March 21, 2007

essential manglish

Some of my Malaysian slang contributions at DrLiew’s wiki site. (Chinese explanations courtesy of DrLiew)


Abbreviation for ‘Kan Ni Nia’ [kuhn-nee-neeuh]

Mandarin : 幹你娘 Kan Ni Niang, Hokkien : 幹你老母 Kan Ni Lao Bu (Kan Ni Nao), Cantonese : 屌嚟老母 (Diu Lei Lou Mou)

interjection (Slang (vulgar))
the hokkien equivalent of ‘fuck your mother’. Also known as KaNiNeh.
Kan Ni Nia! Somebody fucking keyed my car!”
KaNiNeh you! What the fuck are you doing here!?”



Origin : 屌你阿星, Cantonese. Meaning ‘fuck your punjabi’s (asshole)’.

Interjection (Slang (vulgar))
Used as an expression of dismay/disgust/disapproval of something. (usually followed by suffix ah).
Tiu nia seng ah! Having sex with her is like raping a rug!”


kau or gow
Mandarin writing : 鸠
Dialect : Cantonese

the Cantonese equivalent of ‘dick'; male copulatory organ
Hoi lor hoi thiu gow, ferng hoi thiu loi” [translation: He took out his dick, and used it to whip his girlfriend]

adjective (Slang(vulgar))
Used as an intensifier. Equivalent to ‘fuck’ in its adjective form.
Tar gow hoi thiu loi” [translation: Fucking beat up his girlfriend]
“Mm lei gow hoi” [translation: Wouldn’t give a fuck about him/her]



noun (Slang)
Malay. Derived from ‘orang putih‘ which means a foreigner of European descent, White guy
Orang Melayu makan tupat, Orang Cina makan babi, Orang Hindu minum tonik, Omputih jilat puki

adjective (Slang)
Malay. Something pertaining English
Cakap omputih.” [speaks English]



interjection 1
Tamil. Used to express intense disbelief, ‘you’ve got to be kidding me’, ‘yeah right…’
“I saw a dog as big as a cow that day…” – “Phordahhh!”

interjection 2
Tamil. equivalent of English ‘fuck off’ or ‘leave me alone’.
Credit card promoter: “Sir would you like to consider our free for life promotion…”, Me: “Phordahhh!!”



noun (Slang (vulgar))
the Tagalog equivalent of vagina/cunt/cooter
Le mah puki!” [translation: Your mother’s cunt!]

adjective (Slang (vulgar))
used to describe something that’s fucked up or abominable. Extremely derogatory.
Puki kau! Kah limpeh!” [That puki dog bit me!]

interjection (Slang (vulgar))
Used as an exclamation of intense dismay or anger.
Puki! I missed the train!”



noun (Slang (vulgar))
Cantonese. an extremely foolish person; fool
“She was cheated off her virginity by that bomoh. What a sohai!”
“That sohai attacked his own mother last night thinking that she’s a burglar.”

adjective (Slang (vulgar))
Cantonese. used to describe someone who’s unbelievably gullible and foolish (and stupid).
“My sohai boss don’t know how to operate a photocopy machine.”
“Why are you so fucking sohai!? How many times have I told you not to hang around with that loser???”


Chinese writing : 屌
Dialect : Cantonese (diu); Hakka (diao)

verb 1 (vulgar)
the Cantonese equivalent of ‘fuck’.
Hoi lou tau, tiu hoi lou mou” [translation: His father fucks his mother]

verb 2 (Slang(vulgar))
To scold, reprimand, rebuke
“His boss tiu-ed him for failing to complete the project.”

interjection 1 (Slang(vulgar))
Used as an exclamation to express shock, consternation.
Tiu lor! What the fuck happened to your face? Did your boyfriend turkey slap you again?”

interjection 2 (Slang(vulgar))
To express a situation that’s going to lead to a very serious trouble or consequences (usually prefixed with ‘pei yan‘ – which means, ‘to let somebody’ – when combined, it literally translates to ‘to let somebody fuck’)
Pei yan tiu lor! Pei yan tiu lor! There’s a police road block in front! Stop sucking and zip up my pants! Quick!”


Class, dismiss.

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17 Comments to “essential manglish”

  1. arsky says:

    my fav hokkien version of wtf would be hamilanciao lol

  2. wils0n says:

    Geez. They are essentials! These are the only words that can strengthen the adjectives or expressions.

    1. Wa, this house veli big
    2. Wa, this house “hou lan” big
    3. Wa, this house “hou kau lan chat” big

    Thank you for your lesson. XD

  3. Arkane says:

    My fav. is hokkien words ending with “lan” or “siao”
    e.g: kwai-lan, ch’ng-lan, tu-lan, siao-lan,
    kap-siao, lu-siao, tua-siao, char-siao

  4. Silencers says:

    I think I can contribute plenty of Malay vocabulary in there. But looks like I can’t even register :p

  5. Adrian says:

    Did you forget about “Keong Kan”? Well, the guide is only touching the surface. There are more deeper and … uhmm.. *cough* worse cursing words around :P

  6. anas says:

    out of all, my fav would be ka ni neh…yes i curse a lot, and as a malay, it always gives me the best satisfaction when cursing in BeeEm, “kimak kau” always beats “fuck you”, anytime.

    p/s: off topic, “puki” reminds me of a character in a thai movie, “the haunted spirit”, the girl’s name was poo kie…haha

  7. michaelooi says:

    i have never fucking cussed anyone or anything before in my life…


  8. Elaine says:

    I’ve been reading several of your posts, interesting they are. And I’m wondering if you could be the very same Michael I knew in ICQ back those days. Your age and location seem to match. Hm.


  9. michaelooi says:

    elaine – Maybe. If you still have my contact in ICQ, perhaps you can check if the UIN’s 4467390 (I have left it abandoned for about a year…). If it matches, then it is me… which is a good news… and you should probably celebrate your rejoice by sending me an iPod. :P

  10. Zer0 says:

    “i have never fucking cussed anyone or anything before in my life…”

    That sentence is just so contradiction man..hahahahhaa..

  11. Elaine says:

    Oh rejoice! But the iPod’s mine. I don’t use ICQ anymore. Anyway, keep up the interesting blog.

  12. megabigblur says:

    Teacher, you made a mistake on the blackboard… I’m pretty sure puki is from BM too, not just Tagalog. There’s not that many Filipinos in this country.

  13. michaelooi says:

    megabigblur – Didn’t you know that our BeeEm actually encompasses a lot of ‘borrowed’ words from other languages? Like…
    – ‘epal’ is actually derived from the English ‘apple’
    – ‘lanciau’ is actually derived from the Chinese ‘human bird’
    – ‘lampu’ from English ‘lamp’…
    – ‘almari’ from Telegu or something like that…
    – ‘kacak’ from Bruce Lee…
    and of course many more. ‘Puki’ is definitely from Tagalog.

  14. sn0wblue says:

    now I know what to use for cursing next time xD

  15. Andre says:

    Cool; been looking to improve my Cantonese beyond ‘mgoi ooi mai’ :D
    (excuse the spelling/tonal mistakes)

    Now hopefully next time I order take-aways I don’t ask them to ‘tiu gai’…

  16. michaelooi says:

    andre – In Penang, it’s called “tapau”. heheh.

    hongkiat – If I want to make it ‘advanced’, you guys probably won’t be able to understand a single shit. The site you recommended? Is very basic itself. There are probably more stuffs like these we could speak than we could blog of…

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