November 6, 2006

almost bit the dust

Accompanied Emily to the blood lab again last Saturday. But it was a bit crowded in the lab that morning and we had to wait for our turn. While waiting, I, for some inexplicable reasons, made a stupid remark about the cute receptionist (again) to Emily.

Me : “Man, her attractiveness sure has gone down the drain ever since she became a mommy…”

Yes, the girl sort of evolved from a cutesy looking attractive lass into basically, a tragic looking creature with terrible hair.

Emily : “Hmmm, she looks all the same to me.”

Me : “Are you even serious?? Just… look at her! Look at her hair! She’s not as pretty as she used to be anymore.”

Emily stared at me… and laid a trap.

Emily : “Oh yeah? So how do I look then… after becoming a mommy?”

Me : “You? Aisehman… of course you still look pretty, dear… of course… ahaks”

She snickered. She must had thought that it was a fucking lie. But it wasn’t. The truth is, no matter how much my Emily changes, she’s going to look all the same to me. Like the day I first discovered her sparkling eyes… lushy lips… and the imperfect nose with dark heads. I love you, my dear.


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