April 1, 2007

I’m down

Like a server. Totally cut off from reality.

There has been a spate of troubles in my family lately. No, it’s not my marriage or my kid. It’s my mom. She has been giving me a shit heck of a time and it culminated a few days ago with a quarrel which I can still remember vividly right now. No it’s not about her getting old either. It’s her wild side that has been getting into me ever since I was born (remember what I said about wanting to be an orphan? Yeah…)

I know I’ve been saying positive things about my mom all these while – to the public and friends. But it was just part of the story that I wanted people to know. There’s still a big dark side of her which I did not cover. Not that I want to do it, but I just wanted to vent something today – so that I can remember this most fucked up episode of my life which she has given to me. (gee thanks mom)

Right now, I just want to recuperate from this whole thing. I’m trying set my mind to accept this as part of the whole package of trials and tribulations that come together in this life of mine. Who knows, it could be part of a big puzzle that would piece together the whole picture of a better life in future.

I need a couple more days to get my shits together now.

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