December 7, 2006

no cholesterol, please.

I was waiting for my order at the breakfast counter in the cafeteria, when a somewhat slipshod Indian bloke appeared out of nowhere and shouted for his order in Malay:

Indian bloke : “Bagi breakfast satu!”
(translation : “Gimme a breakfast set!”)

Slightly annoyed with the rude behavior, the server confirmed his order and went about to prepare the food he requested. But then, Indian bloke called out for another time,

Indian bloke : “Tak mau kolesterol!”
(translation : “I do not want cholesterol in it!”)

You know, he was kinda loud… and the effect was unbelievable. It froze everyone who heard him – apparently bewildered. It was as if the time had stopped and there was a big ass virtual spotlight shining on that lout. The server half frowned and squinted at that Indian bloke, wondering if she had heard him wrong. Indian bloke panicked and tried to set the situation straight:

Indian bloke : “Errmmm.. you tau… itu… kolesterol? eermm… itu putih punya sayur? jangan taruk…”
(translation : “Errmm.. you know… cholesterol? errmm… those white vegetables? I don’t want that…”)

It took everyone a few seconds to realize that he actually meant that he do not want any ‘COLESLAW’, instead of ‘CHOLESTEROL’, inside his breakfast set.

Server : “Ooooooh coleslawwwwwwww”

Indian bloke : [sheepish grin]

Unbelievable, isn’t it? That guy who doesn’t seem to be able to pronounce a simple word like ‘coleslaw’, pronounced the word ‘cholesterol’ (which has more syllables and sounded more complex) so flawlessly as if it was his gay partner’s name. Really unfuckingbelievable…

Now, who says Malaysians aren’t health conscious enough? I’ve seen one who specifically do not want ‘cholesterol’ in his food… you can’t get any more extreme than that…

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