April 13, 2007

contest XYZ

Company X corporate messenger… (certain details have been modified to mask the identity of the characters)

Girl colleague : “hi michael”

me : “Yeah”

Girl colleague : “you busy?”

me : “What’s up?”

Girl colleague : “u heard of contest XYZ?”

me : “contest XYZ? no ler. what’s that?”

Girl colleague : “hmmm.. u got read [prominent blogger]’s blog?”

me : “no, i never read blogs”

Girl colleague : “go [URL]. Contest XYZ is a competition.. for u to make ur dreams come true.. winner will be rm 150k. my friend is in the final 4…”

I went to the URL. The mainpage was with a cropped image of a rather hot looking girl in a mini tube top posing the belly dancer stance. There were texts surrounding that image, urging visitors to SMS vote the site owner in the said Contest XYZ

me : “you mean, your friend is in that competition?”

Girl colleague : “my friend’s dream is to own her dance studio…”

me : “that girl is your friend?”

Girl colleague : “yes”

me : “that photo is heavily photoshopped. your friend works in Company X?”

Girl colleague : “nope”

me : “so what’s this all about?”

Girl colleague : “i dunno how to explain.. the main purpose is to have dance party.. its like for all those that interested in dancing.. get together .. and exchange opinion and stuff.. but u can’t make money.. so making money part is .. dance classes”

I got a little bit confused… but that was not important anyway…

me : “so she’s organizing a party is it?”

Girl colleague : “shd be.. but so far none as i know of la.. i lama tak jumpa dia..”

me : “oh ok. Is she going to take off her clothes at the party?”

Girl colleague : “no stripdance”

me : “ok. so is she going to take off her skirt or pants at the party then?”

Girl colleague : “no 18SX dance”

me : “then why would anyone go there lar?”

Girl colleague : “someone who wants to learn how to dance (the dance classes that she has in her studio). someone who would like to meet more ppl who like to dance.. ”

me : “those people who wants to meet someone who can dance, are only interested to get into that someone’s pants. so to say, people want to dance because they want to impress girls… so that they can fuck them or somethign”

Girl colleague : “what about girls? who like to dance?”

me : “they want to get into guys’ pants. simple.”

Girl colleague : “wow.. ur world is so simple”

me : “it’s the reality. guys can see things girls don’t see. you girls read too much love novels.”

A guy’s world revolves around girls. Just like how much a fag’s world revolve around bungholes. *shrugs*

I had to go after that. I did that colleague (and that girl in the competition) a favor – I sent in a vote.

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13 Comments to “contest XYZ”

  1. Adrian says:

    For some reasons, that sounds like a scam.

  2. megabigblur says:

    My kid brother is in the dance program at a junior college in Singapore. It’s great for him because there’s only 1 other guy and the rest of their class is about 30 chicks. He says random girls will say hello to him because he’s a breakdancer.

    He genuinely is interested in dancing, but he’s not complaining about the “side benefits” either. =)

  3. Shar says:

    Michael Ooi is my hero. Because he simplifies life’s philosophies for me.

  4. michaelooi says:

    adrian – Everything is a scam in this world. The government, the church, the temple, the bank… it’s a world full of shit.

    megabigblur – When you REALLY enjoy a dance, you don’t have to know how to do it. You just ‘follow’ the music… pure enjoyment mann…

    Shar – Thank you. Would you send me an iPod to show your appreciation?

  5. einsamsoldat says:

    put it simple sex sells :D

  6. bongkersz says:

    wonder if those that won in contest xyz before this really make it big now.. The girl want to open a dance studio or club actually? :p

  7. michaelooi says:

    einsamsoldat – Well, I do not intend to put this whole thing in such light but, I do agree with your statement.

    bongkersz – Dance studio. Quite successful now, as I later learnt from her site… (email me if you want her URL)

  8. Arsky says:

    if am not mistaken the girl had the dance studio up already

    and yes ….heavily photoshopped the image is !!

    the best place to learn dance is youtube ~ there u learn whatever u wanna learn for free !!

  9. Shar says:

    I can give u my curent iPod with scratches. I kinda dont want it anymore

  10. Adrian says:

    Now this sounds like the Nescafe Kick-Start contest. The stupid Joo Nee won the contest and now I know Michael Ooi is one of the guilty voter. The other contestant, Derek, should have won this thing because his Dream Job is to create a mobile clinic for the cause of giving aids to the poor and needy because most of them cannot afford the lawyer and don’t know their rights. So this Derek guy was going to use the winning money for good cause.

    The winner, Joo Nee, is going to use the money to open a dance studio, and then make a lot of money by teaching and turn the dance studio to become a dance club at night (and charge admission fee?). Yet she got the highest vote. And she’s damn fugly!

  11. abubin says:

    if that contest you are referring to is n**cafe kickstart then FYI, that girl won the contest. She got the RM150k….. :P

  12. michaelooi says:

    arsky – Yeah, I saw your name inside her guestbook… ahaks (how sweeeeet of youuuuu)

    Shar – Ipod with scratches? Can also can also… ;)

    adrian – Me? Guilty of voting? Nah. This is a contest. There’s no guaranteed win in a contest. I think Derek should take his defeat like a man, and if he laments about it, he’s just nothing but a sore loser. Like, if his cause is so noble and all that, he could still go ahead and do it without having to depend on the money from a frigging contest, am I right? It’s all about will and faith. If he lacks of it, sorry dude… tough luck.

    abubin – Well, good for her. She can teach many kids how to waste their time on dancing instead of hanging out at shopping malls looking like fucked up dorks… (hey, she’s also doing a good cause for the community)

  13. mel says:

    Heh, sadly, that simplicity is the truth. Yeah, girls (me included) read way too many love novels for their own good -__-“

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