March 19, 2007

only in Bolehland…

Published in TheStar yesterday:

Showcause letter for technician in CCTV case

PENANG: The Penang Municipal Council will hold a final meeting on March 30 to list the charges against its technician who was alleged to have focused his close-circuit television camera on a reporter’s thighs.

Council secretary Ooi Chin Loo said the council’s disciplinary committee would also issue a show-cause letter to the technician who had since been transferred to another section within the department.

“He will be given time to answer to the letter,” he told newsmen after opening a Taman Kejiranan (Neighbourhood Garden) at Jalan Tengah yesterday.

On Nov 10 last year, a reporter spotted the images of someone’s thighs on the CCTV monitor in the control room located next to the public gallery.

Newsmen covering the full council meeting were shocked to find the CCTV camera zooming in on a New Straits Times reporter’s thighs.

There will only be 3 words inside the ‘showcause’ letter. – I WAS HUMSUP.

Seriously, that guy was caught zooming a CCTV camera onto a chick’s thigh… what else could he be doing other than peeping an upskirt? Doing a biological observation on some rare wild orchids known to grown inside human skirts? And what difference is it going to make with that ‘showcause letter’? Pfffffhhh

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14 Comments to “only in Bolehland…”

  1. Hey Michael, time to hit hard on 584 on Magnum, 4 ekor, whatever for this week, might win some money, who knows?


  2. anas says:

    LOL…showcause letter: i thought i saw a bomb between the chick’s thigh and had to zoom to confirm…

  3. ahmog says:

    It depends… we all know how hot a website’s gonna be when there’s some “illegal” materials in it. And you it pays to get some traffic.

    Perhaps the guy’s been trying to get new material for his website:

    Probably the same guy who captured Britney’s (before bald) “cat”.

  4. wils0n says:

    I couldn’t maneuver the CCTV properly. Something had went wrong that time. All I can do was observe the problem from the room.

    Yours sincerely,

    *instead of moving the CCTV’s joystick, he’s moving his own joystick*

  5. nicholas says:

    showcase letter: i was *cough* sleepy and almost fell asleep when my hand accidentally *cough* pushed the controller to focus on the *cough* smooth silky pair of thighs which are just begging to be felt up. that was before i saw the reporter’s face and almost regretted my actions, oh well…busted.

  6. Arsky says:

    Hehe come on if you guys were sittin in that room all by urself …. “should be smarter by lockin the door b4 u attempt any of ur activities”
    zoom in won’t ya ?

  7. michaelooi says:

    “I was performing an ancient ritual to exorcise a black cat from evil spirits”


  8. Adrian says:

    “I was testing the CCTV controller to ensure its accuracy, and also testing on the zooming function because the spot under the skirt is the darkest spot in the room.”

    It is a lame attempt to make it looks like they are giving the retard a chance to explain his action. Of course, people in their right minds can tell that the retard’s reply is “I was humping and peeping under the skirt” but then, it is just a way to let us know the big boys are working on it.

    Let it rest for few more months, and the news will soon be forgotten and the retard will get back into the CCTV control room.

  9. kyle says:

    All this got me thinking.

    The technician was sure horny enough to let his mind wander off at a pair of thighs. Or that reporter is wearing some damn short mini-skirts…

  10. michaelooi says:

    I think that technician was a victim of circumstances. Sure thing, he’s a pervert, but why can’t they just fucking deal with him like any other caught peeping toms? Why the show cause letter and the publicity stunts?

  11. clement says:

    i was humsup? he probably still is and still will be, and why is he so stupid?

  12. michaelooi says:

    clement – hhahah your first sentence kinda made me thought that you were the humsup technician …

  13. megabigblur says:

    I liked the reader-submitted cartoon in The Star where they put CCTV as “City Council Thigh Viewer”


  14. jerry says:

    abang adek hal, wont sack. showcause letter.. pffffrrtttt…

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