November 17, 2006

what would you do?

A friend asked me this :

If you were to encounter a road bully charging towards you in your car with a dangerous weapon, what would you do?

A) Run him over with your car? Or…
B) Confront him face to face with your own weapon?

Don’t ask me why the limited options. Obviously, there should be more options in situations like this… like maybe, to fucking bail the scene or something. But just to play along, I answered (A)… and added some details for the sheer pleasure of it…

Step 1) Run him over with my car.
Step 2) Hit reverse and run him over again.
Step 3) To make sure that he’s really down, repeat Step 1.
Step 4) Park car on top of him.
Step 5) Disembark, unzip pants and piss on his corpse.
Step 6) Pick up his weapon, and take a hard swing on his head. Wipe fingerprints and discard weapon.
Step 7) Dig out his wallet and take all his money.
Step 8) Get into car, get ready to leave.
Step 9) Make a 3-point-turn maneuver on his corpse to double make sure that he’s dead.
Step 10) Go home and have a happy evening with family.

I always dreamed of doing this to a Mat Rempit or two someday. (Like, who doesn’t?)

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