April 9, 2007

Regine’s first shopping cart ride

I don’t remember if I had ever ridden a shopping cart before as a kid… but here’s something for my daughter to remember, her first shopping cart ride… She was definitely freaked out, but thrilled at the same time.

regine's first shopping cart ride

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20 Comments to “Regine’s first shopping cart ride”

  1. pearl says:

    “OMG.” THat’s the first thing I said when I saw this pic. She’s … ADORABLE. AWwwww…

  2. tyra says:

    awww so cute..pretty tight grab there :)

  3. sasha says:

    oi. very windy in penang meh? why the hair so messy wan ? hahahaha and why u guys dress her like a boy? wait…send me yr add i send some hair clip and dress over!

  4. Silencers says:

    I hated sitting in the shopping cart. I mean, 50% of my view is blocked by either my mom or my dad [whoever was pushing the cart]. I’m the type that always wants to see what’s happening in front, I always paste my face at the car window, spotting signs and all that.

    But in the shopping cart, I’m facing backwards. I hated not seeing what happenning upfront :p

  5. malcolmchoy says:

    wah damn cute man..

  6. michaelooi says:

    eh, she looks like a boy meh? You don’t really need ribbons and pom-poms to look like a girl, right?

  7. Je5sie says:

    Wa wa wa! So cute!! Look at her cheeks, can pinch? I agree her dressing a bit like boy but it’s ok, this is neat and tidy. Maybe you can clip or tie her hair, she looks a bit blur blur with hair messy messy. hehe.

  8. Rabbit says:

    Haha! I was gonna ask why was her hair so messy as well. Just woke up from sleep eh? And she’s sooooo cute!

  9. feizal says:

    aiyoo..so damn comel la.

  10. michaelooi says:

    her hair’s not messy, k? It’s the latest fashion. Macam itu Gina Glocksen.

  11. Adrian says:

    Dude, from your previous post about being down and all that, look at it this way: now you have a beautiful family of your own, and a very very beautiful and adorable daughter, so you should feel very happy about your life and do not let other things to sway your attention away.

    Anyway, Regine is very adorable.

  12. michaelooi says:

    adrian – Thanks. I can only find console in that – having my own family (Regine, Emily…). I might have a complex mind and all that, but I just want something very simple in life. Not wealth, not plenty of materials… I just want people to leave me alone. Let me live my own life. Let me manage my family my way. Stay away. Etc.

    But apparently, I was made to go through ordeals after ordeals. And I’m fucking sick of it now. How I wish I can just move to somewhere unknown to anyone and live an anonymous life with my wife and daughter. Without worries. And become a much happier man.

  13. Adrian says:

    I understand. I don’t have a family yet, but I am living with my girlfriend and my dog. Everyday I have to face lots of pressure, and it is not easy to go through all that. So yes, family support is important.

    We all need to look things at the positive way, and find console in whatever way that we can find. Otherwise we can go crazy and go berserk (imagine wielding two samurai swords and start a rampage in a shopping mall). Hell, even a lousy driver can cause our blood to boil. (By the way, that’s the sign of depression)

    Everyday when I go home after a long and stressful day, I find solace in my girlfriend, and I become happy when playing with my dog (he’s like a son to me, by the way). So you should spend more time with them, as they will make you happy, instead of dwelling on the past and the shits that’s up in your face. The “Key to Happiness” is in your hand. Don’t give it to some one else.

  14. Shar says:

    I remember asking my aunt to get lotsa stuff for my by pointing. And crying

  15. Survon says:

    hey, she’s a big girl now it seems

  16. blusher says:

    Regine is extremely CUTE!!! She looked like she’s having a joyride there.
    But one thing which surprised me was that Regine looked so big now. I’ve been reading this blog religiously and from the last pic of her, she was so tiny. Yup, must be the milk she drinks. *winks*

  17. Primrose says:

    Need earrings in another year or two. :)
    I had shopping cart rides @ Sunrise when I was young-ER. You must have had.

  18. mel says:

    I don’t remember ever riding on a shopping cart, but I remembered my younger siblings doing so ^_______^

    Her hair looks sooooOOOOO soft!!!!! *itching to pat and touch her hair*

  19. Khim Foh says:


    At least you could get Regine to sit in the shopping cart. That’s an achievement already. As for me, my daughter absolutely hates to sit in shopping cart. She’d rather me or my wife to carry her.

  20. pearl says:

    You can consider making a one-year calendar, like … June 06 – June 07 with all Regine’s photos on different month. One of my friend’s dad did that, kind of… interesting.

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