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February 5, 2007

taking out the trash

Elliot was bitching about the janitor for failing to clear the trash near his bench yesterday – which had been accumulated there for a couple of days. The trash wasn’t too noticeable for most of us, mainly because we were to busy to give a crap about it. That was why I figured, like hey… if he’s free enough to bitch about it, then why don’t he make use of that free time to take out the trash himself instead?

Me : “You know, you could have just brought out those trash yourself. Bitching about the janitor won’t help. Like what if the janitor didn’t show up say… until your retirement day? Are you going to keep bitching until you become old?”

The giant recycle bin is just a few meters’ walk away from the lab. It is not hard. Everyone else does it all the time. We don’t rely too much on janitors to keep things going.

Elliot : “Take out the trash? That’s a janitor’s job!”

Me : “You don’t have to be a janitor to take out the trash, moron. Besides, you’re so big in size… we’ll be under-utilizing your potential by just letting you wield a screwdriver or two. We certainly could use some labor in the janitor department…”

Elliot : “But those trash aren’t mine!”

It was not ENTIRELY his… only 80% of it. (He moved his bench from the back end to the front a couple days ago and contributed significantly to the mound of trash there…)

Me : “Well, it wasn’t the janitor’s either. But at least you hold 80% of stake in it and you’re the one who’s CONCERNED about it. That’s probably why you should do it.”

After the conversation, he unexpectedly got up from his seemingly undersized chair and plodded his big ass to bring out the trash, but not without some 6-year-old gripe under his breath.

Elliot the reluctant janitor returned shortly after he brought out the first load of trash and was ready to collect the second (which was right beside my bench), when he decided to get sarcastic with me

Elliot : “Michael, I’m about to bring out the trassssssh. Do you still want these trassssssh?”

Me : “What do you think, Elliot? Do they look like something I might need?”

You know… discarded boxes, styrofoams, bits of plastics here and there…

Elliot : “How would I know? You probably still need them. I was just asking you to make sure I don’t take out something that you still need…”

Me : “Do you even know the meaning of ‘trash’, retard? They’re discarded stuffs that nobody wants. So what makes you think that I’d still need something from inside the trash? Are you fucking stupid or something?”

I was just being courteous. OF COURSE he is ‘fucking stupid or something’. There’s no doubt about it. (what else would you call someone who asks if Fish n’ Chips are made from chickens?)

And he dragged the ‘trash’ out of the lab in mute, while being laughed at by the technicians for being such an ass.

So much for engineers being role models to the technicians.

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February 1, 2007

Regine @ 7 months 25 days

My, hasn’t she grown…

regine ooi

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