November 15, 2006

bitter memories : encounter with brutus (part I)

That vindictive and unrelenting cop character in recent episodes of “House” kinda reminded me of someone I acquainted with many years ago. I was still schooling back then, and there was this guy from another class. (Let’s call him Brutus for convenience’ sake). Brutus wasn’t really a friend of mine, but was the kind whom I’d exchange a nod or two when we walked past each other. Often sported with an unkempt hair, wrinkled uniform and a pair of shoes with enough dirt to grow a tomato plant, one could instantly tell that he’s a consummate sleaze and has issues. And lucky me, I learnt about his ‘issues’ the hard way… on one fateful morning at the school corridor…

I was chatting with another friend of mine then, when I felt a sharp swat behind my head. It wasn’t really a hard one, but I got very annoyed. I petulantly turned my head to look, and saw Brutus sitting behind me… pretending to look at the sky/bird or something. There wasn’t anyone else within the reaching distance. Knowing that it was definitely him, I issued him a mild warning not to repeat that again

“Hey, don’t do that again, you hear me? It’s not funny.”

“What? What did I do?” – He denied with half a snigger on his face. Obviously, he was jesting with me… but really, whatever that ticked his clock that morning, it didn’t tick mine. Swatting people on the head is not my idea of fun. It’s an invitation for trouble.

But I chose to ignore him instead… you know, the last thing I ever wanted was trouble with a guy like him… a guy with issues… whose filthy hair that reeked like a motherfucking skunk. Besides, I am picky when it comes to choosing my fights. I always refrain myself from fighting people with hygiene problems – like those Indian kids with cheap ass coconut hair-grease or people just like Brutus. Their smell stays on your hands and they’re always revolting. So, I tried to continue what I was doing before, chatting with my friend and minding my own business.

Just as I was about to resume my conversation, I was swatted for another time on the head. This time, I decided not to be so friendly. I turned to Brutus, and lashed at him verbally

“HEY! What the fuck is your problem!?”

“What? Can’t you take a joke?”

“How about me swatting your head in return and call it a joke, you stupid fuck!?”

“I dare you. You think I’m scared??”

His dare kinda pushed my patience to the limit. Like any impetuous 14 year olds, I didn’t hesitate to give him a reasonably hard clout on the head and got myself ready for a violent confrontation. But surprisingly, he didn’t fight back. Instead, he bolted off from the corridor and disappeared from the scene. Thinking that he probably chickened out, I didn’t pursue the matter any further and went on with my usual business.

But that was a very big mistake that I shouldn’t have done. I should have seen it coming that he couldn’t have fled from the scene just like that. And I was made to pay for the stupid mistake about a couple minutes later, when Brutus sneaked behind me and gave me a nasty headlock, immobilizing me.

(to be continued)

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