March 23, 2007

small scale bureaucracy

I want to relate about an incident I encountered yesterday. But before I do that, I’d need you to peruse the following picture.

carrefour food court

What you see up there is a potpourri food counter located at Carrefour foodcourt. It is run by a Malay bloke and 2 ladies – whom I think must be his wife and mother-in-law. The food counter is kind of square in shape… and it has different types of food displayed at each side.

Alright ya’ll… now that we’ve covered the essentials, we shall proceed with the story.

I had just finished my lunch and was standing at location “A”. I intended to buy a glass of ice blended coffee (which was inside that blue auto-stirring container), but there wasn’t anyone around to take my order. So I strode a little to the right and saw the older lady standing behind the pasembur display.

I gestured to the old lady – ‘Can you get me a glass of this?’, pointing at the ice-blended coffee machine.

Old lady gestured back, she couldn’t.

For what reason? I don’t frigging know. But she did alert the younger lady server there, which then, I also gestured to ask – ‘Can you get me a glass of this?’, again, pointing at the ice-blended coffee in the machine. I was expecting her… like… you know, to come over to fucking pour me my ice-blended coffee already? But she wouldn’t.

Instead, she gestured me to go over towards where she was standing – at location “B” – right in front of the cash register.

I gestured – ‘I want this coffee, not you’. She then yelled “Pay first!” in Malay. I was like, what the fuck? Man why can’t she haul her ass over to get my order right and I’ll pay at the register after that? I was literally choking with the dry fried chicken skin that I had for lunch earlier and I needed something to wash it down pronto. Since I just fucking want my coffee and did not want to make an issue out of it, I complied to her request without kicking a fuss.

Over at location “B”, the Malay bloke was behind the counter. Next to him, was that fucking bitch (fitch) that yelled “Pay first!”. Malay bloke then asked me with an expressionless look : “May I help you?”. (Quite ironically, at the time when the Malay bloke was asking that question, the fitch ambled to location “A”, which she refused to go earlier).

I answered, “I’d like to have a glass of that ice-blended coffee THERE” [pointed at location “A” with a little hint of sarcasm in it]

Malay bloke punched some keys on the register and said “That’ll be 2.63 please”. I paid and then he hollered across the floor to fitch who was waiting right beside the ice-blended coffee machine at location “A” –


Fitch demodulated the soundwave sent by her stolid husband and converted it into action – she dispensed out my ice-blended coffee into a disposable plastic glass and I finally got the fucking coffee to flush away the chicken skin lodged inside my throat.


Seriously, it still escapes me why would she (or they) require me to have my order taken through proxy (her fucking husband)? Like I said, she could have just have my order taken directly at location “A”, and while she prepares my takeaway, I could have gone to pay for the goddamn coffee… Why is it so fucking hard for them to figure that out? Sheesh.

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23 Comments to “small scale bureaucracy”

  1. wils0n says:

    First class infrastructure, third class mentality, low class service.

  2. Chrys says:

    Keyword : Proxy
    Isn’t that how things are getting done in Malaysia?

  3. michaelooi says:

    wils0n – That’s an interesting way to put it.. :)

    chrys – Yeah, big corporates and shits… but a husband and wife running a food stall? C’mon.

  4. Pixie Sue says:

    their mentality is that they are scared that they give the order to the customer that didn’t pay and the customer will bail without paying

  5. anas says:

    if they insist the customers pay first, then there should have been a BIG signage telling just that, and yeah, she could have been a bit more courteous, nobody likes to be yelled at.

    anyway, this proxy thing reminds me of your chicken rice stall. hehe

  6. anas says:

    oops, not your chicken rice stall, your chicken rice stall posting with the nice guy and his kedekut wife…since when la en. michael jual nasi ayam ni? sorry my bad…haha

  7. Shar says:

    wah, even my goreng pisang stall pakcik and makcik gave me better service.

  8. coolClare says:

    haha yeah stupidity and laziness at it’s max…why bother working when you dun feel like it? gosh lucky i dun have to see ‘them’ everyday now…

  9. Je5sie says:

    If I’m you I will not buy the drink anymore! I rather go to the drinks machine and get it. It’s ok to walk over to the machine but not a human cashier with legs. I’m paying you know…

  10. Arkane says:

    They have a very strict set of SOP which disallows any form of deviation, however minute. Reminds me of an incident which I had at one of the banks:

    I was closing one of my FD accounts (under both my wife’s and my name, either one to sign). teller asks me, how do you want the payment. i said banker’s check. she said if i want the check, it has to be in both our names since the FD account was in both our names. i told her it’s rather inconvenient as i wanted to bank in the check into a bank which we did not have a joint account. i asked her is it possible to issue the check under 1 name since the FD cert states either one to sign, meaning either one of us can get the money. she says adamantly, it’s their rules. i asked her what happens if i want to take cash. she asks me, u sure u want to carry so much cash ? i told her just answer my question. she says it’s possible. so i says, give me the cash. then now i want to buy a banker’s check under ONLY my name, is that possible ? she says it’s possible if I put it this way and then proceeds to give me a form to fill up.

  11. Adrian says:

    Hey, they designed a system, so they are trying to adhere to the system.

    What they didn’t know was that they have a stupid system.

  12. michaelooi says:

    pixie sue – Unlikely. That’s because I ordered pasembur from the old lady earlier, but I wasn’t made to pay first.

    anas – Ahahah… if I was to open up a restaurant selling chicken rice, rest assured people, it will be served by attractive waitresses with big titties.

    shar – That’s because they’d need to sell 4 – 5 pcs of goreng pisang to make up the same cost for a glass of ice-blended coffee these buggers sell…

    coolClare – From the way I see them chose to walk a couple more times and work out this long redundant process? I don’t think it’s about being lazy. It’s about being stupid.

    jessie – But there wasn’t any vending machine around maa…

    arkane – Let me guess, was that bank Southern Bank? Guess what? I had the same case with them before. Wanted to transfer my savings to become FD at the same bank. The cust. service chick asked me to withdraw the money from the savings, and pass it back to the teller to open up an FD account. I asked why can’t they fucking transfer it electronically since it was all in the same bank? The reply was – it was their policy. I hate Southern Bank.

    adrian – That’s what happens when stupid people trying to be smart.

  13. bongkersz says:

    it’s the same everywhere, government agencies, local authorities, same mentality, damn frustrating.

  14. Who knows? Maybe they were civil servants once, and worked at Immigrasi/PostOffice/whatever.

  15. doc says:

    You look like one who will run away with the coffee without paying, meh?

  16. Dr. Tan says:

    doc – Maybe Mike was looking a little mean that day ahha

  17. doc says:

    Dr. Tan – Yeah, with that piece of dry fried chicken skin lodged inside his throat, you can just imagine the distortion to the anatomical features on his face. >_

  18. michaelooi says:

    well, let’s just say… I don’t expect orcs to like me…

  19. arsky says:

    whoa .. new look

    looks clean and umm lol holy ~

  20. michaelooi says:

    refresh your browser. I was just doing some script modifications to get compatible with a paginate plugin…

  21. Arkane says:

    Mike, it was not Southern Bank. It was BCB. But now both of them are under CIMB, dishing out the same kind of crappy service.

  22. jerry says:


    this kinda mind numbing experiences happens everywhere. and everytime it happens, it never fails to amaze me! welcome to malaysia to ya foreigners.. its VMY07! ;D

  23. MT says:

    Ballz ballz…. The moment these types of fucking cretins see a foreigner, they will light up and become the most humble and loyal servants… I just had a similar experience yesterday. Went to this teppanyaki place in Low Yatt plaza… Sat down, ordered my grub and waited for it to come. This blardi white couple walks in approx 15 minutes after I ordered. The ma’fucker who makes the teppanyaki ran out and… served the whities first!

    Waited to finish eating, then went up to pay. That’s when he got a level 4 aboookinnn from me! The problem with these ma’fuckers is that they think when you get money from a dark skin, its different than getting money from a white skin.

    Racial harmony in Malaysia it seems! FUCK OFF LA…. All lies!

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