February 26, 2007

screwed up and revolting

I was bar hopping with my regular buddies just the other night and saw a car make an abrupt stop by a busy street. 3 young punks then leapt out of that heavily modified vehicle and ran towards a pub. Knowing that they could only be up to no good, we hopped along, in hope that we’d be able to catch something exciting out of it.

Sure enough, after running about a good 50 meters, we saw something hot brewing right in front of a popular pub. The 3 punks we saw earlier joined in a big mob of punks who were already there. From the look of it, they were like attempting to raid the pub or something, but were impeded by a few stout bouncers. The bouncers were outnumbered by about 4 to 1, but were very much bigger in size. I reckon that any one of the bouncers could seriously flip a few of those skinny fart punks with just a flail of an arm… no shit… but that didn’t seem to be a deterrent factor at all for the offensive mob. They hurled insults like professionals, and were very adamant to get inside the pub – you know, just like the kind of drama you’d see in the movies. Young and dangerous (and cocky) bravados with Jay Chou hairstyles. Oh yeah.

I watched on for about a couple minutes (for something to happen), but was disappointed. There were only some taunting and uncreative insults, no fights. The commotion had generated quite a number of curious onlookers and it was getting real stuffy there. I was about to be bored to death and decided to leave the scene, when a loud noise of a bottle crashing onto someone’s head reverberated across the al fresco court like a war horn. Everyone immediately bolted to a safe distance of course… including me… and we’re all like, expecting a big fight or something. A mob of young and dangerous punks versus a handful of big experienced bouncers. Couldn’t get anymore interesting than that.

I watched from the safe distance on – it was very chaotic. There were people running, shouting and shits, but I couldn’t see any fighting. My curiosity finally took over me and I couldn’t last another second getting blocked by the fleeing crowd, so I changed my vantage point to get a better look of what the fuck was going on. And then I saw it. Bouncers pummeling one of the punks. I presume the one who courageously took the bottle with his head. The rest? They were busy evacuating like bats flying out of hell. Then one of the bouncers flung out that victim punk and got him landed on the sidewalk. The time that happened, the victim’s punk members were already a sprint’s distance away from the rampaging bouncers, except for one very special fat chick. You see, in Chinese comics, it is believed that behind every courageous manly man, is always a diligent and caring woman. This fat chick was THAT WOMAN that night. Fat chick didn’t flee, but remained… and was crying inconsolably while holding her bleating and bleeding boyfriend. It was almost a touching scene until one of the bouncers came out and took a swing at that hero’s head with a broom stick. SMACK! It wasn’t hard but it was bad enough to ruin every ounce of his remaining ego.

And that was the end of it. Bouncers dispersed the whole mob of punks with just a bottle and a deformed broomstick. Unbelievable but true.

Everyone went like, what the fuckkk??? Was that all??? What happened to the badass and united mob that everyone saw earlier? What happened to that hero’s friends (or brothers)? Where were they when his head was getting swung at by various blunt instruments? Like, don’t they have a plan or something? Quite ironic that night, for the larger group that ostentatiously exhibited extreme hostility was the one that fled the scene like a lizard who had just saw my mom with a fly swatter. I wonder what was the point for the whole thing, really… if they’re not planning to physically confront the bouncers ? For attention? Yeah, they got plenty of them that night alright… albeit not in a ‘young and dangerous’ way, but rather, ‘screwed up and revolting’ way…

You know, I offer no sympathy and respect for these kind of punks. Not because of their chicken ass behavior or their bad taste for fashion, but because of them bringing the bad name to night socializing. Think about it people, when we’re out drinking with friends, aren’t we supposed to be happy and shits? But not them. They are out there to show that they have testosterone and they’re mean… and that they’re the alpha male group of the society. Yeah right. Their plan? — Getting into fights over their not-so-serious and ratfink ah-lian girlfriends. And if it’s with higher amount of intoxication, they’d stab someone dead to underline their bloated ego… and end up for life in prison. Not that it’s a bad thing sending them to prison but, it is us innocent souls who patronize these night outlets for a decent drink that often get associated with such negativity by the elders… just because someone do not have the capacity to think. It’s so fucking unfair.

(until now, it still escapes me what was that fat chick doing there. Sure enough, the broomstick hero was part of the mob. But did he ACTUALLY bring along his fat chick girlfriend to join the fight? To make up the numbers? To scare away the bouncers with her cellulite and saggy tits? Only god knows why. And his chicken friends.)

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23 Comments to “screwed up and revolting”

  1. Shar says:

    well, i’ve only been in fights where i know i’ll win. like biting my sister when i was 3 and getting her barbie so i can undress it and chew its legs.

  2. Zer0 says:

    Potong steam. I guess even the fight between chelsea and arsenal’s players was more interesting.

  3. Arsky says:

    Agree wif Zero hehe but its always fun watchin gangfights/streetfights

    Back then in school there were loads of em and its just too bad i don’t have a video cam else can film our veryown penang’s Dumb and Dangerous~

    Hmm mike, whats with jay chou la haha ~ i dun quite like his latest album… not as much oomph as the previous one and speaking of his hairstyle, what do you think about it ?

  4. "maemee" says:

    hey michael, welcome back and gong hei fatt choy!

    guess these ppl crave for attention (albeit in a wrong way). most often than not, these group of ah lians and ah bengs stand out like a sore thumb amongst normal looking people… think hair, bright neon clothes, weird hairstyles etc.

    talking out loud (pretending to be menacing) are all just for show… maybe they lurve getting the attention… perhaps it makes them feel (like u said) young & dangerous like ee kin…

    but whatever it is, these group of ppl r obviously loud for nothing and it’s pointless to even shower them with anything… expect maybe slapsssssss…

  5. michaelooi says:

    shar – Hahah, that’s smart. If I were to become the prime minister one day, I’ll make you my deputy.

    Zer0 – I thought Peter Crouch took the cake that weekend? Ahaks

    arsky – What do I think of Jay Chou’s hairstyle? Isn’t it obvious enough for you to figure that out yourself? Aisehman…

    maemee – No shit that it’s all for Attention. With the capital ‘A’. It explains everything – gaudy clothing, weird ass hairstyle and behaving like sore pricks. They’re like the Chinese version of Mat Rempits.

  6. wils0n says:

    Hahaha funny shit. Serve those lala zais right acting all cool and hostile infront of some nasty bouncers.

  7. Din says:

    lol. you should have taken a picture of that fat chick and broomstick hero. Could have won 50 bucks in The Star.

  8. sasha says:

    hey at least he entertained you abit ay? hahaha

  9. Adrian says:

    The purpose of the fat chick is for the punk to show her how heroic he is, and to send him to hospital if he’s beaten up.

    Useless piece of shit, I tell you. I was having fun at a pub when those punk started a fight and I lost 2 jugs of beers because we have to go out of the pub when the police came. Those motherfuckers.

  10. Dr. Tan says:

    Yes, apart from their looks, which we shouldn’t really criticise since people liken judging someone by their looks to be shallow, its their attitude.

    No offense to them, but a large percentage of them are school dropouts, while another equally large percentage will tiu nia ma chao hai for no reason.

    Here’s a reason. Watch the way he speaks. http://www.haloscan.com/comments/tanyeehou/5281867764054393097/#85963

  11. malcolmchoy says:

    padan muka itu lalas…

  12. MT says:

    Stupid farking idiots with their false bravado! These fellas thrive on the so called “Strength in numbes” adage… They think that a smaller group or an individual will be scared if they come in a large group and make lotsa noise…

    Just catch one fella and stomp a mud-hole in his head… Then watch as his “brave” friends scatter like cockroaches in a Baygon factory…

  13. michaelooi says:

    wils0n – I myself had an experience with such lala-cais before… but that’s the story for another day…

    din – I only do night photography when I see something beautiful or nice. This obviously ain’t it.

    sasha – Sort of… yeah. hahah

    adrian – Omg, 2 jugs of beer? What a fucking waste man. I feel you bro.

    drtan – If he’s that ‘young and dangerous’, he wouldn’t have lurked around the internet reading blogs, right? He would probably be too busy extorting money off old ladies or participating in gang fights…

    malcolm – You know, later when we talked and laughed about that poor fuck after the whole episode, it so happened that he was walking with that fat chick just right beside us… (i think he heard everything)

    MT – Precisely. The lesson about growing up is, if you want to raid a pub teeming with bouncers, you better have a fucking brilliant plan. Otherwise, don’t do it and call it a day (or night)

  14. malcolmchoy says:

    mike: wow..btw did u see his face?sure he damn malu…but still padan muka to him…lalas bodoh…ptuiii

    Dr.Tan: did u went to san peng? where’s dat btw..keke

  15. adam says:

    chewah… that punkers should thanks to our prime ministry… “mlaysian full with belas khahsian”… try japanese bouncerlar dude… sure kena rakeshi (wrestler wit big ass)… eeyuu… -_+

  16. MT says:

    Speaking of gang fights, I witnessed one absolutely pointless gang “fight.” Two groups of Indians decided that someone from each side was staring at their women and decided to settle it the “macho” way. The groups gathered outsidde the pub and started the usual ‘shout, shove a shoulder, shove back, shout somemore, call names to madder-fadder, shout somemore, shove, etc…..’ This went on for half n hour. Eventually, one macha decided to actually hit someone. He leaped forward, lost his footing, slipped and broke his ankle!

    fight over…..

    Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn dumb…..

  17. doc says:

    Last time when I fired a warning shot, my report was almost 10 pages long… Damn!

  18. Adrian says:

    Tell me about it! 2 JUGS!!!! And I went back to the pub and there was no case, no claim. Damn those thugs, or gangster-wannabe.

  19. Dr. Tan says:

    Malcolm – I didn’t go there. That wanker challenged me to go there and utter lala. Of course I won’t be so stupid. Staying alive is more brains than brawn.

    San Peng is at Jalan San Peng, quite near a lala-mall. Its in KL. Think… Think…

  20. michaelooi says:

    malcolm – that fler looked smack dab like that Aloysius kid in PCK series… with funkier hairstyle of course

    adam – WHen I think Japanese, I think of pretty pornstars. Bouncers? Nah.

    MT – Now THAT’s funny! Bollywood’s side effects

    doc – You wiped your ‘shot’ with those pages is it?

    adrian – Man think about those poor emaciated Africans… nothing to eat. Those 2 jugs could have made a couple guys a much fulfilled person… Sheesh

    DrTan – What’s with that ‘lala‘ slang lah? I thought ‘lala‘ is a type of seafood?

  21. Nicevil says:

    I was peacefully sitting, waiting for the bus. A bus arrived, and I saw 3 malay kids happily chatting to each other. Then about 20 chinese kids came running towards them out of nowhere, and cornered and whacked them senseless.

    The 3 malay kids tried to run, but failed. Then they tried fighting back, but there was too many. They were pushed to the ground, stomped, kicked, and was helpless.

    All this happened so fast, while I sat there shocked.
    As soon as they were satisfied with the beating I went and got some ice from the store to help them……..boy they were bleeding like mad.

    The moral of the story is,
    Don’t just watch. Help.

  22. michaelooi says:

    nic – Sorry, I don’t see any ‘moral’ in that story of your’s. You just wanted to tell everyone how nice you are. Good for you. Perhaps it would be better if you prevented the Chinese mob from whooping up those Malay kids’ ass in the first place? rather than just bringing them ice? Or better, go volunteer at a nearby Hospice or spastic center to give some REAL help?

    As for me, I would have opted to do nothing at all. If I feel extremely bored, perhaps I’d catch up with that offensive mob and find out what’s the beating all about. Perhaps one of the Malay kids molested someone’s daughter. Or stole their bike or something. Then I’d go back there and give a couple stompings myself. *shrugs*

  23. Andre says:

    “…Think about it people, when we’re out drinking with friends, aren’t we supposed to be happy and shits? But not them. They are out there to show that they have testosterone and they’re mean…”
    I so agree with you. Why can some of us (you, me etc.) be able to get shit-faced and be happy… and not cause trouble… while some people just want to fight fight fight?!? You get this problem everywhere unfortunately. Come to any town in South Africa where there are too many rugby players! :D

    “…it is us innocent souls who patronize these night outlets for a decent drink that often get associated with such negativity by the elders… just because someone do not have the capacity to think. It’s so fucking unfair.”
    So true… isn’t this the problem with humanity in general? The unthinking masses ruining it for the thinking few? Tsk tsk…

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