February 1, 2007

Regine @ 7 months 25 days

My, hasn’t she grown…

regine ooi

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17 Comments to “Regine @ 7 months 25 days”

  1. Feizal says:

    You’re counting the days huh… They sure grow up faster than you actually want them to..

  2. lil' princess says:

    aww .. she is such a cutieeeeee ^^

    is the daddy even half as cute ? * ahem ahem*

    but really , shes gorgeous ….

  3. Random Reader says:

    Oh my, you really take good pictures of your darling daughter. She must be so proud when she grows up. No ugly, blurry and out of focus baby photos. She always seemed so happy, too

  4. Shar says:

    i wish i had a daddy like u…..

  5. Sooi2 says:

    such sexy lips! and yeah, she does seem to grow real fast! my favourite regine’s pic is the one u took when she’s 3 month old (for the entry where she peed at the doc’s scale, LOL).

  6. sasha says:

    WOW! so fast huh? Hehehe

  7. Robert says:

    Congratulation bro. Aiya! the so Q BB is “like father like daughter” kuah!

  8. anas says:

    very photogenic :)

  9. malcolmchoy says:

    nice eyes..

  10. michaelooi says:

    Thanks for the kind comments, guys. Appreciate it.

    (I’ve been, in fact, taking a lot of photos of her. And I’ve been uploading them at my flickr account. If somehow you’re in need of an overdosage of baby pictures, you can hover to this address — http://www.flickr.com/photos/michaelooi/

  11. tyra says:

    awwww…hasnt change much but sure has grown…my my :)

  12. Primrose says:

    Eh, more and more like your sui sui yeong wor…

  13. Sooi2 says:

    Thanks for sharing your precious album..i’ll recommend it to ladies who wish to ovulate immediately. now i can’t decide which one is my favourite!

    (redundant statement)

  14. Sooi2 says:

    psst…dunno y my previous comment got posted before i clicked “submit comment”, but the redundant statement in brackets wasn’t s’pose to b there :p

  15. tracybadtz says:

    she sure has!!! kewt!

  16. megabigblur says:

    Babies grow exponentially mah =)

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