November 24, 2006

kitty question

I was googling for something off the net and stumbled upon an interesting question inside an FAQ page:

Question by Paula
Submitted on 3/5/2004

My cat just vomited blood and had a loose bowel movement with blood in it. I started putting a bowl of vinegar on the floor by the kitty litter box to control the odor. I think he may have drank some of the white vinegar. If he did, would it cause him to vomit blood or have blood in his stools?

Right below the question, was a box that purportedly allow just anyone to submit an answer to Paula – about what could be happening to her cat. It’s like an FAQ forum sort of thing, and one needs no registration to submit an answer. I showed Paula the light by replying this… anonymously…

your cat has testical cancer. Send him to the nearest oncologist for treatment. Alternately, you may also tie him with his balls pressed against an operating TV screen for 7 days and reinstall the Operating System in your PC.

That Paula must be a blond. If her cat is hurling and shitting out blood, the last thing she should ever do is to post a question on the internet and wait for answers. She should have fucking gone to the vet instead. (Maybe she did… I wouldn’t know.)

But whatever happens, everyone knows that you can always rely on one solution —
reinstall the Operating System in your PC. Ahaks.

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