December 17, 2006


Emily returned to my waiting car, after crossing a busy street from the pharmacy…

Emily : “Something strange happened to me, dear.”

Me : “What?”

Emily : “I was about to cross that busy street and the cars deliberately stopped to let me do it… I suddenly felt so important…”

If you can understand the mentality of Malaysian motorists, they don’t normally slow down or stop when they see pedestrians wanting to cross a street. In lieu of doing that, they would either accelerate, honk or flash their lights. Just… whatever to freak the shit out of anyone from crossing. What Emily experienced was indeed something very strange.

Emily : “I wonder what changed their attitude…”

Me : “That could only mean one thing – you’re old.”

Emily : “What??”

Me : “The only possible reasons for people stop their vehicles to let a female pedestrian cross a street, are either because she’s pregnant, or a geriatric. And you’re not pregnant.”

Emily : “Bleh! You said that because you’re jealous, ok? They let me cross because I’m hot. So hot that they had to stop their cars…”

Me : -_-‘

Girls… they never seem to be able to accept old age like us guys. They only realize they’re old when they have their menopause, which then, they’d be 10 times more difficult than ever.

(if you’re optimistic enough, you’d see that getting old can be a good thing. You get discounts everywhere and you don’t have to queue up to get something done. I think you old people should just exploit that privilege… and stop worrying about everything else.)

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