November 11, 2006

dolt – take 7

The lab phone rang.

dolt : “Hello, is this the lab?”

me : “Yes, you are currently calling the lab extension”

dolt : “Errmmm… is there anyone inside the lab right now?”

me : “Well, I’m currently answering your phone call from the lab extension… I guess there is…”

dolt : “Errr… no, I mean later. Will there be anyone inside the lab later?”

me : “It depends dude. You’ll have to define your ‘later’. If the ‘later’ you meant was 9pm tonight, then NO. There won’t be anyone here.”

dolt : “Ahaks, of course of course. I mean, now. Will there be anyone inside the lab if I were to come now? I need to use the lab facility.”

me : “I’m here alright” [DUHHHHH]

The guy came to the lab shortly after that. He looked just like a Chinese version of Sudirman, but with a heavily cratered face like Laurence Fishburne. (the bald guy called Morpheus in Matrix)

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