it just happened. (Maybe I’m a genius…)

To put my theory to test, I checked out Elliot’s desk when he was away for lunch today. And guess what? I did find some scientific evidence which corroborated my perception about Elliot – that he’s a motherfucking sleaze.

I snapped a photo of it for you guys to see for yourselves. Photos after the jump.
(Warning: Proceed at your own risk. I would advice against proceeding if you haven’t already taken your lunch/dinner.)

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what I found underneath Elliot’s workbench.

Elliot's boogers

See those little white stuff there? Those are BOOGERS. Dried mucus. Taik hidung. Here’s a cropped close up on one of them…

Elliot's boogers

That’s fucking gross, needless to say. It appears that he has been smearing his boogers underneath his desk all this time. Fuck man!

So, my theory works. Isn’t that simple? All you have to do, is just look underneath that person’s desk and you’ll know if he/she’s a sleaze.

Now that you already have the knowledge, you can go check your boss/colleagues’ desk and find out if he/she’s a sleaze. Blog about it if you like or you can tell me about it.

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27 Comments to “correlation”

  1. t0ts says:

    haha. thats a good one. i have some under mine too… :p i’m a sleaze, whee!

  2. CHOW FC says:

    OMG! That is disgusting!

    Quick, post his photos and warn everyone! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

  3. kyle says:

    A person I know probably wont have his boogers under his desk tho. Maybe have to find in his stomach lol.

  4. deriku says:

    this theory deserves a nobel prize…

  5. Little Ray says:

    I wonder what I’ll find under your desk.. Hmmmmm…….

  6. nastyblue says:

    omg… thats so grosss… careful that he might do that on u when he touches u after diggin his nose though… u will never know….

  7. malcolmchoy says:

    wow..banyak gila

  8. That last picture looks to have too much stuff to be snot. Maybe he puked up something. If you scrape it off and dry it, it’s supposed to be good in coffee.

  9. Danielle says:

    Haha has Elliot been at that desk since the desk was first bought? It (the boogers) could have been the property of the previous owner.

  10. michaelooi says:

    t0ts – It takes a lot of courage for one to admit himself as a sleaze. You got my respect dude… You’re an honourable sleaze. *bow*

    chowfc – Trust me dude, his face is worse that his boogers…

    kyle – So that person is dead or something? Coz if he isn’t dead, his boogers would have been digested and pooped out in no time…

    deriku – You know what I deserve? I deserve a better colleague. Not someone like Elliot… *sigh

    little ray – If I’m around, you’ll find a big dick filled with veins and capillaries. If I’m not around, well, you’ll find nothing.

    nastyblue – If he touches me, he’d have to get a surgeon to remove a screw driver from his skull…

    malcolmchoy – He’s not crazy, he’s just a sleaze.

    gorilla bananas – You want some? ahaks

    danielle – How thoughtful of you, Danielle. But no, this table was not occupied prior him. (your name reminded me of that French girl in that popular British show – ‘Mind Your Language’)

  11. Shar says:

    I just lost my appetite for lunch.

  12. leona says:

    my breakfast nearly came out after reading this post…

  13. sasha says:

    alamk!!!! u really went and took pictures. I have an excolik….no need to hide under the table, its on her keyboards! ekkk

  14. Dr. Tan says:

    Yer. Oh well, I prefer picking them and rolling them between my fingers until they dry up and let them drop off.

    Love picking my nose in the toilet when I’m taking a dump.

  15. Adrian says:

    I had seen a dude picked his nose in public, and then he looked at his finger, admired his booger, and then put his finger into his mouth. I almost puked on the spot.

  16. michaelooi says:

    shar – That’s why I issued that warning maa, aisehman.

    leona – But it didn’t, right? ahaks

    sasha – On her keyboard! You gotta be shitting me!

    drtan – THat’s what most people do, right? Picking their nose while straining their anus…

    adrian – Why lar people would eat their own booger… really cannot understand…

  17. ice says:

    Gosh, that’s very disgusting! I wanna check the tables of my colleagues now. Haha

  18. Primrose says:

    Uwek! You just reminded me of my 1st year at Uni in Aust. I was given a single room and on the wall were boogers. Uwek uwek uwek! I spent hours scraping them off the wall and cleaning it up. Had to. I was going to live there for at least a year!!

  19. Silencers says:

    Wow, Elliot’s nostrils produces boogers that appears to resemble the resilience of chewing gum?

    Damn, and I thought only Spiderman can shoot out shit like that XD

  20. That’s so gross…OMG, you will have to stay far away from him. Ewww.

  21. jannz says:

    so, was it salty? experts says boogers are salty.. haha..
    gosh, damn gross..
    *jannz mengedik2-kan body nya tanda geli tahap dewa*

  22. TyplotioN says:

    did your good collegue go around and shake hand?

  23. Iceberg says:

    You’re a genius.

  24. littlecomma says:

    You sure it’s not yours?

  25. megabigblur says:

    Maybe I’m dirty-minded, but when I saw that white stuff, snot wasn’t the first bodily fluid I thought of.

  26. mel says:

    Eh…young children eat their boogers.
    That Elliot is so grossss. yuck.

  27. Rin says:

    Man, you’ll never ever want to shake his hands. XD

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