December 13, 2006


A new menace has hit the Malaysian society. Mat Rempit. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, it is a local Malay slang to describe illegal motorcycle racers. They’ve actually been around for many years, known to roam around in the wee hours of the morning – usually in big groups, organizing illegal races on common streets and perform death defying stunts for kicks.

But this has changed as of recent. Their ‘kicks’ are no longer confined to just illegal racings and stunts. They’ve became bolder and more dangerous, thanks to the lack of local law enforcement. They’re now ‘franchising’ a wider coverage for all of us to worry about – larceny, robbery, assault and even RAPE – all in one package. (Not long ago, there were even reports that some of them rained a storm of stones on a police station for detaining a few of their members.) They’re like swarms of nocturnal parasites, that are able to wear guises like normal humans to blend into the society during daytime and turn into feral creatures after dark, spreading havoc across the nation like a layer of spoilt peanut butter. (read more about them here –

So, has there been any effort from the authorities to rectify this Mat Rempit problem? Apparently, yeah. Some kind of effort. Many months ago, one of the local political party – UMNO youth or something – proposed to organize more recreational activities for those Mat Rempits in hope to recycle them into something useful. I thought the authorities are going to coax them into a mass suicide event, then use their bodies to reclaim some lands for development (which would be good…). But no. They’re actually talking about gatherings, roadtrips and seminars for these criminals. Like those guys are going to repent by just listening. (I thought that has already been covered at schools and mosques? Whatever.) There are even suggestions to build more racing circuits for these illegal racers to ‘let off their steam’… with our tax money, I suppose. What the fuck, man.

I wonder what’s the real reason behind all these ‘soft’ approach to tackle the Mat Rempits. Was the leniency a politically or racially motivated one? If those Mat Rempits were to be comprised of… say… Chinese Ah Bengs, or Bhais… or perhaps foreign workers… could the authorities have acted differently? Nobody knows. The excuse that we often hear from them – They’re our future leaders maa… it’s unfair to look at them in a negative light… we shouldn’t neglect them as a society… bla bla bla. Yeah, why don’t we give these Mat Rempits some money to buy a car, so that we don’t need to worry about them riding anymore? Or perhaps even give them a good meal while we’re at that… offer them our homes as well… What a brilliant way to counter social decadence. (That’s what happens when you have illiterate politicians bersandiwara. I have one word for these people – Phordahhhh!).

The fact is, somebody ought to come up with something more aggressive than just recreational activities, seminars and monetary fine. Something more credible. The logic says, when a group of people begin to challenge the authorities and endanger the public, they are basically asking for troubles. They are not ‘lost’ or anything like that. They are the scums that went rogue despite all the education and teachings that have been given to them. They’re criminals. You don’t organize seminars for criminals and let them get away with it. You make them pay for their crimes. I’m talking about longer jail term, more cane strokes or hell, even ISA for all I care – just whatever to make them understand – that crime does not pay. You flout the law, you’re gonna have to face the penalty and lose your future. Like their popular idiom – siapa makan cili, dialah yang kongkek pedas. It’s that simple. Why can’t the authorities start taking actions already (get military or FRU support if necessary. We don’t feed them soldiers with our tax money to just wreck helicopters and herd stadium crowds).

Until the menace is gone, you people will just have to be extra careful out there. Refrain from going out late at night, and keep all your emergency phone numbers in handy. May the force be with you.

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17 Comments to “menace”

  1. bongkersz says:

    very nice pantun there abang michael :D yeah, phorrdah!! like ‘rebranding’ mat rempit into something else will make them good. wtf wrong with our politicians? desperate for votes?

  2. eric says:

    Some years ago I had a close call with a bunch of the ‘Ah Beng’ version in Seremban. Was turning a left corner into the highway when these goons came into the corner at the same, inside the already tight corner space. One joker skidded (I didn’t think his bike touched my car) and went sliding along my car’s trajectory, parallel only inches away, with sparks trailing (sub)human & machine. I thought he’ll end up as ‘chapati’ under my car that night. Well, his time wasn’t up yet, so he slid to a (very painful, I think) stop while I cabut quickly into the highway just in case his goondo kakis give chase. I’ve been in Penang a few years & I think it’s worse here, too many bikers on narrow road, rempit or not. Be careful out there!

  3. jz says:

    talking bout mat rempit..
    try listening to this song by the HitzFM MorningCrew – hilarious.

  4. ange says:

    i believe these mat rempits make up quite a sizeable number from the our largest ethnic group. the politicians being lenient on these guys in hope that they don’t turn them away to vote for opposition parties in the upcoming election which is not really too far away :)

  5. michaelooi says:

    mat rempit haram, dibiar lumba cepat
    Bittorrent kami, dihadkan jadi lambat
    ahli politik, macam anjing tak terikat,
    menjilat kotek dan rambut tak sikat.

  6. _butt says:

    I watched in the news about what so-called psychologists have to say about these Mat Rempits; that they have some psychological disorder, that they did what they did just to create public attention bla bla bla so society shouldn’t blamed them, but empathize with them.. I’m like what??

    Maybe they should be brainwashed or something..

  7. TiBuN says:

    I received forwards on the act on the mat rempits which robbed someone near Penang bridge. Not sure the validity of the forwards but assuming it’s real, then what you read on the newspaper was just half true, scary if you ask me.

  8. bongkersz says:

    eheh, tokyo drift remake into rempit song really funny haha! bwahahahaha! those mat rempits must be proud for people making a song out of them..

  9. michaelooi says:

    bongkersz – It seems like they’re very reluctant to categorize those Mat Rempits as ‘miscreants’, maybe for the reason suggested above by ange, to fish for votes lor…

    _butt – I was thinking that it’s much more than just psychological disorder. It’s more like, brain fucking damage, if you were to ask me. Who cares what the psychologists think?

    TiBuN – Click on the link on the main post. That’s where the contents of the ‘forwards’ was originally conceived. (Bunch of fucking inconsiderate idiots, they could have at least credited the author by including the URL instead of just copying blindly and start a chain mail…)

  10. Primrose says:

    I wonder where they congregate. Never bumped into any though I do go home past 1am sometimes. Don’t find them on the highway or low-way.

  11. anas says:

    mat rempits, regardless of racial background, should only be punished by death…why not? they’re already trying to commit suicide on the road, while trying to take other road users’ life too.

    i say, if anybody comes across a mat rempit involved in an accident, just leave them to die, don’t help them at all. hah, if i hear a screeching/bang/accident sound in the wee hours, i always hope it’s one or more mat rempit less in malaysia.

  12. pistachio says:

    for all you know, the FRU and police ARE mat rempits by night.

  13. michaelooi says:

    bongkersz – Heck, i heard there was even a movie about them! They’re now thinking themselves as martyrs!

    primrose – Why lar, would you want to bump into them? Bump into me better… ahaks.

    anas – You’re being kind, anas. I was thinking of doing the active role to actually RUN THEM OVER…

    pistachio – Yeah, I think the prime minister himself also does a little bit of an illegal racing and rob some convenient stores once a while… It’s like, the ‘in’ thing nowadays…

  14. anas says:

    taking the active role is good…be some kind of rempit hunter at night, with a bad ass truck…haha

  15. Teh Lum Pah says:

    Mat Rempits? Fuck their armpits :D

  16. JDream says:

    Heh you’re brave enough to actually state that UMNO is only doing this cos the Mat Stupids comprise mostly of their race, which is true.

    I do believe that if they were actually our kind, the FRU, regular army and Pasukan Gerak Khas and whatnots will not waste time in emptying their rifle mags.

    Sorry to say this but this is gonna be the raw deal we’re gonna get under our kindly PM.

  17. seremban engineer says:

    This is no doubt, our current PM is useless.

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