April 19, 2007

hawthorne effect

I came to know about this ‘Hawthorne Effect’ a couple days ago. It says, productivity usually increases by itself… even without doing anything… when the boss or somebody with authority is watching.

Not sure if it’s true for ALL cases but, I kinda shuddered when I thought of it the other way round.

You see, every time when I services my car, I kinda like to hang around the area to check out what the mechanic does to my car. Normally, they’d do a good job (at least for the workshop that I frequently visit). That’s probably ‘Hawthorne Effect’ at play.

So what happens if I were to leave my car there and be somewhere else? Are they going to do a good job like usual? Or are they simply going to do a half assed work and tell me that they’ve done everything?

How bout my workdesk when I’m away (say… like this week when I’m off the whole week for training)? Is Elliot going to masturbate into my DVD drive? Or is he going to stuff some of his pubic hairs into my USB port? Sheesh…

THis fucking Hawthorne thing makes me feel worried about stuffs that I shouldn’t worry… (Fuck, I should be linking my work stuffs to this… not my mechanic or Elliot…)

I’d be even busier for the rest of the week…

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11 Comments to “hawthorne effect”

  1. Dr. Tan says:

    Man, I bet you do that to Elliot’s com that’s why you’re worried about him reciprocating in kind.

    How’s Batmobile? Heh

  2. Arkane says:

    Fuck the Hawthorne effect. The mechanic does a better job when you’re around coz he doesn’t want you catching him doing a shoddy job and give him a grade A fucking. And your productivity increases when your boss is around coz you’re afraid of getting a grade A fucking from him. It’s basic human reaction. Heck, I could give it a fancy name called “Arkane’s Law of Grade A Fucking Aversion”. Psheesh !!!

  3. einsamsoldat says:

    Mike, Dun worry about Hawthrone. There is another guy, McGregor’s Theory X & Theory Y http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theory_X
    According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow%27s_hierarchy_of_needs , fulfill their physical needs they will be motivated :D

  4. Arsky says:

    lol ~ i love theory x and y its very clear cut ! Applicable locally :p

    as for ab.maslow physical needs? what you mean ? sexual needs is one of the physiological needs (Sex being one of em) be fulfilled and motivated ~ but should u be the leader of the group with men in your team are you gonna get them chicks???LOL ~or maybe motivate them with “Money Orgasms”
    as for the rest of female members (who’re hot) i’m sure u’ll be more than happy to motivate them ahaha

  5. Shar says:

    There’s also Shar’s theory: Management – They make us look smarter.

    No wait…..we ARE smarter

    Hee hee. Actually, mechanics, I ALWAYS stand there and watch them do their work. Because if I don’t stand there…and chat with them….and flirt with them…then I don’t get the discounts they will give me after all the activities above

  6. madworld says:

    owh. thats wat that thing called… you hav that to? totally infectingable kinda effect to mankind…

  7. michaelooi says:

    drtan – I don’t do stuff like that to people. But I do occasionally yell at him for being stupid… and he looks like the type that would sabotage my things when I’m not around… sheesh

    arkane – Did you see how many words it takes for you to explain it? And I can just say it with 2…. Hawthorne Effect. Bah

    einsamsoldat – I had enough reading this week. I think I’ll just pass the links and acknowledge that you’re trying to tell me something useful. THanks btw.

    arsky – I can just show ‘em my dick and they’ll flock to me like I’m a flytrap.

    Shar – You flirt just to get discounts? Oh.

    madworld – Yeah man. Now you learn something from my blog. (see? My blog’s not that badddd.)

  8. megabigblur says:

    Sometimes it backfires though…I do worse work when I’m supervised even if it’s a task I’ve done 100x because I get nervous and screw up. *hand shaking* “oh shit i put the virus in the wrong test tube liao” *boss glares*

  9. Shar says:

    You can get away with anything if you can flirt

  10. einsamsoldat says:

    Mike – no prob.

    Arky – I would like to elaborate more, unfortunately, I dun plan to hijack Mike’s personal blog with our personal discussion. Sorry.

  11. MT says:

    Yeah… Some people actually screw up more when there’s someone watching them… Some people really don’t like it and will even scold you! I kena last time when I was in UK, staying in my friend’s place. This dude came over to fix a washer-dryer. I wanted to watch but he told me to go away. When I insisted I wanted to watch, he told me rather sarcastically his work was certified good and if there were any problems, to call the company. He also said if I didn’t leave him be, he’d not fix it….

    Hmmmm… Asshole… :P

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